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OEM Beauty Blender: Fake Vs Real Beauty blender

2021.09.27 / By hqt

How Does an OEM Beauty Blender Differentiate Between Real and Fake Beauty Blender?

The makeup sponge industry continues to provide the best solutions for makeup tools. The professional cosmetic manufacturers focus on improved capabilities of makeup products. They develop transparent nude makeup to restore the original beauty of the skin. One of these beauty tools is the makeup sponge known as a beauty blender. An OEM beauty blender is a versatile makeup sponge that damps the skin to create a perfect foundation for blending. Its soft knockoffs perform other similar types of makeup besides paving the way to applying foundation and concealer. In the eyes of a makeup artist, beauty blenders make the foundation application nearly perfect. For a Philokalist, spotting the right foundation match for her skin tone is the greatest treasure. The beauty blender swiftly reaches the areas like nostrils and under the eyes where other tools and brushes can’t.

OEM beauty blender

The squishy beauty blender sponge narrows at the top and swiftly bounces back with ease from the skin’s surface. The design of the humanized egg model beauty blender accentuates to create a 360-degree base makeup without dead ends. Its users do not worry about wasting any foundation since the beauty blender does not absorb makeup products.

OEM Beauty Blender – A Bonafide Jack of All Trades

This versatile makeup sponge practically applies to anything in a ladies’ makeup bag; bb cream, concealer, and foundations, etc. There are many other ways a beauty blender creates a delicate and confident face with nude makeup.

The innovation and excellence to design OEM makeup sponges have led to the introduction of a micro-fiber makeup sponge. It is the first-ever product of its kind with dual layers and ergonomic shape. It helps fill pores better than makeup brushes and gives the skin a lot more luminous and natural look.

Unlike many other foundation sponges, a beauty blender offers a quick and easy way to apply base makeup. Its quality and softness come from a patented, anti-bacterial latex-free foam.

One should not try using it dry on the skin because the OEM beauty blender tends to eat up the makeup products. In the eyes of a beauty expert, the users may just dampen it underwater. After that, they may squeeze out the excess water to give it a damp texture.

The sponge works absolutely fine with cool or warm water. However, one might find its application more stimulating with cool water. If you wish to use it and you don’t have access to open water, you may use bottled water instead to dampen it.

How to Use an OEM Beauty Blender?

The golden rule to get the most of a beauty blender is wet, squeeze, and bounce. The sponge works in three simple steps.


According to a beauty brand, you should dampen the sponge before every use.


Squeeze the fully saturated beauty blender to apply your makeup with a soft damp blender.


Bouncing leads to creating a smooth, uniform, and seamless coverage without lines and streaks on the skin.

Difference between Fake and Real Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is a brand name. Taking the advantage of its name, many other vendors present different versions of the original beauty blender in the market. The plenty of often cheaper sponges mimicking the OEM beauty blender in shape and squishiness are difficult to judge. Some fake beauty blenders probably work close to the real one owing to their pretty good facsimiles. We give below major differences between the real and fake beauty blenders for better understanding.


A real beauty blender is available in a transparent good quality plastic box. The fake one is either available in low-quality plastic wrap or in a noticeable real product’s packaging.

Impact on the skin

The aqua-activated real beauty blender becomes twice its size and absorbs insignificant products. As a result, the best formula lands on users’ complexion instead of the sponge itself. The super-soft wet


Using a beauty blender to blend and apply foundation or concealer makeup is the real game-changer. A fake beauty blender though looks like the real one cannot maintain its shape. It loses its squishiness and takes time to get back to its original shape after you dampen it. The real one will instantly bounce back to its natural shape after you squeeze it and dry it to the extent that it remains to dampen.

The beauty blender is not a normal makeup sponge

Unlike conventional makeup sponges or fake ones available in the market, the OEM beauty blender is hydrophilic, which means it absorbs water. The fake ones intend to repel the moisture. Beauty blender soaks up the water and leaves no room to absorb the foundation.


The fake beauty blender is usually available in a larger size as compared to the real one.

The texture of the sponge

The texture of a real beauty blender is soft yet a bit rough. The texture of the fake one is smooth.


Fake blenders are much denser because they do not contain an exclusive water-loving latex-free foam. The real product is sparse.


The fake beauty blender gives medium coverage since it does not absorb much liquid foundation. The real product extends light coverage because it absorbs a lot of foundation in the sponge.


The little sponge from OEM beauty blender has such a huge impact on the make world. Since the product itself is suitable for general skin, its diehard fans have made it a staple in their makeup bags. Due to its smooth yet porous surface, a beauty blender feels amazingly good on delicate skin and helps to blend makeup seamlessly. However, one should take note that both real and fake beauty blenders are largely available in the market.

To escape from embarrassment, the easiest way to find a genuine product is to dip both types of beauty blenders is to dip them in water. Those who use beauty blenders know that they can’t use it dry on their skin.

So, a real beauty blender soaked well in water becomes double in size. When squeezed to dry, it just becomes damp and instantly bounces back to its original shape. The fake one, however, tends to get slippery and slimy in water. Besides, the fake beauty blender takes some time to pop back into its shape.

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