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Ways to Effectively Use Your Beauty Blender

2021.08.19 / By hqt


The beauty blender is the most common and most popular make-up application tool out there in the market. The make-up world changed completely after the beauty blenders hit the market. Beauty blenders are the most preferred tool to apply makeup ever since they came into the make-up world.

Foundation application can be quite tricky for many people, especially if they are using a brush to apply it. Many people face the problems of streakiness, creases, unblended foundation, and often the foundation looks heavy and cakey sitting on top of the face. All these issues make your make-up look highly unflattering. Beauty blender solves all these problems and many more!

Now everyone knows what a beauty blender is, basically a special sponge.

Steps to correctly use the beauty blender

There are certain steps you need to follow to use the beauty blender in the right way.

Step 1:

Wet the beauty sponge. Always wet your sponge no matter how lazy you are. This is the most crucial step, this is the secret to flawless foundation application.

Step 2:

Squeeze the excess water out. You don’t want water dripping down the beauty blender.

Step 3:

Dab the product (i.e. foundation) on your skin. Always dab dab dab never drag your beauty sponge. Dragging will not give you the flawless finish you are looking for.

How to effectively use the beauty blender

For the most effective use, you need to follow the steps above, every time you use the beauty sponge.

Always wet your beauty blender

Wetting the sponge is the most important step. It is very important to wet your beauty blender so that the sponge soaks up all the water inside it. When this happens, your product (i.e. foundation) sits on top of the sponge and does not get soaked into the sponge. This way product is not wasted and does not accumulate inside the sponge. It does however accumulates on the sides that you will need to clean.

A damp beauty sponge is the best tool for makeup application, this will give you a very seamless and non-cakey foundation finish.

Never drag the beauty blender on your skin

You should never drag the beauty sponge on your skin because that will wipe the product off your skin instead of applying it on the skin. For perfect application, gently dab the sponge onto your face with the product. This way you will cover all your pores, from all angles. All the highs and lows of the skin will be covered evenly with foundation. So you don’t have to worry about the pimple, you can easily cover them.

Use the right side

The classic beauty sponge has a teardrop shape. The round bottom side of the blender is used for the face and the pointed top is used for the under eyes or the sides of the nose. But there are no rules for using a specific side of your beauty blender, you can use the side that you prefer or are comfortable with!

Don’t limit beauty blender’s use for foundation only

Beauty blenders are not just made to use for liquid foundations. Although a beauty blender is widely used for applying liquid foundations mostly, it can be used to apply almost any make-up product.

Cream products like cream blushes, cream contour and bronzer, and cream highlighter all can be seamlessly applied by the beauty blender. Most people agree that the blending of these products is much better when done by the beauty blender. All products blend to give a more skin-like look with no harsh lines.

But that’s not all, make-up setting powder, loose powder or any other powder can be applied with these beauty blenders as well. The application of powder is so beautiful that everyone loves it! Moreover, our oily skin girls bake their faces with powder using beauty blenders too.

Remove excess product with the beauty blender

Not only for application but these beauty blenders can also be used for removing any excess product on the skin. For example, if you applied a little too much blush, just dab the beauty blender on the area of skin where there is the excess product a few times and the sponge will pick it up! You can use this trick with contour, bronzer, and highlighter as well.

Clean your beauty blender

Cleaning your beauty blender after every use is recommended, however, that is a little too much for some people. Even so, you should clean your blender at least every week. It is very important and easy. Cleaning doesn’t mean washing your beauty puff haphazardly under running water. You need to cleanse your beauty sponge properly.

How to clean your beauty blender

Simply soak the beauty puff in water and cleanser, squeezing it from time to time. It is best to leave it overnight if your beauty puff is extremely dirty, or you can leave it for a few hours. Make sure to squeeze the sponge properly under the sponge is clean. The beauty sponge company makes their cleansers, and there is devices manufacture for washing beauty blenders as well. However, you can just use a dishwasher and water in a bowl as well.

beauty blender


The beauty blender is a very useful invention in the make-up world. Ever since it came in 2007, it has been a huge hit. Many companies have been manufacturing beauty blenders.

There are several new shapes in which beauty blenders now come, and different sizes as well. Although they might look the same, there is always an apparent quality difference. You need to figure out which one is good quality. If you are interested in buying high-quality beauty blenders you can check out our products at RAIN&CHARLES.

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