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The Best Makeup Beauty Puff Hacks

2021.09.01 / By hqt


How long has sit been, since the beauty blenders entered our lives and changed our make-up game? There being a time when make-up was done without beauty puffs seems very weird to think about now. The make-up beauty puffs, which are also known as beauty sponges or beauty blenders have countless ways of usage. These cute teardrop-shaped beauty puffs are considered the best make-up tool for applying foundation and concealer or any other cream product on your face for a seamless and non-cakey blend. But those are not the only uses of a beauty puff.

You cannot limit the use of beauty puffs to just applying liquid foundations and concealers. There are some amazing hacks to use these beauty puffs that you might not know off!

beauty puff

Here are some of the amazing beauty puff hacks

Applying skincare products

Do you know that you can apply your skincare products like face creams, serums, oils, and primers with your beauty puff? You can use a damp beauty blender and apply the skincare products on your skin with it.

If you damp your beauty puff with cold water in the morning to apply makeup, its coolness can help you with depuffing any puffiness or swelling on your face as well. An advantage of applying your products with a beauty puff instead of your hands is that you will not be dragging the products on your skin and instead apply them in a gentle dabbing motion which is not harsh or irritating.

Depuffing your morning face

Do you have a problem waking up with a puffy face? Puffiness under the eyes and on the cheeks? That can be very unflattering and a big problem if you have to go out somewhere in the morning.

This hack is a spin-off to the depuffing trick mention above and will help you get all the puffiness away. Simply damp your beauty puff and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, use this beauty blender to depuff the puffiness on your face.

Set your make-up with the beauty blender

There are two ways you can use your beauty blender to set your makeup in a way that lasts long and does not move around. Apply your loose setting powder with a damp beauty blender to set your makeup, press the powder with not-so-gentle dabs onto your face, especially the oily areas. Let the powder sit for a while and then brush the excess powder off using a fluffy make-up brush.

The second way to set the make-up and make it last all day is to spray the setting spray onto your beauty blender and dab that onto your skin. This will ensure better application of your setting spray and prevent your face from looking too greasy.

Blend the inner corner concealer

You don’t need to buy a separate mini beauty blender just to blend the concealer under your eyes and in the inner corner. You can just wrap an elastic band around the mid part of your regular beauty blender to create a mini teardrop shape. Use this smaller and pointier part to blend yours under the eye concealer. Save your money.

Cut your old beauty puff

If you have an old beauty puff that you are thinking of throwing away then stop right now! You don’t need to throw it, it is still usable. Have you ever cut your beauty blender in half? Try it and you will see how clean and new it looks from the inside.

You can cut out shapes like rectangles for your contour and small triangles for your winged liners. This is a very good hack for those who have trouble contouring or applying their liner.

Do gradient lip with your beauty puff

If you find it hard to do gradient lips look or you find it hard to blend your lip tint and you are always heavy-handed with it then try this hack.

Apply your lip tint onto the damp beauty puff and then apply it to your lips. This trick helps you create a gradient effect without applying too much product.

Apply self-tanner with your beauty puff

A great way to apply self-tanner is with the help of a damp beauty puff. This will help you blend the self-tanner much better and faster, it will also prevent any streakiness or patchiness to become visible. This hack will give you a seamless result.

Apply eyeshadow with your beauty puff

Do you know that your beauty puffs are great not just with skin products but also with eyeshadows? Use your damp beauty blender to apply your eyeshadows and you will be surprised with how good these are with blender your eyeshadows.

Even the shimmer shades do onto the lids so nicely. A tip is to spray your beauty blender with a setting spray and then apply your eyeshadows, they will last longer!

Manicure with beauty puff?

If you have boring nails and no nail art skills, you can give yourself cool, abstract nail art in just seconds. Apply multiple colors of nail polish onto the damp beauty blender and then apply that onto your nails for cool abstract nail art.

You don’t need to buy special nail art sponges for that you can just cut small pieces of an old beauty puff and use those pieces for your nail art.

Cleaning your beauty puff hack

You don’t need to buy special beautyblender cleaning gadgets and cleansers for cleaning your beauty puffs. You can easily clean your beauty puffs with a mind shampoo or dishwasher. Just soak your beauty puff in the warm water and make sure you squeeze a couple of times.

They take some shampoo or dishwasher, and some olive oil and squeeze it multiple times to clean it. Then rinse it under running water and make sure to properly squeeze all the products out of the beauty puff until the water squeezed outcomes clean. Another way to clean your beauty puff is to rub it not-so-gently against the bar soap under running water. Do this until it looks clean.

beauty puff


Cleaning your beauty puffs or beauty blenders is a very important step in your routine. It is advised to clean your beauty blender after every use, but since most of us are very lazy so we should at least clean the beauty puffs at least on weekly basis.

Cleaning the beauty puffs is not much of a hustle, in fact, it very easy to clean them. It is also advised that you replace your beauty blenders every 3 months, so when it’s time to replace the beauty blenders and you are about to throw them, do not do that. Instead, try some of the hacks above!

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