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Who is the inventor of beauty blender? Ultimate guide 

2022.02.23 / By hqt

Who is the inventor of beauty blender?

inventor of beauty blender

Inventor of beauty blender, common for afro hairstyles, the object is essential to create the effect he calls dread, a hairstyle that has made the heads of men and women alike. — The sponge makes the hair stylish, as if it were a dreadlock, but with a natural effect and super easy to do — he says.

Obviously try to use sponges or any other accessory that is always clean and dry.

A common mistake is to wash it with each use, you understand that washing it daily does not have time to dry and this causes mold inside.

The solutions of inventor of beauty blender!

Try not to smudge inventor of beauty blender, in fact many mistakenly use it to spread the foundation. This should not be done, use it only to blend it, you will see that it will not need to be washed every time.

Arm yourself with more sponges, use them during the week and then. Moreover, you can wash them all together periodically. It is the most hygienic system.

The ideal washing mode is simple, soak (this time you have to) the sponges in warm water and neutral soap and then rinse them well until they have no more makeup residues and traces of foam.

How to wash beauty blender?

After washing them you have to take care of the drying, this is an important step, I do this:

if it is summer I close them in a towel folded in two and hang the towel itself with the sponges inside the rope to hang the laundry in the open air (fold the towel so that the sponges do not fall). If I can’t put them to dry in the open air, I put a small towel on a surface and leave them there but without closing them;

Who is the best inventor of beauty blender? If it is winter I close them in a towel and put them near the radiator, not on top it could be too hot and ruin them. Whichever method you choose, the important thing is that they have “air”. Do not place them on plastic, do not close them in boxes, and do not leave them in humid environments.

How to keep beauty blender?

Finally I want to give you a tip to keep them, even if they are dry I don’t like to keep them in closed containers, I prefer to put them in a small cotton bag.

Even if you take great care of them and have never had any particular problems, always remember to change them periodically.

In these days when all the activities begin to gain momentum, and the climate, between a shower and the other, begins to get hot, I see around me a renewed desire to go out, get back to being beautiful, and learn new professional advice to avoid make-up mistakes.

In the last few weeks, in the meantime, I have been deepening my studies of aesthetic psychology, which I will talk about better in the coming times! My face-to-face make-up courses have also resumed, naturally in compliance with the anti Covid health protocol.

How to use beauty blender?

For some time I had promised myself to dedicate an article to the most common mistakes in make-up, which I have continued to see for years, among ordinary people met during my lessons, or simply crossed over on the street.

I would definitely say to pay attention to the inventor of beauty blender! Often they are unnatural and even vulgar, as well as not fully enhancing your beauty.

Better to focus on the details, and take care of them in the best possible way!

Face make-up errors

inventor of beauty blender 2022

The first mistake that comes to mind concerns the foundation: never overdo the quantity! Better to put a little (suitable for your skin type) by choosing the right shade (avoid rosé if you don’t have very light skin), which blends naturally with the complexion color.

Among the frequent make-up mistakes there is also the wrong use of the inventor of beauty blender,  often layered in excess and applied after the foundation. I always recommend applying it first, to better correct discoloration of the skin around the eyes, sides of the nose, or sides of the mouth.

Important tips using Beauty Blender

Also avoid wild contouring, you risk digging or changing the natural features of the face, in a theatrical way. If you are not able, it is better to skip this step and switch to powder to set the makeup.

Often the loose powder is not common at all or on the contrary, common in the compact version and in excess. A neat and lasting base requires at least a fixing with a veil of loose powder! The brush application is suitable for skins that do not have particular imperfections and mature skin that should not be weighed down with make-up.

Among the frequent make-up mistakes there is also the use of bronzing powder applied immediately after applying the moisturizer: a mottled face is guaranteed! Always better apply a light layer of neutral transparent face powder first.

How to use beauty blender like a professional?

For the inventor of beauty blender, avoid applying it everywhere: the metallic one risks underlining the imperfections and volumes of the face incorrectly. If in doubt, choose it in the creamy (softer) version instead of pearly powder which gives a flash effect!

Eye makeup errors

Avoid plucking your eyebrows too much (even big ones) because you risk eliminating a precious frame in your eyes! Better to rely on an expert, the first few times, then remove at home, day by day, some hair of regrowth, in order to keep the eyebrow arch always in order. Do not distance them too much, because the gaze risks being anonymous.

Be careful not to create the “square” effect in the initial part of the eyebrow, it hardens the expression on your face too much. For the filling avoid the use of the pencil if you are not good, and thicken them with an oblique brush and matte eye shadow of a tone lighter than the hair.

Summary: inventor of beauty blender

For the blush, pay attention to the inventor of beauty blender. It should be applied in an ascending way, from the center of the face towards the temples! It is important to shake off the excess powder from the brush before rotating it, with light movements, on the cheekbone.

The residue of blush, left inside the bristles, is sufficient to shade the tip of the nose (if it is long), the jaw (if the face is too square), the chin (if it is protruding), the chin (to slim down a big face), and the forehead (if it is too large).

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