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What is mini washing machine for beauty blender?

2022.03.12 / By hqt

mini washing machine for beauty blender

Those who follow makeup YouTube’s tutorials must have seen them using mini washing machine for beauty blender. It is to apply, mainly, foundation and concealer and also to blend, leaving the most perfect, smooth and natural finish. Despite being a very simple object, it can do wonders in makeup. See more about this product and learn all about it.

What is Beauty Blender?

How to use Beauty Blender

Disadvantages of the Beauty Blender sponge

How to clean the Beauty Blender

Where to buy and how much does the Beauty Blender sponge cost

What is Beauty Blender?

When you go to a makeup product store and find some colored sponges in the shape of a drop and with a soft texture, make sure you are in front of a Beauty Blender. It is very easy to use and can fit the various contours of our face. A good example is when applying concealer on dark circles, not all brushes fit as well as a Beauty Blender.

How to use Beauty Blender?

You can use this sponge dry or wet and it can apply, in addition to the concealer, primer and foundation, leaving a well-made finish with a much more natural look. To use it, the only things you need to do is put the product on the sponge and apply it on your face or you can pour the product into a container and dip the sponge in it, but in this case you may have a greater waste of makeup.

Learn how to make a basic makeup for everyday life.

Disadvantages of the Beauty Blender sponge

In a sea of ​​so many wonders, there had to be a downside. Like any other sponge, Beauty Blender usually “sucks” some of the liquid product, especially foundations. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the cost-benefit of using this item to make the makeup.

Well, this problem can be remedied, or at least in parts. You can apply mini washing machine for beauty blender because that way it won’t absorb the product as much. As a result, it is possible to achieve a more natural finish by mixing water with the applied product.

How to clean the Beauty Blender?

As it could not be otherwise, the market has already tried to manufacture soap especially for cleaning this sponge, the blender cleanser. It can be found in both liquid and solid versions. But, this is not the only option. You can also use the products you already use to clean your makeup brushes or liquid neutral soap or baby shampoo.

Always put the sponge in mini washing machine for beauty blender to dry and then store it, preferably, in a place where it is away from other products, especially eye shadows, powders and blushes that have a very fine texture and can end up in the Beauty Blender that has just been cleaned. .

Where to buy and how much does the Beauty Blender sponge cost?

You can find these wonders in several stores, both physical and online, of makeup products. They can come in different colors, formats, even in the form of brushes, which can make it easier, both in organization and at the time of application. The best sponge manufacturer is RainandCharles.

Those who have dark circles under their eyes know very well the torment when it comes to putting on a good makeup. The face is flawless, with the right shade of blush, but two black balls from around the eyes as if there was no trace of makeup or concealer there. It’s just terrible!

How to hide dark circles with sponge?

For those who have stronger dark circles, concealer remains the best ally. Choosing the right color and ironing the right way makes all the difference.

mini washing machine for beauty blender 2022

A good tip is to apply foundation before concealer. The foundation already has a nice finish and offers good coverage. With the concealer you will cover the imperfections that remain even after the foundation.

One of the secrets to good makeup is mini washing machine for beauty blender. Having clean, homogeneous and illuminated skin is very important for make-up to look ideal. The base is the main component of this preparation.

From the name you can already see that the foundation is a very important item of makeup. It is the one that will even out the entire face leaving the skin with a single color. Applying foundation seems simple: just spread it on your face. But there are some tricks worth mentioning.

How to apply the concealer with sponge?

There are a lot of women around the world using concealer the wrong way and wanting Hollywood star results. The best (and correct) way to apply a concealer is to apply it with your finger or brush on the darkest part and gently tapping with your fingers until the entire product is uniform.

When you spread the concealer as if you were using some kind of cream, the results are really bad. You lose a good part of the product that way and still mark the expression lines. In addition, you still run the risk of cracking your makeup.

Types of concealer

Liquid concealer is not the best option. When it is too fluid, you need to add more products to give it a nice effect. Another problem is the fact that you have to wait for it to dry before applying other products such as powder or starting to apply eye makeup. Pasty consistency concealer is the best option.

Colored correctors

You have probably already noticed that there are concealers of different colors, but how to use them correctly? Coral color, from its lightest to darkest tone, is a wildcard when it comes to covering dark circles. The logic is simple: dark circles have cool colors like purple or brown and coral is a warm color, so it is possible to balance the colors on the skin.

The finishing with mini washing machine for beauty blender

Marked makeup is not a good result. When applying the concealer, it is interesting not to leave the area delimited with different colors between the dark circles and the rest of the face. The ideal is to lower the concealer a little below the eye area and make it and the foundation blend for a more natural effect.

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