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Which is suitable cosmetic blender factory for your skin?

2021.10.21 / By hqt


Cosmetic blender factory has mastered the art of creating perfect high quality makeup tools. What makes your Beauty 3DHD Blender different from the hundreds of other makeup sponges on the market? It is its unique shape with three flat sides. The cut sides allow for precise application of cosmetics for contouring, fixing and highlighting.

cosmetic blender factory

It is an Ideal for mixing and applying foundation on skin with an irregular texture, with wrinkles and hollows. And finally, the sponge has a really sharp edge for applying cosmetics to hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to it, without pressing, you will cover all imperfections and reach every corner of the face.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Although it is the cheapest sponge, its price does not affect the quality at all. In fact, the texture of Miracle Complexion Sponge and the effect after applying the makeup are very similar to those obtained with the Beauty Blender. The sponge has the same elastic and stable consistency.

Provides the same light finish and like cosmetic blender factory, it boosts volume when wet. The round side is intended for the distribution of the foundation all over the face while the oblique side helps to shape. It is also extremely practical, because the sponge never rolls on the countertop.


Perfecting Blender Duo is a set of two sponges for applying foundation, composed of 70% of products of plant origin. They do not contain latex. The sponges have two beveled sides for dispensing creams, liquids and powders on the face, while the precision flat tip is perfect for reaching the corners of the eyes and nose.

After dipping cosmetic blender factory in cold water and then squeezing them, the sponges increase their size and become super soft. Thanks to this, the makeup finish is very natural. The soft and flexible Large Base Blender is designed to create a light, stackable makeup base, while the slightly smaller Mini Detail Blender boasts a slightly firmer texture and is ideal for more precise and detailed coverage.


Danny’s Sponge is a flat, super comfortable, oval shape makeup sponge. It also adapts to hard-to-reach parts of the face and can be used with all base types. It distributes both liquid and cream bases perfectly. With the help of cosmetic blender factory it is possible to fix and apply loose or compact loose powder.

The dense texture allows you to achieve a variety of results, from natural to more dramatic. It is made with a high quality synthetic material called Rub cell. The sponge can be used dry or after being immersed in warm water. It is very easy to wash with soap or shampoo.

Which is suitable cosmetic blender factory for your skin?

The first time you use the Precision Makeup Sponge you will immediately notice a very soft sponge. Initially, you may think that you don’t have the control you are used to; however, this sponge will quickly convince you. It is in fact able to create an excellent finish, even when you use a poor base.

cosmetic blender factory 2021

It also works equally well to correct all the imperfections of oily skin and reduce shine in the middle of the day, therefore useful to always keep cosmetic blender factory on your desk in the office. Fenny has two flat edges while the rest is rounded like an egg.


For professional makeup, the NYX sponge offers maximum precision. Thanks to the egg shape on one side and the flat sides of various sizes on the other, you will be able to perform the most sophisticated make-up correctly.

The sponge works best when moistened and wrung out. It is excellent with both liquid and cream foundation and can be used with all bases such as BB and CC creams, with concealers and highlighters. In addition, with the NYX Professional you will be able to create a perfect contouring without the use of cosmetic blender factory.


This face sponge designed by Sephora allows you to combine make-up technique with skin care. Its shape allows you to make make-up quickly and easily. Thanks to the corners of the sponge you can reach every part of the face and get a natural look without a mask effect.

The sponge is used both wet and dry and should be washed each time with warm water and a mild detergent.


If you suffer from acne, keeping your makeup sponges clean is a priority. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task. Most of the cosmetic blender factory is used wet or dry and are exposed to bacteria and dust. If you want to make it easier, try a silicone make-up sponge. Its biggest advantage is the ease of cleaning.

However, the biggest drawback is the relatively difficult method of application. But, once you have mastered the technique, this sponge will be irreplaceable.

The best cosmetic blender factory

This sponge set includes 6 pieces. 3 large sponges to apply foundation and loose powders on the largest areas of the face and 3 small sponges to define the details on the sides of the nose, mouth and around the eyes with concealers and illuminants.

The sponges can be used moist or wet depending on the cosmetic and are perfect with cream, liquid or powder products. The cosmetic blender factory is also hypoallergenic and latex-free, ideal for allergy sufferers or those with very delicate skin.

How to choose the cosmetic blender factory?

Just a few years ago Beauty Blender would have had no competitors in the makeup accessories category. Its modern sponge has created the most beautiful make-up. But today we have many more options, which can be distracting when we have to make a choice. Here are the basic elements to consider when choosing a makeup sponge:

Shape of the cosmetic blender factory

If you want to look flawless and professional, the shape of the sponge is extremely important. The best foundation sponge is egg-shaped. It allows you to get the perfect effect without streaks. It is worth looking for one that has at least one rounded side.

Pointed ends are important for reaching difficult parts of the face easily. The cosmetic blender factory will help you spread and mix cosmetics under the eyes, around the nose, on blemishes. The beveled edges are great when setting or contouring. Makeup sponges of this form are irreplaceable when applying and blending the bronzer.


The size of the sponge is also important. On the market you will find small, medium and large sponges. The small ones are great for applying concealers, eye shadows, highlighters. The large sponges make it easy to apply makeup to larger areas of the face.

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