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Ways To Eliminate The Black Spots on Your OEM makeup sponge

2021.09.24 / By hqt

Cleaning Your OE Makeup Sponge

OEM makeup sponge is one of the basic tools essential for both makeup enthusiasts and professionals. The soft egg-shaped sponge is a plush tool you use for creating a perfectly smooth foundation base.

The unique shape of this sponge helps you apply makeup perfectly to the dips and rises of the face. It ensures that the entire area is touched. It is a go-to tool for every makeup artist and they must keep it in a flawless shape for perfection.

OEM makeup sponge

However, this tool will have some kinds of issues at some point in time. Black spots, also called mold, are the most common issue that you will encounter with your makeup sponge.

Just take a look at your makeup kit. Do you notice any black spots there? If yes, then it will be a huge concern for you. Don’t worry as you can easily avoid these black spots by appropriately using your sponge. If you don’t know how and when to use your beauty sponge, you should read this article to get the answer.

Eliminating Black Spots (Mold) OEM Makeup Sponge

Before you know how to avoid OEM makeup sponge black spots, it is essential that you first know what do these spots mean and when they occur. Makeup sponges are porous tools that absorb oil and dirt from the skin.

Every time you use your sponge, it picks up mold triggers. Therefore, it becomes essential to regularly use the cleaning process. The oil and dirt that comes from your face to the sponge contain bacteria and it builds up over time. Therefore, your sponge will become a nest for unwanted bacteria.

We have several tools, like liquid foundation brushes, that avoid these issues, but we still need the joyful makeup sponges. People want to know whether they can keep using makeup sponges with black spots. Is it harmful to use sponges with these spots?

These spots are mold which means that they are unhygienic. Therefore, using a makeup sponge with black spots anywhere isn’t a good idea, especially on the face. Some experts also believe that there is hidden mold growth inside the makeup sponge from inappropriate drying.

If you don’t want to discard your makeup sponge too early and too often, you must follow a very strict cleaning approach. But even after that, you can still notice black spots on your sponge over time. So the question is that can you deal with these black spots? How can you prevent mold growth on your makeup sponges?

Getting Rid of Mold (Black Spots)

The mold that you find on your makeup sponges is similar to other molds present in damp areas of your house. Therefore, you can deal with that in a similar manner.

Like we already said, you can avoid mold growth by proper, regular cleaning of the makeup sponge. Here are different steps that you can perform to clean your OEM makeup sponge:

  1. Mix soap and hot water.
  2. Soak sponge(s) in the hot water for some days.
  3. Consider white vinegar if there is no change in the sponge after some days.
  4. Rub the sponge using your fingers in the liquid. Doing this will surely be fruitful for the spores even if you are not able to remove the mold.
  5. Now, let the makeup sponge(s) dry completely. You can also use a dryer to dry sponges for some time.

Performing the above steps should help you remove black spots on your makeup sponge. If black spots are still there, it means that you need a new sponge.

A sponge cleanser is also another effective way to both remove the spots and dirt and clean the sponge. You can get cleansers in both liquid and solid form. You can also use either of these for cleaning other brushes.

Choosing the Right Makeup Sponge

Just in case you need a new makeup sponge, it is essential to ensure that you are choosing the right unit for the best results. Today, we have so many options, when it comes to choosing a makeup sponge.

But, having so many options can also be overwhelming. When buying a new makeup sponge, you should focus on three things; shape, size, and porousness.

1. Shape

The shape of a makeup sponge is so important when buying a new one if you desire a professional look. Look for an egg-shaped OEM makeup sponge if you need to ensure a great finish.

Use the larger side of the sponge on your face’s basic areas (forehead, cheeks, etc.). The smaller end is helpful in blending foundation into areas where it is not easy to reach. You can ensure a flawless finish on under eyes and around the nose without causing visible creases.

2. Size

Size holds the same significance as the sponge shape. Makeup sponges are available in various sizes. It depends on your personal preference what size you select. However, larger makeup sponges are hard to deal with.

Smaller sponges help you apply foundation continuously without any break. For starters, small size sponges are a great selection. Buying a small sponge at the beginning will help you decide whether or not you should invest in a larger makeup sponge that costs more.

3. Porousness

You must also consider the porousness of the makeup sponge before you buy one. Blending sponges must be absorbents, yet they must not be porous visually.

When buying a makeup sponge, make sure there are no noticeable holes. The makeup sponge surface must be visibly textured while having a smooth surface feel.

Final Thoughts

Black spots (mold) occur when you don’t regularly clean your cosmetic tools, such as makeup sponges properly. You must clean your OEM makeup sponge after every use. It also applies to other makeup tools as they can also catch mold.

After cleaning your tools, you must keep them in their container. Remember that using a makeup sponge with black spots is not a healthy activity for your skin. By following the tips and tricks we shared in this article, you can easily avoid and get rid of black spots.

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