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How to use makeup sponge customized? Best Guide 2022

2022.01.13 / By hqt

makeup sponge customized

The makeup sponge customized is used to apply creamy or liquid products, such as foundation and concealer. It is very successful because it gives a more natural finish to makeup and because it does not irritate the skin, since it is super soft.

It also serves to reach those more difficult corners, such as the inner corner of the eyes and the sides of the nose. Its finer tip gives a great finish to these regions.

Types of makeup sponge

Nowadays, after the innovative creation of beauty products, several brands have developed their sponges in different shapes and colors, each with a different proposal. But in the end, they all serve the same purpose.

Some have straight sides to apply the powder, in addition to the foundation, others have a “little waist” so you can hold it better… Anyway, the ideal is to test some to decide which one is best for you.

How to use makeup sponge customized?

The first thing you need to understand before using your makeup sponge customized is that sponges absorb, so the tip is to wet your sponge with water so that it absorbs water, not product.

Not wetting the sponge before applying the products is a common mistake of those who start using this item, so write it down so you don’t forget! In addition, the water will dilute the foundation or concealer a little, leaving the finish of your makeup more natural.

To help you make the most of what this object has to offer, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Moisten your sponge under the faucet and squeeze to remove excess water;

2. Apply the liquid product directly on the sponge or on the back of the hand, to gradually pick up the foundation;

3. Lightly tap the sponge on the skin to ensure a more natural effect;

4. Abuse the anatomical shape of the sponge to finish in the most difficult corners;

5. Then just go on with the rest of the makeup!

How to clean makeup sponge customized?

The makeup sponge can be stained with foundation, but you still need to wash it to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, as this item is in constant contact with water and your skin.

The most effective way to sanitize the sponge is with neutral detergent, the same one you wash dishes.

Put some dish soap in a microwave-safe container. Then, fill the pot with water, dip your makeup sponge customized in and stir to mix the water and detergent.

Then, microwave for 1 minute and then squeeze the sponge to remove all product remnants and other dirt. Ready! Then, just let the sponge dry in a well-ventilated area and, preferably, in the sun.

What is the sponge for?

You must be thinking that the illuminator is for illuminating, right? And yes, that’s basically it.

However, explaining this in a little more detail, this luminosity is directed to the highest points of our face to create volume.

This makes for a healthier and more powerful look to the makeup, with the level of this effect depending on the amount of product applied.

It may not even be noticed at first, but the extra shine it adds to the skin makes all the difference – no wonder it has so many fans out there!

Sponge x Bronzer

There are those who confuse these two products, but although there is makeup sponge customized with bronzer and sponge bronzer function – which is great, because we love a 2 in 1! – at first they are products with different purposes.

The bronzer serves mainly to give color, creating a more flushed, warm, tanned appearance. The illuminator does not always have a striking pigmentation, its texture is usually more translucent and its effect focused on shimmer.

These two products can also be combined or used in a complementary way to create contours to the face with highlights and shadows.

Types of Sponges

makeup sponge customized 2022

Like other beauty products, the illuminator also comes in different types, which vary according to the texture. The basic and most popular classification is among powder, liquid and cream makeup sponge customized. Take a look at the differentials and indications of each one:

Powder sponge

  • light texture
  • soft hold
  • easy to apply
  • ideal for oily skin
  • several options on the market

Liquid illuminator

  • yields a lot
  • power fixation and durability
  • spreads easy (take it easy! hehe)
  • super glow effect
  • ideal for dry skin

Creamy sponge

  • lasts for hours
  • very natural effect
  • more accurate application
  • ideal for dry or combination skin
  • serves as a primer for powder sponge

This certainly guides your choice better, right? But, at the end of the day, any makeup sponge customized is capable of lifting your makeup and it’s worth testing and betting on this product when you’re looking for this type of effect out there

How to use and where to apply the sponge?

Perhaps the most important topic of this article: after all, how to use the sponge, how much and where to apply it, what comes first, what effects are possible and (insert your other questions here)? We will answer all of this right away!

The makeup sponge is a super popular and beloved item, but there are also good old brushes that fulfill the same function. Are you from the brush team and want to better understand the function of each one of them?

How to apply sponge step by step

  1. Apply a small amount of product to the skin;
  2. Spread by tapping with your fingers, in liquids and creams, or with a brush, for the powder sponge;
  3. Blend for a more natural effect or better hold.

In the case of liquid or creamy sponges, you can still create layers if you want a more intense and lasting effect.

There is no ideal makeup sponge customized for all skins or for all people. When it comes to cosmetics, by the way, “it depends” is almost always the standard answer to this type of question.

But to choose the sponge of your dreams, you have to take two main things into consideration: texture and tone.

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