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Reasons for Using a Wet Makeup Sponge

2021.09.01 / By hqt


Makeup sponges have been in the market for as long as we can remember. There being a time where there were no makeup sponges looks pretty nonsensical. That is just how much they are involved in our everyday makeup routine. Despite being so popular, some people still don’t like to use makeup sponges. They might not like that because they don’t use the makeup sponge the right way, resulting in bad results.

This article will tell you about all the sponge mistakes you might be making and the right way to use sponges.

makeup sponge

Wet or Dry makeup sponge; which is better?

The first and most fundamental mistake that many people still make is using the sponge dry. When the first-ever makeup sponge, the beautyblender, was introduced into the makeup world, the brand also introduced the steps to use it.

These steps are straightforward, and professional makeup artists only use makeup sponges using these steps. These steps are essential to follow if you want great results and boost your makeup game. 

Authentic steps to use a makeup sponge:

  1. Wet the sponge until it doubles in size
  2. Squeeze the sponge to get rid of excess water; you don’t want water dripping down the sponge
  3. Bounce the sponge onto your face to apply your product.

Reasons for using a wet sponge

It is crucial to wet your makeup sponge. As the name suggests, the sponge is a sponge, and a sponge soaks up the product. No one wants to waste their products by using a sponge that soaks up their products. But that will happen only if you use your sponge dry. a dry sponge will soak up the products you apply to it much more than a wet sponge.

Save product: save money.

Wetting your sponge is crucial because water sits inside your damped sponge. When you wet your sponge, the product sits on the surface of the sponge. To check this, you can damp your makeup sponge and apply your foundation with it, then cut the sponge in half to check how far the foundation is inside your sponge.

We are confident that if you used a damped beauty blender, the product would be on the outermost part and the surface of the makeup sponge only. To conclude, using a damped sponge will prevent you from wasting any product, so your products will last longer, which will result in saving money.

Awesome makeup game!

If you have been using a dry makeup sponge and wondering what all the hype is and why your makeup does not look as flawless as everyone says, well, what do you know! You have been using your sponge wrong all along.

A dry makeup sponge will give you a cakey look. You don’t want the foundation to look like it is sitting on top of your face. You want your foundation to look seamless and skin-like. To achieve that radiant and natural-looking foundation, you need to dampen your sponge.

Pro tip: never drag your makeup sponge on your face when applying foundation or any other product. Always dab or bounce it on the face gently to apply products that will help you avoid streakiness and unblended foundation. This will also prevent cakiness and give you a seamlessly blended and skin-like-looking foundation.

makeup sponge

Stay hygienic

There will be drawbacks if you don’t dampen your makeup sponge and use a dry sponge. Using a dry sponge means most of the product you are applying is soaking up inside the makeup sponge.

Suppose you use your dry sponge continuously to apply makeup without washing it. In that case, there will be a product build-up inside the sponge. This product build-up will result in mold or/and bacteria growth in the sponge.

Now suppose you use your makeup sponge damped, even if you use it continuously without washing. In that case, there will be significantly fewer chances of mold and bacteria growth inside the makeup sponge. This is because the product is not seeping inside the sponge and only stays on the surface.

Easy to clean!

Cleaning a dry-used sponge is a hustle in itself. It is pretty tough and time-consuming to get all the build-up foundation out of the makeup sponge. Even if you put effort into cleaning it thoroughly, some product remains inside the makeup sponge without you knowing.

On the contrary, it is much easier to clean a makeup sponge used wet as the product remains only on the outer layers and the surface of the makeup sponge. It is much easier to clean and less time-consuming, and more hygienic as well.

How to properly clean makeup sponges?

You should clean your sponge at least weekly if you are not cleaning it after every use. Below we have compiled two easy ways to clean your makeup sponges properly.

  1. Use a mild shampoo or any liquid soap; dampen your makeup sponge, squeeze out water a couple of times. Then put a small quantity of the shampoo or liquid soap on it and squeeze it multiple times for a while. Later rinse it thoroughly with water until the water comes clean upon squeezing the sponge.
  2. Use bar soap; dampen your sponge, squeeze water out a couple of times. Then rub all the dirty sides against the bar soap until clean. Later wash it with water until the water comes clean upon squeezing the sponge.

Now you know all the benefits of using your sponge wet. It is vital to stay hygienic and be at the top of your makeup game, and you get all that by using a damp sponge. What more does anyone want? This is everything a makeup lover loves. If you are also a makeup lover or a newbie at makeup trying to educate yourself and you are interested in buying makeup sponges, then check out our products!

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