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Using And Cleaning A Cosmetic Sponge

2021.08.31 / By hqt

The Right way to Use and Clean a Cosmetic sponge

The cosmetic sponge has transformed from an exciting makeup trend to a familiar tool. This blending tool is the answer to all your skin-related problems. You get to achieve flawless-looking skin instantly. While skincare and boast about skin rejuvenation, the process itself is long.

Use a beauty blender to hide all your blemishes until your skin gets the chance to heal. We believe that all skin types are beautiful. The new and improved beauty blenders are suitable for use for all. Cosmetic beauty blenders range in sizes colors and even shapes. Talk about having it your way in almost anything.

Furthermore, cosmetic makeup sponges enhance the glow in makeup that everyone craves. No one wants a blotchy foundation in the summer, especially with masks. New makeup hacks show that dabbing your beauty blender in powder can elongate the lifetime of your makeup.

cosmetic sponge

Makeup trends always go in and out of style. Users did not discard the beauty blender after one use sine it showed visible results. Investing in a product like this will either give you immediate results or not.

Hence, you do not have to wait for the changes to appear after extended use. The tried and tested beauty sponge brings immense satisfaction even after one use. Incorporate a beauty blender sponge in your makeup routine ad wait for the magic to happen.

Recently, the trend of one-time beauty sponges increased. The one-time-use sponges increase hygiene standards and remove the hassle of cleaning them again.

The Correct Way to Use a Cosmetic Sponge

Using a cosmetic sponge might have some trivial aspects for those who have never encountered one before. A myriad of YouTube tutorials suggests various methods to use it. The truth is that there is no ruling around the application.

The application process and technique can differ from person to person. Some people might use the sponge for things besides what it was meant for. Many makeup artists believe in manifesting your way. You can even cut the sponge to create angular faces.

The standard process of using a beauty sponge begins with wetting it. The sponge absorbs the water and doubles in size. The hard and coarse surface transforms entirely. A wet beauty sponge absorbs way less product thus making it light on your wallet.

After submerging the beauty sponge in water, squeeze it tightly. The excess water will drain out leaving the sponge supple. Almost every beauty sponge revolves around this method. Although there is still no consensus on which way to use the sponge, here are our top favorite suggestions.

Techniques of Product Application on the Cosmetic Sponge

The first and most common way to apply product includes dipping the sponge in it. You can pump some foundation on your hand and dip the cosmetic sponge in it. After dipping the blender in generous amounts, proceed to dab.

The dabbing motion must have considerable softness. Harsh dabbing will press the product into the sponge instead of your face. Continue to dab all around the face and do not lose patience. Naturally, it would take less time to just swipe the foundation however this does not leave a long-lasting impression.

customize makeup sponge

Furthermore, you can also spray the makeup sponge with a setting mist. The setting spray will fixate your makeup for a longer time and prevent transfer. Our masks imprint most of our makeup if we do not use a setting spray.

Using the setting spray on the blender means efficient to use. The blender will set your makeup in half the pumps. Long-lasting makeup is not the only goal while baking your face. The makeup should have the same glow as it did after an hour.

Moreover, the third and lesser-known method of application involves improvising. Use the same makeup blender for foundation, powder, contouring and even highlighting.

The pointed part of the blender does wonders for your under eyes and cheekbones. Irregular beauty sponges from rain and Charles already give you sharp dimensions to create looks with. A sponge that doubles in size have a lot of surface area. Work on each side of the beauty blender.

Quick and easy Cleaning Leaves Beauty Blender Good as new

Replacing a solid cosmetic sponge can feel like a nuisance. It takes a long time to familiarize ourselves with a new sponge and sometimes we just can’t let go of that one sponge. The blender absorbs the product no matter how thin its fibers look. When you see your beauty sponge ridden with the product do not immediately discard it. Most beauty blenders can last a good period of more than 6 months if used correctly. Do not get lazy when it comes to cleaning the blender. While silicone beauty blenders such a s the one from rain and Charles do not need cleaning since they absorb little to non-product, microfiber blenders do.

Purchase an anti-bacterial sponge cleaning liquid and watch the magic happen. Soak the sponge in the liquid for five minutes and you will be surprised at the amount of product that erodes away. You can even DIY the cleaning solution but be sure to rinse the blender afterward. You do not want harsh chemical residue to interact with your face. The beauty sponge will work the same way as it did before. We advise letting the sponge air dry instead of using a blow dryer. The blow dryer may dry out the fibers.

Take Away

A cosmetic sponge can help you achieve as many looks as you want. From dewy looks to even fake freckles, the sponge does wonders. Each look you create makes you appreciate the blender even more. The filter looks we all craved in real life is possible. One should make a mental note to clean the sponges every once in a while to avoid rashes. Some people even enjoy the cleaning process more than the application. Cleaning the sponges can seem oddly therapeutic and soothing.

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