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Makeup Sponges: Different Types of Advantages

2021.07.07 / By hqt

Makeup Sponges are popular with professional makeup artists, beauty bloggers and girls who love to delve into the intricacies of makeup. But many, in the old fashioned way, continue to apply decorative or caring cosmetics with their hands, unaware of the convenience and benefits of these little helpers.

Why are necessary and from what it is produced

Makeup sponges are special cosmetic sponges that differ in shape, size, color and cost. They are made by:

  • Egg-like or cone-like;
  • Voluminous or flat;
  • Round, triangular, square;
  • With smooth or cut edges;
  • Curly or irregularly shaped.

The choice of the best shape and size depends on the purpose of use. With them you can:

  • Prepare your face for makeup (apply a caring cream, serum, primer);
  • Distribute liquid foundations for contouring and leveling skin color (foundation, BB cream, CC cream, concealer, highlighter);
  • Evenly apply cream and loose blush, powder, self-tanning, bronzers on the face, neck, décolleté, body;
  • Eliminate traces of crumbling or smeared cosmetics;
  • Tint eyes, draw arrows;
  • Cleanse the epidermis from impurities and makeup residues (with an additional peeling effect).

Materials used for manufacturing are natural or synthetic. The former include cellulose, cotton wool, sea sponge, the price of such makeup sponges is usually higher than synthetics. Since their surface is not even, it is better to use them for cleansing the face. Artificial components (silicone, latex, foam rubber) are smooth, and distribute cosmetics well over the skin, are economical, but require careful hygienic care.

Most popular models

Generally, we use flat or large sponges of various shapes to clean, exfoliate and remove makeup. Basically they are round, oval or square, large in size (to fit comfortably in the hand, cover a large area of the skin), with pronounced pore holes. There are more options for applying decorative and caring products, and the choice of the best depends on the type of cosmetics, the area of processing, and the price category.

Egg-shaped makeup sponge

We can divide the egg-shaped or drop-shaped sponge into a wide part and a narrow part.It is convenient to apply any liquid products over a large area to the main area of the face or body. A thin tip fills in hard-to-reach places (wings of the nose, the area under the eyes) or hides skin imperfections (pimples, bruises, dark circles).

The varieties include an egg with a beveled flat edge of a wide part, with which it is easy to distribute liquid and friable cosmetics, tone the neck or décolleté area. Another option is matryoshka-like sponges. They are convenient for even application of the makeup base, distributing it under the eyes, around the nose with a smaller part, over the rest of the areas – with a larger one.

Drops are available in large size or in a smaller version. But with the mini version, it is easier to remove particles of cosmetics (crumbling shadows, mascara on the eyelids). Small sponges are suitable for contouring, distributing highlighter, spot work with concealer.

Silicone makeup sponge

Silicone models stand out in a separate category due to the versatility and practicality of the material. They come in a variety of shapes (including those similar to an egg), but are extremely flat, with a homogeneous structure. In makeup, it is only used when applying liquid products.

Advantages of silicone sponges:

  • Profitability. They do not absorb particles of cosmetics.
  • An even and light layer of makeup on the skin without streaks.
  • Safety. No bacteria accumulate inside.
  • Convenience. Care consists only in rinsing with water without prolonged soaping, drying, disinfection.
  • Versatility. Using one product, different products (creams, highlighters, liquid shadows) are applied during one make-up procedure.

Silicone “drop” will not cope only with dry powder or blush, as well as cleansing the skin. Otherwise, this device is convenient and practical.

Wedge and triangular formats

We use these different sizes of sponges to outline contours, apply makeup to the inner corners of the eyes. Eyeliner brushes will replace the sharp tip of a wedge or triangle ,and lines and shadows are shaded with a wide one in order to create a haze effect or for “smokey ice”.

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