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What is “Beauty Blender” and How to Use It?

2021.07.07 / By hqt

Cosmetics are an important part of many girls’ lives. She is able to completely change the look, add bright details to the image and hide many facial imperfections. The key to good makeup is not only the right cosmetic product, but also the right way to apply it. The best choice in this case is a high-quality sponge, which will help to distribute the substance thinly, naturally and evenly. This material will answer the question “what is a beauty blender”, it will tell you how you can use it and how to choose the right one.

What is beauty blender?

Beauty blender is a porous sponge used to decorate the face with cosmetics. It easily absorbs different textures and transfers them to the skin just as effectively. There are beauty blenders of different degrees of elasticity, and each of them allows you to achieve a unique result. It resembles a drop in shape. Hard-to-reach places are usually painted over with a pointed tip, and the product is distributed over the entire surface of the face with “edges” and a voluminous round end.


What is it for?

Initially, the beauty blender was created for tone distribution and concealer, but makeup artists quickly found a dozen more ways to use it. So,

what is a cosmetic beauty blender for:

  • Face toning with foundation or bb-cream;
  • Elimination of bags and bruises under the eyes with concealer;
  • Contouring;
  • Dusting;
  • Creating the effect of “kissed lips”.

These are the most popular uses for the “magic” sponge. In fact, by understanding the mechanics of the action, you can find many new applications for it.

What sponge beauty blender is made of?

Beauty blender feels like suede to the touch, and if squeezed, it looks like a sponge or foam rubber. Moreover, it differs in many respects from its “prototypes”. It has the following properties:

  • Elasticity;
  • Good absorbency;
  • Porosity;
  • Medium elasticity;
  • Softness;
  • Streamlined shape.

All this provides the raw materials from which the sponge is made. It is made from a hypoallergenic synthetic material. As a rule, the components include latex, foam rubber, cotton wool, cellulose and other natural materials.


How to use the beauty blender correctly

The first way

Suitable for:

  • Distribution of blush;
  • Fixing makeup with powder;
  • Eye shadows;
  • And generally for dry textures.
  1. First of all, take a sponge in your hand and “dip” it into the cosmetic product. For small areas, this is best done with a sharp tip, and for large areas, with a wide part.
  2. Secondly, spread the make-up over the skin surface with light claps. Move-in small “steps” so as not to leave any area empty.

Second way

Suitable for:

  • Contouring;
  • Sculpting.
  1. If you are doing dry contouring, scoop up some of the product with the tip and draw a line across your face. Blend the back of the strip until it looks natural.
  2. Before using cream structures, you need to soak the instrument and wait for it to swell. Having wrung out the synthetic sponge well, move the end of the blender over the cell in the palette in a circular motion. Then draw the outlines and blend them carefully.

Third way

This sequence of actions is most often used for:

  • Toning and color alignment;
  • Concealment of bruises and dark circles with a corrector.
  1. Dip a dry sponge in clean water. It is better that it is drinkable.
  2. Wait for the material to swell: it should double in size.
  3. Squeeze out all the moisture well. The tool should be slightly wet.
  4. Squeeze the cream onto the surface of the beauty blender and spread it with a patting motion. Do this so that the color is uniform and the texture is natural.

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