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How to use sephora beauty blender with foundation?

2022.04.29 / By hqt

sephora beauty blender

Sephora beauty blender is a sponge used by make-up artists as well as by many women when doing everyday makeup. It spreads the cosmetic perfectly, without streaks and unevenness, and the skin looks smooth and perfect, thanks to its shape – it resembles a tear. By reading you will learn what types of beauty blenders are, how to use them and how to clean a beauty blender.

Background of sephora beauty blender

Sephora beauty blender was created in 2002. Invented and patented by the famous Hollywood make-up artist Rea Ann Silva. This pink teardrop sponge became popular very quickly. For many women, it has become an indispensable makeup tool.

  Its unique teardrop shape without sharp edges makes the makeup evenly applied. There are no stains or streaks, no streaks or boundaries separating the thicker and thinner layers of the base. Wrinkles and discoloration become less visible. The complexion becomes silky and uniform and looks natural. The Beauty blender sponge is very easy to use.

It is a soft and flexible sponge with many pores. It retains water thanks to its honeycomb structure. The beauty blender sponge is hypoallergenic, latex-free and odorless. If it is soaked before use, it will absorb the cosmetic to a small extent. It is easy to clean with a beauty blender.

How to use sephora beauty blender?

Beauty blender was created for applying foundation. With time, it turned out that this sponge is also perfect for spreading blush in cream, concealer and face cream.

Types of beauty blender

Classic – is used to apply a foundation. It is a 5.5 cm / 3.5 cm sponge and weighs 4 gr. At first, it only appeared in pink, with time it appeared in other colors.

Beauty blusher – for applying blush in cream or powder, the beauty blender version is smaller, gray in color, which makes it easier to choose and mix the color.

Athumbnail of the classic version: It is perfect for spreading cosmetics in places such as the corners of the eyes, eyelids and noses. Thanks to its precision, the contours of the face are precisely modeled or illuminated.

White beauty blender: we use it to apply colorless preparations: creams, serums or other care cosmetics.

Black beauty blender – we apply self-tanners with it.

Blotterazzi sponge: we use it to collect excess sebum. It adheres with its entire surface, thanks to which it collects sebum evenly without wiping off the make-up. Sephora beauty blender refreshes makeup without damaging it. When wipes or tissue paper are used for this purpose, sebum is collected in places where you press it harder with your fingers.

During the first few uses of a beauty blender, we notice that it loses its intense color. This is normal and cannot be claimed.

How to use a beauty blender?

First, soak the sephora beauty blender under water, then squeeze it thoroughly and drain it with a paper towel. We put a cosmetic on it and press it against selected parts of the face. It is like stamping. We do not drag the sponge over the face. The wider part of the beauty blender is used on larger surfaces such as: cheeks and forehead. With a narrower part, we will refine the makeup around the nose and eyes.

How to recognize an original beauty blender?

Unfortunately, along with the growing popularity of this product, more and more fakes began to appear. It is not easy to recognize them because very often the packaging is not true information – “original beauty blender”.

The easiest way is to buy a non-original product at auction sites. The suspect becomes the moment we see his low price. Recently fraudsters are increasing its price more and more often. Original sponges absorb water more easily and then become more elastic and larger.   The original beauty blender cannot be placed vertically. It is soft and has fewer pores than it’s counterfeit.

How to wash sephora beauty blender?

sephora beauty blender 2022

In order for the beauty blender to serve us for 3-4 months, as the manufacturer guarantees, it is worth washing it before or just after applying makeup. The sponge can be cleaned with ordinary soap if you use it alone, but it will be better to use dedicated products: Solid soap or Blender cleanser.

 After washing, put the make-up sponge in a ventilated place so that it dries quickly and is ready to be used again.   We do not put the applicator near the heater or expose it to sunlight; it may shorten its life.

Apply foundation with sephora beauty blender

Beauty blender is a sponge for applying foundation and powder, which is found in most women who wear makeup. You have often wondered how to clean your beauty blender quickly and effectively.

Below we describe the method as in 15 minutes wash from a dozen to several dozen makeup sponges at a time. If you want to wash one make-up sponge, soak it in warm water and then rub it on a bar of soap. Thanks to the new method described below, you are able to know all these sponges within 15 minutes and when they are very dirty.

Pour into a basin or bowl of warm water. All sponges must be soaked with water so that they swell.

Add the liquid soap and oil to the drained water.

Then we squeeze the sponges in water or press the sponges to the washbasin so that they soaked in soapy water and oil, and that our movement starts to wash. This is the method. All you have to do is press the blenders against the basin or bowl.

After a while you will notice that the sponges are clean. If there are any streaks on individual lovebirds, instead of pressing all the sponges further, rub the most resistant sponge or sponges against the soap bar.

Summary sephora beauty blender

The penultimate stage will be rinsing sephora beauty blender. Drain dirty water and refill fresh water. Then, knead all the sponges again, squeeze them, press them as hard as possible, and then pour a little water again to rinse and check if they are really clean.

The last step is to lay the sponges on a flat surface to let them dry. We do not put wet blenders into a closed box or drawer because they will become moldy.

Remember that the sponge is very delicate and you need to use mild beauty blender cleaning products, and the water cannot be hot but lukewarm. When washing the sponge, do not rub it hard as it may damage its structure. It is better to use the method described in this guide.

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