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Washing Machine for Beauty Blender in 2022

2022.03.12 / By hqt

Washing Machine for Beauty Blender

One of the most successful makeup accessories among ‘makeup lovers’ is the washing machine for beauty blender. To get the most out of it, here are some tips:

1- You should always wet your beauty blender before using it.

The tip to wet the sponge is one of the most important. It makes your beauty blender not suck the product but leave it on the surface, ready to be applied. You need to remember that it wet makes the makeup application much easier.

2- Do not rub the sponge against your skin; you should apply with ‘pats’.

Scrubbing is a very wrong move. It can leave marks on your face or even break the sponge. If you tap it lightly, the make-up finish is super beautiful.

3- Choose the beauty blender color wisely.

Each sponge has a color, which means a different function. The rose is universal. Black is for heavier applications such as self-tanners and darker foundations. White also has its function, as it is used to apply products such as serums or moisturizers. Green is perfect for smaller areas and corrector application.

4- When washing, press.

The time to wash the sponge also has its secrets. Basically, you shouldn’t rub the sponge on any surface, but squeeze it little by little while the product comes out.

5- Keep the packaging.

Keeping the packaging, you can store your sponge after use and it will not be exposed to substances that can contaminate it, nor air or light.

6- Avoid toxic products using washing machine for beauty blender

Washing Machine for Beauty Blender 2022

The sponge can be used with basically all make-up products. But when it comes to acetone, alcohol or very toxic substances, use is not indicated. You do not need to mix these substances later with makeup products.

Washing machine for beauty blender is a makeup accessory that came to make life easier for more than one. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, similar to that of an egg, it is easier to apply any cosmetic such as primers, bases, blushes and even lipsticks.

If you’ve ever wondered how those impeccable finishes are achieved on the lips of models —which are nothing like the stains or wet look that certain lipsticks leave us— it’s because there’s a Beauty Blender behind, behind the scenes, probably in the makeup artist’s case professional. It is that its form is so complete. For example, its tip allows you to properly apply any product to the    

How to use washing machine for beauty blender?

 You need to apply sides of the nose or on the eyelids, areas that are often difficult to make up at times. What we want is to apply foundation or powder. It leaves us with an effect similar to “airbrush” makeup on the skin.

In addition, the versatility of the washing machine for beauty blender to be used with any cosmetic saves you money and space by not having to buy a brush for each product of your usual makeup.

 It is highly recommended that you have one if you know little about putting on makeup, it is a basic accessory for those who are starting out. We have a variety of beauty blender.    

    For you, they vary in functions, colors and sizes. As well as we have accessories and cleaning products that help you keep them for longer.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about some basic information about washing machine for beauty blender. What options you have just one click away and some tips to use it with some cosmetics.  

6 washing machine for beauty blender Basics

When you gently wet it, the moisture makes the sponge material leave a more homogeneous and natural looking makeup.    

  • Its work with humidity makes you save makeup.  
  • The material is latex free.

You can apply just about any makeup product you can think of: shadows, foundations, blushes, concealers, primers, and pressed powders.    

Its shape and design is not casual, the tip is used to apply blushes, shadows and concealer. In the case of the wide part, it is used for compact powder or bases with different coverage.    

Washing machine for beauty blender benefits are so many that there are even some sponges of the brand to apply products to the skin of the body, as well as highly requested cleaning accessories to keep them cared for.    

1. The Original Beauty Blender

It is the original sponge with a velvety texture and curved shape that adapts to every angle of your face. It has an elliptical design and is very smooth to handle.     

2. Beauty Blender Bubble Light Pink

It’s a pink version, a chic and dreamy variation on the original.

3. Beauty Blender Joy

It is a lemon yellow accessory. It is made from an aqua-activated material, which is responsible for the sponge absorbing as little of the product as possible, leaving an “airbrush” effect on the skin.  

4. Body Blender

It is a full body washing machine for beauty blender. It can be very useful to apply some bronzers or illuminators in certain parts of your body such as the neckline or shoulders, where you want the skin to stand out with a natural effect shine.     

How can you use Beauty Blender?

It is very important that you know that the product is not placed directly on the sponge. The makeup is applied to the part of your face or body that you want to make up. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips on how you can place it.   

Full face: cheeks, eyes and nose

  1. Apply the foundation to all areas of your face and blend outward with your Beauty Blender. 
  2. Apply foundation to the sides of your nose, under your eyes and on your lids.   
  3. Take care that the content is well blended with your neck color. 

Specific areas of the cheeks

  1. Use the tip to apply the highlighter to your cheekbones.    
  2. The blush can be blurred by giving subtle strokes with the narrow part. 
  3. Remember to follow the line of the apple of the cheekbones. 

Where to buy sponges?

This wonderful accessory will be easily in your hands thanks to RainandCharles, where we have a variety of presentations, as well as accessories that complement it to maintain the shape and materials. 

Remember that the key to a good result in your look is to have the right accessory.   

We provide you with more beauty consultation, if you want to know more content, please contact us by email.

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