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5 Ways to use Makeup Sponge Factory like Professionals

2021.10.21 / By hqt

How to use the makeup sponge factory?

Professional make-up artists and bloggers call makeup sponge factory an absolute must-have of any cosmetic bag. Create an absolutely natural and attractive make-up, perfectly mask the circles under the eyes and emphasize the features.
Makeup Sponge Factory

Not every makeup sponge factory is the same

Classic makeup sponges have been known for years. The real revolution in the sector only came in 2003, when the original egg-shaped make-up sponge from the Beauty sponge brand saw the light. Today, the term beauty sponge is commonly used for all makeup sponges of this type. Especially known are those of Real Techniques and Makeup Revolution.

How to use the makeup sponge factory?

Using the makeup sponge factory is easy and quickly learned. Just follow a few simple rules:

First of all, the beauty sponge is used wet; therefore, before using the sponge, wet it under running water and then squeeze it thoroughly. The sponge thus increases in volume, is softer and, when applied, does not absorb too much makeup. Take the makeup, apply it on the back of your hand and pat it with the beauty sponge.

Then start tapping gently on your face. It is really important not to smear the makeup with the sponge, but to gently pat makeup sponge factory on your face. To apply makeup on larger areas, use the round part; for the less accessible parts and to apply the concealer under the eyelids, use the pointed tip instead, which reaches any point. Finally, with the sponge you can also powder yourself.

What is the makeup sponge factory used for?

Most of us use the sponge to work with makeup and concealer. However, it can be used for much more! The beauty sponge is perfect, for example, for applying contouring creams, highlighters and blushes. The rule is always valid according to which the tip of the sponge is used to apply the product on the face, while the round end is used to blend it.

With the makeup sponge factory you can also apply powder, eye shadow and even lipstick. Some also apply skin creams or foundation under makeup. The sponge is simply a universal tool that applies to almost anything.

How to clean the makeup sponge factory?

Bacteria can easily multiply in the sponge, which would certainly not be good for your skin. Therefore, wash the beauty sponge thoroughly after each use. For problem skin this rule is double! How do you clean the beauty sponge? Always wash the sponge under running water. Once rinsed with a jet of clean water, apply the special sponge cleaner or any product to clean the cosmetic brushes.

Makeup Sponge Factory 2021

Then rub makeup sponge factory carefully between your fingers, so that the cleanser also penetrates inside. Rinse again with water and repeat the procedure until the sponge is free of all impurities and, when you press, only clean water flows. Finally, squeeze the sponge carefully and let it dry in a ventilated room. Do not put the wet beauty sponge in a cupboard or cosmetic bag!

How often to replace the makeup sponge factory?

Even the best quality beauty sponge has a limited shelf life. In fact, it gradually loses its shape and flexibility. It is therefore recommended to replace it after about three months. You can choose different colors and brands. So why not try something new?

When we put on make-up with makeup sponge factory, the performance of our make-up depends as much on the products we use as on the tools we use to apply them. Everyone has their habits but I guarantee you that applying the foundation with your hands, with a brush or with a sponge is not the same thing!

Can I use hands instead of brushes?

When I use a very light foundation I also prefer to apply it with my hands but when I have to do my makeup seriously then I choose the oval microfiber brushes or the beauty sponge.

Why choose the makeup sponge factory?

Like oval brushes, sponges are also very easy to use even if you are not exactly a make-up magician, product waste is minimal and the application is perfect, natural, and impalpable. I prefer the sponge if I have to modulate the coverage of a creamier base, apply the concealer optimally or for contouring.

How to choose the right makeup sponge factory?

Egg sponges are now considered a real must have in the world of make-up. We really find makeup sponge factory everywhere in any shape, size, color and price range.

We call them all “beauty sponge” but in reality this is the name of the brand that launched the original (which is really a great product by the way!), But even a less expensive sponge can be just as good.

Choose makeup sponge factory based on:

Ø The size:

 I find myself better with medium-large ones that allow me to work every area of ​​the face comfortably since I use them especially for the bottom

Ø The shape:

The cone shape is ideal because it allows you to use the tip for the concealer or to blend the bottom in the most difficult to reach areas (such as the sides of the nose) and the most rounded area for larger areas such as the forehead and cheeks. And if it also has a flat part, I personally like it even more.

Ø Density and porosity:

My ideal makeup sponge factory has a medium density (I don’t prefer the ones that are too soft ) and a texture that is not excessively porous ( otherwise it ends up absorbing too much product and it would be a useless waste! ).

How to best use the beauty sponge?

To get the best results with your beauty sponge remember:

  • Use the damp sponge. Wet and squeeze it well before using it.
  • Do not apply foundation directly on the sponge.
  •  Apply it to your hand or face and then tap it.
  • The product should not be ironed on the skin but tapped into the skin.
  •  This is the only way to obtain that wonderful uniform, natural effect, free of stratifications and stains which is the reason why we choose a beauty sponge.

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