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How to use personal beauty blender container?

2022.01.27 / By hqt

beauty blender container

Is personal makeup difficult? Let’s start with the 10 personal beauty blender container steps below to be the most gorgeous and shining when needed. These are also the 10 most basic personal makeup steps for those who are just starting to learn about the art of makeup.

1. How to do personal makeup:

Step 1: Cleanse the skin.

Personal makeup, also known as Make-up, is an indispensable thing for women today. To create a highlight before the first look of others because of your beauty, follow these 10 steps of personal make-up below.

The state of the cream layer will not eat and the skin will lose tone very quickly. The consequences will be very unpredictable if you are subjective in cleaning before applying makeup.

Step 2: Use a beauty blender container

It seems that many women will rarely need it because they think it is quite redundant. But this is an important layer of protection for your skin. Because primer is a layer between cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, etc. with facial skin, it helps to close the pores of the skin. It will protect the skin from bad substances and dirt without affecting the skin.

In addition, beauty blender container also helps keep the foundation more durable and long-lasting.

Step 3: Use foundation.

beauty blender container 2022

After applying a layer of primer, next will be the foundation, which is foundation, BB cream, Cushion …, this cream helps your skin to be brighter and whiter. Remove dark spots, acne, freckles on your face.

Step 4: Concealer.

No need to say more because the name also speaks for the use of this cream. You will need concealer when you want to hide dark circles, acne spots, freckles that make your face ugly.

Step 5: Use powder.

But you should know one thing that when using beauty blender container etc., there is still a certain amount of oil appearing on the face. When going out, it will cause dirt to stick to and cause acne. So using powder is very important to protect your skin every time you go out.

Step 6: Draw eyebrows.

In the process of personal makeup, it is indispensable to draw eyebrows; here are 3 steps to draw the most basic eyebrows.

  • B1: Dot the main points on the eyebrows, follow the picture below: Identify 3 main points on the eyebrows: the first point, the top of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow
  • B2: Create a basic eyebrow shape by connecting the dotted points together. Now you can see the basic font of the eyebrow.
  • B3: Use tweezers to pluck out the eyebrows that are out of your shape that you have just drawn.
  • B4: Use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pencil to enlarge the inside of the eyebrow frame according to the rule “Light and thick at the beginning, bold and pointed at the end”. Remember to line the inside of the eyebrow shape you just created to avoid smearing it out!

Step 7: Use beauty blender container

Equally important in learning personal makeup is your eye makeup.

We can divide it into 3 parts to beautify your eyes:

  • Part 1: Blending eye color.
  • Part 2: Eyeliner (water eyeliner).
  • 3: Apply Mascara or use false eyelashes.

Those are the 3 things to do to make your eyes more beautiful every time you make up.

Step 8: Create the block.

Beauty blender container is one of the great makeup steps, because it helps you change your face. If you have a square face, contouring will make you longer and more V-line, a slightly round face will make you slimmer.

Step 9: Apply beauty blender container

It seems that many of you will like it when Make-up, because blushing is to create a highlight for your face, in addition, blushing also helps your face overcome defects such as too round or long face, square face.

For those of you who don’t know at the block, blushing is also a trick for you to cheat the depth of that face.

Step 10: Lipstick.

Surely every girl has at least 1 lipstick in her body already. Choose your favorite lipstick color and apply it, that’s it.

And these are the 10 basic steps for personal makeup that SEWOW would like to introduce to you.

You can always learn personal makeup through free tutorials posted on Youtube or Google, but to make it easier and stay on track you should find a makeup course.

If you do personal makeup for yourself and your loved ones with in-depth knowledge, thorough understanding as well as close practice in class, buy beauty blender container.

2. Personal make-up set.’

We would like to suggest you a cosmetic set for beginners. These are all products that I have used before. Because you are just starting out, you should not buy high-end products, but you can buy the products

Over time, these impurities accumulate plus dead cells that are not removed will make the skin condition increasingly degraded, dry, dark skin, acne => Exfoliating twice a week is very important.

Contribute to the daily cleaning process with beauty blender container

If there is makeup, to melt the foundation, powder you need to have a specialized product that is a makeup remover. Facial cleansers are not replaceable and do not deep clean the layer of powder that adheres tightly and deep into the pores. Toner is not a substitute for removing makeup.

 Remember, because a lot of you think wrong and do it wrong. Using toner to remove makeup for a long time will cause aging skin, large pores and acne because of dirt, makeup, and oil that accumulate deep in the pores.

How to use beauty blender container?

Exfoliate once a week (for mild products) or every 2 weeks. This will help remove dead leopard horn cells that won’t peel off on their own. After exfoliating, the old cells will die; new cells will be produced, so we will see smooth, no longer rough skin.

When applying beauty blender container, you will see very smooth skin and when you make up, you will eat more powder, not caked.

Dry skin: Should use makeup remover, exfoliating cream because the cream form will help the skin to be less dry and smoother, and the skin will be moister. SRM provides moisture, alkaline skin level or just a little more so that makeup does not take away the natural protective oil layer of the skin. This will make the skin drier and weaker

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