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Using Makeup Sponge Blender: A step by Step Guide

2021.08.24 / By hqt

Makeup Sponge Blender Usage Guide for Beginners

The modern makeup sponge blender that we know and adore was not always part of the essentials kit. Most of us have had our first interaction with makeup at a very young and little to non-tools. Our fingers made up for the advanced sponges we use today.

Every male and female has probably seen the all-famous egg-shaped pink beauty blender although most are still mystified to its use. The beauty blender is the holy grail for applying the perfect base foundation.

 In recent years the makeup trajectory has shifted towards beauty blenders. This tiny and yet intelligent invention has made flawless makeup possible for beginners as well. The YouTube tutorials led with makeup sponges are not hard to follow.

Makeup Sponge Blender

Moreover, this sponge works the best because of its dimensional design. The blender is left with minimal residue while it covers all blemishes and pores. The foundation and concealer rest on the face perfectly.

Some makeup artists prefer to use the beauty blender for creating a whole look which includes foundation, concealer, blush, and even highlighter. Brands have further embellished beauty blenders with customization and silicone properties.

Beauty blenders now make it to your starters kit but do you know how to use it. Applying foundation with a beauty blender is more than just dabbing mindlessly. Impeccable foundation techniques involve technique and a great deal of practice.

The Types of Makeup Sponge Blender Beginners Can Use

The notion that a makeup sponge blender is only useful for professionals is wrong. Beginners can make the best use of makeup sponges with a little guidance. Before purchasing a beauty blender, you must determine your skin type and purchase the right foundation for it. Even the best if beauty blenders cannot create a smooth base if you are using a foundation that does not match your skin tone or skin type.

 After obtaining the right foundation you may move towards the application process. Start off by using a standard beauty blender instead of an expensive one.

Use the expensive beauty blender when you have fully mastered the techniques. The rain and Charles water droplet beauty blender provide a matte finish suitable for all skin types.  The design of the water droplet beauty blender creates a 360-dimensional surface area. The ideal droplet beauty blender can last you for a month or more. Rain and Charles have also included silicon beauty blenders which make application evidently easier.

 The guide to using a beauty blender does not involve too many complicated steps. The steps are simple however you can only master them with time. Each step is a stepping stone towards a flawless foundation. They are as follows:

Step 1: Wetting the makeup sponge blender

Using a dry makeup sponge blender is a cardinal sin that most beginners are likely to make. Dabbing a course sponge will not only irritate your skin but also leave patchy marks in place foundation. Before applying the blender to your face, immerse in underneath the faucet.

Keep the sponge under a steady flow of water until it is fully soaked and heavier than before. The soaked sponge will absorb all the water and increase in size. This action allows the thirst sponge to absorb most of the water and lesser product.

Step 2: Squeeze the Sponge

This next bit is satisfying to watch and perform. Our must squeezes the sponge with all you might and let all the excess water. The beauty blender will decrease in size. After removing the excess water, the beauty blender is damp and ready for use.

You may have to perform this process every time you apply makeup. Dampening the beauty blender makes your application further hygienic. Beauty blenders are a great spot for bacteria to grow hence remember to soak them intermittently.

Step 3: Dabbing the Sponge

Once you have secured a damp and clean makeup sponge, it’s time to apply the product. Opinions may differ as to which method is the best. You can apply the product directly to the sponge or on your skin.

Most people prefer to apply it to the skin since the product may absorb on the sponge. With sift dabbing motions you spread the product on the face. Instead of rubbing it harshly, we recommend coordinated moves. The beauty blender allows you to cover a larger area with lesser effort.

Furthermore, you can use different sides of the beauty blender for different products. The tip of the beauty blender is suitable for the under eyes while the flatter part works best for cheekbones and chin. The design of the beauty blender was solely made for blending purposes.

Step 4: Storage of the Blender Sponge

After you achieve the subtle glow with the help of a blender, you must store it safely. You can save the beauty blender box however most blenders do not fit in that box since they double in size after damping.

Create a separate compartment for all your sponges and bring them out for cleaning after every month. The number of times you may clean sponges depends on how much you use them. Mini sponges are usually recommended for one-time use.

Moreover, when you graduate from basic beauty blending you can purchase high-end blenders such as the velvet sponge.  Velvet beauty blenders are aimed at sensitive skin types.

You can choose the beauty blender sponges according to preference and skin type. Irregular sponges are useful fir targeted blending. Overall every beauty blender proves the same function: remarkable coverage.

Take Away

A makeup sponge blender will make our blending life easier. This smart invention is enough to throw out all other utensils. Makeup blending sponges are both compact and affordable.

The affordability is further emphasized since you can re-use them. You can build your base with a beauty sponge without patches. Our fingers have duly served us for a long tie however the replacement is here.

To understand more about the beauty blender and its types. Have a look at our website now.

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