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The Right Way to Store Your Customize Cosmetic Sponge

2021.10.01 / By hqt

Tips on Storing Your Beauty Blender

There is no secret in the fact that the customized cosmetic sponge or beauty blender is the best tool for applying foundation concealers and any other product on the skin. The flawless finish that I get from a customer’s cosmetic sponge is far too superior compared to the streaky finish I get from a brush.

For a good coverage skin-like finish, and non streaky makeup look call mom customized cosmetic sponge is a must-have. While it is a great beauty tool, it is quite hard to maintain, clean, and store it. In this article, we will learn the right way to clean and store your customize cosmetic sponge.

How to clean you customize cosmetic sponge?

The customized cosmetic sponge is a must have for makeup artist and people like us who love makeup. The cosmetic sponge is a tool that is frequently used, therefore, it is very important to clean it. Not there are a few ways you can clean your makeup sponge. It is not hard in fact it’s very easy to clean your customized cosmetic sponge. You don’t need special products to clean your sponge, all you need is a shampoo, or cleanser, or a bar soap.

All you have to do is, properly wet your customized cosmetic sponge, and then put either the shampoo or cleanser on the sponge. grab a gently massage squeeze and try to clean it. When all the foundation marks are clean then wash it with water again until all the soapiness is gone.

If you are using a bar so then after wetting your cosmetic sponge, rub it against the bar soap on areas it is dirty keep rubbing it and then massage it with your hands gently until all the makeup marks are gone. Then wash it with water until soapiness is gone. And this is it, such an easy way to clean your cosmetic sponge. We recommend you to clean your customized cosmetic sponge at least once every week properly.

Where to properly store you customize cosmetic sponge?

Now that you have cleaned or learned to clean your cosmetic sponge it is now time to store it. Many people are confused about how to store it. You or I obviously don’t want to leave it on the bathroom counter to dry. Proper storage is required you don’t want to dirty your sponge right after you cleaned it. We have a few suggestions on how you can store your customized cosmetic sponge after washing.

Egg Holders

we all know that the original and most popular shape of the customized beauty sponge is the teardrop shape. The teardrop shape is awfully similar to the egg shape; in fact, some people also refer to it as the egg shape sponge.

We have connected the dots, storing a beauty sponge in egg holder is the perfect option. it is also open from the top, so you can put your wet sponge in it in open air and it will air dry easily.

It is very important to let your beauty blender air dry. The founder of the beauty blender as a stressed on the fact that the beauty blender or customized cosmetic sponge should be air dried. Therefore, before you store your cosmetic sponge in your makeup bag or box or wherever, make sure it is completely dry.

Candle Holder

Another great, and this one’s an elegant way just show you cosmetic sponge. Use a candle holder, not just any candle holder though. We recommend using a crown shaped candle holder. There are many crown shaped candle holders that have beautiful and elegant design, and are the perfect size for storing your cosmetic sponge.

Your sponge will look beautiful on your vanity, stored in a crown shaped candle holder. However, that’s not all, you can also find other shapes and styles of candle holders that you like, and store you customize cosmetic sponge in then.

This is actually a pretty clever way of storing your sponge on your vanity, your friends will be like “Oh my God where did you get that beauty sponge holder? It’s so cute”.

A Sponge Rack

Another way to store you is on the sponge rack. Even though, these Sponge racks are made for storing dishwasher sponges, you can get your own sponge rag for your cosmetics sponge. There are no rules, a sponge rack is a very great option for storing wet cosmetic sponges to air dry.

A sponge rack has holes in it, it is usually made from metallic wires, so it is like a net, in shaped of a rack, perfect for air drying your sponges. Doesn’t matter if the sponge your drying is a dishwashing sponge or a makeup sponge. Just make sure that it is only used for one type of sponge.

Keep the Packaging Intact

Another option this is for people who don’t really care about good looking, aesthetically pleasing sponge holders. You can use the cosmetic sponge’s original packaging that it came in. The customize cosmetic sponge comes in a cylindrical packaging that is made up of a transparent plastic.


Many people store their cosmetic sponges in its original packaging, you can do that too. But make sure the sponge is dry before you store in it. You can’t store in that plastic packaging while the sponge is still wet. Never store your sponge in enclosed space while it is still wet. This can stimulate mold growth inside the cosmetic sponge.

Customize cosmetic sponge

Always store your cosmetic sponge in a dry, humid-free holder, whether these holders are open or closed. Clean your cosmetic sponge once every week and let your sponge air dry properly. Always take care of your customize cosmetic sponge, as you use it on your skin. If you are interested in buying premium quality customized cosmetic sponges, then check out our website!

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