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Is It Time to Replace Your OEM Beauty Puff? Or Simply Refresh it!

2021.09.21 / By hqt

Is It Time to Replace Your OEM Beauty Puff?

Having a fresh OEM beauty puff is always a great feeling because you know that your precious sponge is in its cleanest form there. There are no spots and no stains, but only the pure pink wow. But there is nothing that lasts a lifetime.

So at some point in time, you will have to replace your beauty puff blender with another one. However, you can improve the life of your product by following some useful techniques. It means that you can make its recycle time farther and keep enjoying the beauty puff for long.

OEM beauty puff

In this post, you’ll learn when you should deep clean your old beauty puff and when to replace it. We will also share some pro tips on how you can improve the lifespan of your beauty puff. It will help you save money by not buying beauty puffs too early and too often.

When to Refresh or Replace Your OEM Beauty Puff?

People often Google queries, such as when they should replace or refresh their beauty puffs. Here are different signs that can help you identify when you need to replace or when to consider deep cleaning your beauty puff.

Checking the Health of Your Beauty Puff

If you believe that your beauty puff is near its end, you should consider its health check. Usually, an OEM beauty puff would last three to six months. Its lifespan depends on the product quality as well as how you took care of the product. 

The best way to check the health of your sponge is when the season changes. After the arrival of the new season, consider checking your product. There might be more life remaining than what you believe. See how dirty the sponge is? Do you find tears and nicks or the product is just stained? See if it still has the symmetrical egg shape or there is a slight misshape?

If you notice any misshaping in your sponge, consider deep cleaning it before you toss it. Remember that you need clean tools for flawless application.

After a deep cleanse, you will notice that the sponge will bounce even more to pull out the leftover product. We recommend you use a damp beauty puff for the least absorption. The objective is to pull out the product on the skin, not on the sponge.

Important Tip

If you use dry beauty puffs without regular cleaning, it will more likely absorb the product. Consequently, the sponge will hold most of your product inside. It is not always possible to be around water or sink when touching the makeup with the sponge. It is why you must deep clean the sponge regularly to avoid buildup and grime.

After washing out old makeup puffs, you will most probably find out that there is more life left in the sponge. Additionally, regular cleaning will also improve the longevity of the OEM beauty puff.

Refreshing Beauty Puffs

You should use natural, vegan beauty puff cleansing formulas to remove buildup and grime. Conditioning your foam using sustainable palm and coconut oils will be helpful.

If you want to keep your product in extremely fine condition, you should clean it regularly. It may seem a little daunting thing, but doing this will help you get the best out of your beauty puff. If you have a tough schedule, you can clean it after a couple of days also. However, regular cleaning is important if you want to ensure ultimate freshness.

For multitasking, you can put several blenders into the bath using liquid beauty puff cleaner. Doing so will ensure blenders are in their pristine condition. You can try moving-friendly puff cleaners that help you scrub the sponge with a cleaning agent. For stubborn strains you can try a Charcoal cleanser that will remove the stains immediately.

You can also use spot cleaners for instant cleaning in a busy routine when you do not have the time to cleanse fully. It will work as a dry hair shampoo that dries too quickly, allowing you to switch between products quickly.

You must use top-quality cleansers for the best results. Before you buy any cleaning product, you should first go through its customer reviews.

Important Tip

If you want to enhance the life of your OEM beauty puff, keep it away from other makeup items in the bag. Keeping it with other makeup items in the bag can damage it and you may need to replace your product with the new one too often.

When to Recycle Your Beauty Puff?

As we mentioned already, you will have to replace your beauty puff a day when it becomes useless. Therefore, at some point in time, you will have to buy a new one. Your beauty puff must remain bouncy and cushy soft for the maximum time possible.

Remember that if you need an airbrushed finish and flawless, you must make sure the sponge is bouncy. When you notice that the sponge is no squishier, it is time to discard it. Just discard it and buy a new one.

It is you who have to decide when to refresh and when to replace your beauty puff by identifying its actual condition. Therefore, inspect your beauty puff for performance and replace or refresh it accordingly.


An OEM beauty puff is an essential item on your makeup list. It needs to be in a good shape to get a flawless finish. You can improve the longevity of your beauty puffs by considering regular cleaning and maintenance.

Follow the tips and suggestions we have discussed in this article for the prolonged life of your beauty puff. However, keep using a beauty puff after it has already lived its life will never produce desired results.

If you notice that it is still not giving great results even after cleansing, you should replace it. When buying a new beauty puff, you must invest in a high-quality product. Remember that low-quality beauty puffs will never pull out the entire product inside the bottle. Moreover, low-quality puffs will also deteriorate too early.

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