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How to clean makeup sponge blender factory easily?

2021.10.21 / By hqt

When we talk about makeup sponge blender factory, make-up brushes and sponges are among the fundamental elements of beauty to apply products on the face such as foundation, concealer, powder or blush. However, it is important for the health of your skin to keep these products clean and free of dirt.

makeup sponge blender factory

Thankfully, removing makeup residue from brushes and sponges isn’t such a difficult task. In fact, there are various methods of cleaning around the house that you can follow. Below we explain in detail what each of them consists of, as well as give you some tips and tricks.


Following are the some better ways to clean makeup sponge blender factory.


If you are wondering how to clean your makeup sponges, you should know that one of the most common methods is to use a lot of water and a detergent or liquid soap. To begin, moisten the sponge with water and apply enough liquid soap to lather. We recommend using a drop the size of a small coin.

You can use hand soap, shower gel, or whatever I commonly used for washing dishes. After making sure that the sponge has absorbed the soap, rinse it with lukewarm water and squeeze it to remove the excess. Repeat this step several times until the water begins to be clear. When this happens, squeeze the sponge well to let out all the liquid and let it air dry completely before you can use it again.

How to clean make-up sponges to make them look good as new


The method of cleaning your makeup sponge blender factory and sponges with a bar of soap is exactly the same as the previous one. Wet the sponge with lukewarm water, moisten the bar of soap and rub it well against the sponge to allow the product to absorb well, and then rinse it. Repeat this step until the water is clean and free of dirt.


The sponges can also be cleaned with olive oil to remove makeup residues without problems. The only things you need to do is mix a spoonful of liquid soap with one of olive oil in a bowl and then dip the sponge into it.

Make sure it absorbs the products well, then rinse with plenty of warm water until it returns to its original color and finally let it air dry on a clean towel. This method is one of the best methods to do at home.

Clean Makeup sponge blender factory in microwave

Washing your makeup sponge blender factory and sponges in the microwave is another very effective method. You can follow this method without any problems and it won’t take you long. However, you must be careful and follow the instructions carefully, as you may burn your sponge.

Simply place the sponge in a container of water that is suitable for use in the microwave and add some liquid soap. Dip the sponge into the mixture and make sure it absorbs it well. Then put the bowl in the microwave for one minute. When finished, wash it with plenty of water until there is no more dirt residue. And be careful because it will be hot!


The best thing you can do for proper care and cleaning of your makeup sponge blender factory is to follow these tips and tricks.  As for how often you have to clean your sponges, the recommendation is to wash them after each use, try to wash them at least once a week. And of course, don’t forget to change your sponge every 2-3 months for the well-being of your skin.

makeup sponge blender factory 2021

Whether you work for Hollywood productions, or you just want to look beautiful every day, with good makeup sponges you can achieve simply flawless skin. On the market you will find sponges that you can use wet or dry. The most hygienic are silicone sponges. Sponges come in different shapes, sizes and textures, which make some of them easier to use, while others require more effort.

How to choose the best makeup sponge?

We have tested different makeup sponge blender factory and read numerous reviews from makeup artists and beauty bloggers, and have created our selection of the best sponges. Therefore, based on the opinions of our testers and the opinions collected on the net, here is our ranking of the best make-up sponges to buy, for flawless make-up.


As loyal fans of all the makeup news, we have closely followed how Beauty Blender changed the entire makeup application process. Our foundation has never looked so good as when we first applied it with this sponge. A magical experience! Unsurprisingly, when we think of a makeup sponge blender factory, we always see Beauty Blender.

When we test new make-up accessories, we always compare the effects of what we get with this legend. Easily apply foundation of any texture. It not only reaches every part of the face, but also gives the natural effect of perfect skin. Furthermore, it only takes a few moments for application. Unfortunately, only experience will allow you to choose the best sponge for you.


Contrary to appearances, the porosity of the makeup sponge is an important factor in the choice. A good sponge should be absorbent but not too porous.

1. Must moisten the Makeup sponge blender factory before use

Unlike traditional makeup sponges, Makeup sponge blender factory needs to be moistened before applying makeup. The sponge absorbs water and retains moisture, becomes light and when applied to the face, creates a natural base. In addition, the Beauty blender can be used to penetrate deep into the skin with moisturizers, serums and other nutrients.

Sponge makeup sponge is very popular

2. Makeup sponge blender factory was formed in a special situation

 While taking a special effects class in makeup, expert Rea Ann Silva experimented with cutting the sponge into various shapes before perfectly shaping the foundation sponge that looks so trendy today. . Beauty blender was born from that and became the tool of choice for makeup artists and beauty believers.  

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