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How to apply makeup with makeup sponge blender customized?

2022.01.13 / By hqt

How to use makeup sponge: tips for skin preparation

makeup sponge blender customized

The preparation of the skin is one of the most important steps of makeup. The variety of products and accessories makes those passionate about make-up go crazy over the new ones for application. The makeup sponge blender customized has become one of the most used ways to apply skin products.

 Do you know how to use makeup sponge?

To be a diva without looking like you have a thousand layers of foundation on your skin, it is essential to learn the techniques and have the right tools.
Using a makeup sponge is a way to get a natural finish even on occasions when you need to “load” more products.
Foundation, concealer, blush, translucent powder, you can apply these and other items just with makeup sponge blender customized. Perfect isn’t it?!
So if you don’t know how to use a makeup sponge, keep reading and learn several tricks to use it!

GUIDE: How to use makeup sponge?

The makeup sponge comes in different shapes. The best known are the drop-shaped sponge and the one with a beveled base.
The main advantage of the sponge is to provide a more natural makeup on the skin and facilitate application, as the shape fits perfectly on the face.
Check out some tips on how to use makeup sponge

1. Need to wet the makeup sponge?

Many makeup artists recommend wetting the sponge before using it. That’s because with it wet there is not much product absorption.

When wetting the sponge, it absorbs water and doubles in size, also becoming more malleable.
So, you can squeeze the sponge to finish the concealer near the eye area and in the corners of the nose.
It’s okay to use the dry makeup sponge. It will just absorb more products. Some models are made with more rigid material and are better to wear wet.

When choosing your makeup sponge blender customized, feel the texture of the material and how malleable it is dry to choose one with quality material.

2. Apply makeup sponge blender customized with pats

Another important tip on how to use a makeup sponge blender customized is how to apply the product.
Unlike the types of brushes with which you drag the product on the skin, with the sponge you need to apply with little taps.
Foundation, concealer, blush, powder, all should be applied in this way, otherwise the products are “dragged” on the skin and do not give the desired coverage.

3. Enjoy the format

As we said at the beginning, the traditional shape of the sponge is that of a drop with a rounded base and a thin tip.

Makeup Sponge
This format offers precise application without leaving marks. It is suitable for foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter and creamy eyeshadow, creating a smoky effect.

With the sides and rounded base, it is easy to apply and finish the foundation all over the face. With the tip part, the concealer and highlighter stay exactly in place.

There is also the option of using a makeup sponge blender customized with a beveled base that is straight. With this model, it is easier to set the skin with powder, for example.

4. Apply liquid and powder products

Forgot your brushes and only have a little sponge? Do not freak out! You can use makeup sponge to apply powder products as well.

Powder products that are best applied with the sponge are:

  • compact powder;
  • translucent powder;
  • blush;
  • loose highlighter.

The dynamic of tapping also continues when applying these products. There are miniature versions of the sponge that help to make these details accurately.
In the case of eyeshadow, prefer to apply with your fingers in the absence of makeup sponge blender customized

makeup sponge blender customized 2022

Having a skincare routine is as important as having a physical sports routine, even more so if you, like us, love to use and abuse makeup on a daily basis! Therefore, taking the time to take care of your skin, using the right products and preserving a baby-looking face, which is every woman’s dream, is essential for our health and well-being. 

How to maintain skin care routine with makeup sponge blender?

However, one fact is that for skincare to work effectively, it is important that it is done correctly. That is, the procedure varies greatly depending on each skin type and its need. For oily skins the ritual is a while for drier skins the ritual is completely different, and so on! 

Given this, we invite most reliable dermatologist to share their opinion with you. This blog carries whole important information you need to know about makeup sponge blender customized.

This blog will give to you 3 essential tips for you to follow from now on in your skincare routine according to yours skin type. Come and see!


– Wash your face with soaps in gels that help control oiliness but are not too aggressive 

– Oily skin needs to be hydrated; the tip is to bet on the lighter ones with a serum, gel or fluid texture. 

– Invest in sunscreen and makeup with a dry/matte touch.


– Use soaps that are very mild and do not harm the skin (syndets).

– invest in more powerful moisturizers suitable for sensitive skin.

– Use more hydrating and preferably physical/mineral sunscreens.


– Micellar waters to help with cleaning and refreshing mists are a good choice.

– Antioxidants such as vitamin C help to reduce free radicals and slow down the aging process.

– Sunscreens in sticks are great for those who like sports, the ones with color have excellent coverage!

5. Clean your makeup sponge blender customized after use

We talk about wildcard tips on how to use makeup sponge blender customized, but cleaning it is just as important.
Even wet, the sponge absorbs some of the products and the accumulation in the fibers can accumulate mites and bacteria that can harm the skin.

Moisture can even proliferate fungi on the sponge and contaminate your makeup products.
Clean the sponge with mild soap under running water, gently squeezing the sponge in your hand.
Tip: do not rub so as not to damage the surface of the product or crack the sponge. 

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