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The Dangers of Uncleaned OEM Cosmetic Sponge

2021.09.14 / By hqt

The OEM cosmetic sponge requires regular cleanup

Investing in the best makeup tools naturally results in the best output. The smart hack is investing good money to collect the best makeup products. To adore the collection, the OEM cosmetic sponge tool, otherwise known as a beauty blender is there to steal the show. The beauty blender which costs a buck is something that one cannot ignore to have in its makeup collection.

The ten-year-old invention successfully grew up hitting the makeup industry. The pink egg which goes around doing wonders is the best pick of all the makeup artists. Therefore, the professional and YouTube makeup artists prefer to keep more than one in their vanity boxes.

This is for the fact that at times the cosmetic sponge can easily wear out after every three months. It can naturally attract germs and bacteria and which is the reason why it is important to take good care of it.


OEM cosmetic sponge

Reasons To Take Care of Cosmetic Sponge

Following are the reasons, why it is important to take deep care of the makeup brushes and cosmetic sponge:

Bacteria Buildup

Not washing the makeup brushes and sponges can naturally invite bacterial infections on the skin. Thus, when making use of an OEM cosmetic sponge it is important to wash it frequently after every single use.

Not washing simply means there is a dust storm on the skin that will not vacate the place easily. Nonetheless, the presence of bacteria, dirt, and dust on the holy grail product will make the skin unhealthy.  According to research conducted by the famous MAC senior executive Waitesmith and Artis brush founder, alarms about the effects of it.

According to them, the use of dirty sponges will reactivate the microbes that are present on the skin. The cosmetic sponge gives a very warm, moist feel to the skin. Rocking and rolling the dirty sponge on the skin are for sure the breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes. It can increase in number. Read here


The inside story is to take a minute and wipe away the extra dirt present on the OEM cosmetic sponge. This is a necessary step as with the dirty ones the skin can rush in with breakouts. Therefore, cleaning is the necessary element, and thus restricting the use of dirty brushes and sponges can make it a happy place.

The dirty cosmetic sponge on the skin is encouraging the growth of microbes something that the skin is not used to it. In case this happens, the skin gets prone to rashes, blistering, and skin eruptions. In case the user is noticing spots, breakouts, bumpy skin then it is high time to kick off with the ultimate cleanliness routine.

Skin Irritation

An important ritual of the skincare routine is the cleanliness of the makeup brushes and sponges. The OEM cosmetic sponge highly demands that so that the user far off remains happy and satisfied.

The dirty cosmetic sponge is along with leaving skin breakouts and infecting bacterial infections can also give rise to irritating, itchy skin. Thus, to avoid this the beauty blenders must be done cleaning on regular basis.

As the skin is a resulting reactant to oil and dirt, which sits to uprise an itchy skin. Therefore, daily cleaning can make the fibers rather soft and silky. There will be no more skin scratching and scraping next time applying makeup with a cosmetic sponge.


OEM cosmetic sponge

Clogged Pores

Here it specifically grabs the user’s attention when an OEM cosmetic sponge is leaving the skin with clogged pores. This is a dire need to check on the cosmetic sponge and the makeup brushes that are the cause of the adverse reaction.

Thus, the weeks-old makeup that is there intact in the dirty brushes and sponge can extract oil glands and help in clogging pores. Thus, the ultimate reaction to this is the breakouts. The uncleansed and uncleaned makeup sponges will allow the dirt to spread from the face straight into the makeup and the cycle continues.

Factors Damaging the OEM Cosmetic Sponge

Viral Infections

Dirty, clogged and cramped OEM cosmetic sponge and makeup brushes can be a cause of increasing viral infections on the skin. The bacterial infections that sit on the skin are rather there to stay for a longer period.

Thus, this is the reason why dirty cosmetic sponges should not be a part of the makeup routine. Furthermore, the filthy sponge can get the skin nowhere. The user should generally make sure that it should not share its makeup with anyone.

Sharing makes things worse. The brushes and sponge can be the source of transferring normal microbes. Moreover, it can also some sort of serious skin reactions. The reaction can be both ways. It can be tinier like a breakout. Or otherwise, intense as catching an infection. In both cases, the user has to be extra careful.

Creepy Infestations

To avoid getting into double trouble it is important to clean off OEM cosmetic sponge very well. This is to avoid inviting over bugs to the dirty cosmetics.

Thus, it is essential and thus to avoid any further the user should watch a viral video. It is of Stevie Miller`s 2015 video that went viral and titled “bug-infested makeup sponge”.

Muddy makeup Application

Makeup essentials count on everything and that too at its place. The OEM cosmetic sponge is one secret essential which when dirty will bring in minor infections with it. This in return does adversely affect the performance of the makeup brushes and tools.

This comes in handy when trying to blend a Kim K contour kit or an eyeshadow. The makeup application gets too streaky and uneven. The unbalanced makeup formula thus requires extra dedication and hard work to fit in the skin perfectly. Furthermore, there will be no uniformity.

The user is therefore suggested to spend a good 20 minutes in the washroom to blend makeup. In case, it does not work then definitely the cosmetic sponge needs a deep cleaning and cleansing routine.


Damaged Brushes

Makeup comes around like a heavy investment and for sure no one will want to make it a point of failure. Thus, for an OEM cosmetic sponge, it is highly recommended to clean it at least once a week. Cleaning it with blender cleaners rather than rubbing it against alcohol will make matters worst. Therefore, it is suggested to make proper use of it.

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