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2022 Best Guide to use Thirsty Lemon Makeup Sponge

2022.02.25 / By hqt

Thirsty Lemon Makeup Sponge

How to use a beauty blender?

Started by a professional Hollywood makeup artist back in 2002, thirsty lemon makeup sponge became a global hit in 2010 with its iconic pink sponge.

“Foundation holds all your makeup, but you don’t want anyone else to know you’re wearing it.” says beauty experts.

A blender, as the company calls it, is a device in the form of a soft applicator that allows you to easily and quickly apply makeup to your face and body. It does not contain latex and is considered absolutely safe for the skin of the face, without causing allergies, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it is comfortable and pleasant to use.

How to use thirsty lemon makeup sponge?

It can be used for primer, foundation, concealer, contouring, blush and highlighter. It all depends on its size and shape: there is a regular one that resembles an egg, and smaller ones.

The company itself has several types of sponges:

  • Pink for home use
  • Black for professionals
  • White for creams and emulsions
  • Salmon color for blush
  • Small for concealer.

Thirsty lemon makeup sponge, although it looks like a washcloth, it is very soft to the touch and resembles suede or velvet. Now in popularity among make-up tools, it is on a par with brushes and the use of fingers.

Such an “egg” can now be found at the top Hollywood stylists and their clients: from Kim Kardashian to Katy Perry.

Popular thirsty lemon makeup sponge

Many people think that a beauty blender is the only makeup sponge, but this is not true. Beauty blender analogues, which are not inferior in properties and functionality to the original, are now countless: from the Korean brand Holika Holika to the American one – Real Techniques. But many people prefer the first sample of 2002, since using a beauty blender, in their opinion, is much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Rules for using the applicator

“Drink it. Wring out. McNee” – blenders are accompanied by these three words and this is not a joke. The thing is, it’s easy to use:

Before using the beauty blender, it should be soaked in warm water.

Then squeeze out excess water with your hands. After this action, it should approximately double in size – it depends on how dense the makeup will be. The drier the thirsty lemon makeup sponge, the smaller the layer of makeup will be.

How to use thirsty lemon makeup sponge?

And after the first two steps, you should take it into use. There are two ways to use the blender: apply the necessary product to the sponge and lightly pat it over the skin or apply it to the skin that has already been applied cosmetics.

If desired, a series of such “eggs” can replace all the brushes in a cosmetic bag, because they can apply liquid, cream, dry and even gel products.

Now most companies in the beauty industry have begun to produce new tools formakeup, but the beauty blender sponge is still the most sought after and popular in the world.

Benefits of a makeup sponge

  • Easy to use. Any girl without special skills can easily use a beauty applicator when applying makeup.
  • It is convenient if you want to evenly distribute foundation and concealer.
  • Sponge can remove an extra layer of cosmetic.
  • Comfortable shape makes it possible to model the shape of the face.
  • The surface is easily cleaned of cosmetics with any cleanser.

How to take care of your makeup sponge?

A thirsty lemon makeup sponge is a real find for both a professional makeup artist and an amateur, so care for your favorite blender should be constant.

Dampen the sponge with water.

Pour the required amount of the cleanser you use to clean your brushes onto it. Then, allow the solution to soak in and gently squeeze the blender until foam forms. To avoid cracks, squeeze lightly and gently.

Wash off with clean water. Remove excess moisture and let dry completely.

In order for the sponge to remain viable longer, it is worth cleaning it immediately after applying makeup: the cosmetics will not have time to be absorbed and harden in the beauty device.

Why you should throw away your old sponge and buy a new one?

The manufacturer is important changing beauty blenders every three months to achieve perfect makeup.

  • Signs that it’s time to say goodbye to the “egg”:
  • There were significant cracks and scratches.
  • There are indelible stains and the color of the blender has become less saturated.
  • It has ceased to be soft and pleasant.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

The number of fakes continues to increase and there are several signs by which you can distinguish them from the original:

Color: beauty blender only has a handful of colors that they produce regularly.

The form: The blender has an oval egg shape.

Size: When dry, it should not be more than 3-4 centimeters in height, and when wet, it can double in size.

Price: The price of the original sponge is $20. If the applicator costs much less, then it is a fake.

Morning face massage: You can even do it in bed. Open your eyes, stretch, start the massage. The main principle is smoothing the skin. Do not forget to grab the neck and décolleté during the massage – they are the ones that give out the woman’s age.

Washing with thirsty lemon makeup sponge:

Thirsty Lemon Makeup Sponge 2022

 After 30, the skin becomes prone to dryness. Therefore, the use of ordinary soap is highly discouraged. Foam, emulsions, tonic, moisturizing milk and cosmetic cream – this is what is important for those who have noticed changes in the skin.

Bringing muscles into tone: For this, ice cubes from infusions of medicinal herbs are suitable. By the way, in this way you not only tone your muscles, but also in some way prepare yourself for going outside, where the temperature is much lower than room temperature.

Hydration thirsty lemon makeup sponge:

 You can’t do without it. Choose moisturizers that suit your skin type. Yes, it is generally accepted that after thirty years the skin becomes much drier. But remember, everyone is different. Perhaps it is yours that is not dry, but oily, combined, problematic, with age spots, etc.

 Here we again important contact a master cosmetologist. In our salon you will be given competent answers to all questions and will definitely important effective skin care cosmetics.

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