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Who is the inventor of the beauty blender?

2022.03.12 / By hqt

inventor of the beauty blender

Inventor of the beauty blender is Rea Ann Silva. But after creating the sponge 15 years ago, experts invented sponge variations, cleaning products, accessories?

Makeup, of course! This week they announced the arrival of Bounce, the foundation for beauty blender! The product is high coverage, has a matte finish and the idea is that it does not weigh down the skin too much, thanks to its mousse texture. Now what I thought was the coolest thing about the foundation was its unique packaging!

If you still haven’t found a blender to call your own, keep reading this post. Inventor of the beauty blender explains that it is an essential makeup item to get rid of that pale face look and make your skin look prettier and healthier. Applying a little blender on the cheekbones is enough to give a touch of health and a grace to the look.

What does Inventor of the beauty blender tell about skin tone?

This skin tone is the one that suffers the most from solar radiation, as melanin production is low. This skin type also tends to age earlier, as it is more susceptible to sun damage. If you have this skin type, never go out without sun protection, and don’t forget to reapply as needed. The advantage of those with fair skin is that it tends to have less oil than others.

For those with fair skin, the ideal shades of blenders are rosy (but not too bubblegum pink, otherwise you’ll look like Barbie!), and peaches, which give your cheeks a healthy look.

Yellow skin and olive

The skin with a yellowish (and/or greenish) background is a characteristic of the Latin and Asian biotypes. People with this skin type tend to have dark hair and eyes, and tan easily without burning. If you have this type of skin, invest in Inventor of the beauty blender.

Inventor of the beauty blender for Brown Skin

inventor of the beauty blender 2022

Those with dark skin have more protection against ultraviolet radiation, the main responsible for skin aging; however, it is more susceptible to complications after more invasive dermatological treatments.

Even with more resistant skin, you who have this type of skin should not forget about basic care, such as using daily sunscreen. The ideal blender is in any shade of brown and terracotta, including bronzers. Pink blenders on this skin type look very makeup and unnatural.

Black skin

This skin type naturally has more tonicity than white skins; however it is usually mixed or oily and is prone to acne and blackheads. You can use any shade, as long as you can build it up for it to appear on your skin. Inventor of the beauty blender explains that blenders that appear the most are the reddish ones (cherry and/or wine), violets and browns, which stand out positively on black skin..

In this post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about one of the essential accessories in your vanity case: the beauty blender or makeup sponge, from what they are and how to use them to how to clean them. Whether you’re a beauty blender pro or a beginner, you’re sure to learn something new!

What are Beauty Blenders?

Beauty Blenders are the same as makeup sponges. That is, they are small sponges that can be used to spread a specific product. Normally, they are usually used to spread the makeup base on the face, but you can use them with any product.

 According to Inventor of the beauty blender, they have different designs, colors and surfaces. You can use each surface depending on the product you want to put on and the area… but we will talk more about that in the following sections.

Do you have to wet the beauty blenders before using them?

Well yes! Many of us forget this step because we think that “wetting” it with the makeup base is enough. However, it is important that the beauty blender is a bit damp – you can moisten it with a little tap water, hot springs or even your usual toner.

 Remember, they have to be a little wet, they don’t have to drip. Also, the fact that they are moistened will make them bigger and much softer. If you don’t moisten them, nothing happens either, but try it to see if you like it better that way.

How and how often should you clean a beauty blender?

It is very easy to clean the beauty blender. You just need water and a little soap. You can clean it once a week. It all depends on how much you use it. Be very careful when washing them.

Do not scratch them with your finger as they can break. Clean them by gently facing them under the tap and with a little soap. If you want a deeper clean for your makeup sponge, we recommend that you use a brush cleaner like the ones we recommend below.

How can I use a beauty blender?

For the best makeup application with the beauty blender, try dabbing it on your skin. You can put the product you are going to use in the sponge directly or in the palm of your hand and take it from there. The flatter surface of the Beauty Blender is often used to blend large areas of skin.

For Inventor of the beauty blender, the flat end of some beauty blenders is ideal for around the eyes and nose. You can also use the pointed area for smaller areas or those that require more precision.

When should I replace my beauty blender?

We recommend that you change your beauty blender when you see that it has cracks and is breaking. If anything every 3 months, but as we said before, this all depends on how often you use it. You can buy beauty blenders in sets of 4 to save money and not have to buy a new one after 3 months.

It may not be the most glamorous task, but waxing can be an important part of our beauty routine. There are a lot of myths about the do’s and don’ts, so here’s everything you need to know about shaving, waxing, and even laser hair removal at home.

The different types of hair removal

If you decide to get rid of body hair, there are plenty of waxing options to choose from. We are going to break down the pros and cons of each of them so you can decide what suits you and find the best products.

1. Shaving

Shaving is probably the most common form of hair removal. Most of us have probably picked up a razor at some point.


  • It’s affordable. Shaving is relatively cheap, with the cost of razors and shaving cream being all you need.
  • Ease. It is one of the fastest and easiest forms of hair removal, and almost anyone can do it.
  • Painless If you’re careful not to cut your skin, you shouldn’t feel a thing.

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