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How to use beauty blender? Best guide for Beginners 

2022.05.11 / By hqt

How to use beauty blender

How to use beauty blender? There are many types of sponges on the market, with different prices. Choose to buy something soft to avoid hurting your delicate facial skin.

There are 2 types of sponges: white foam and activated carbon ones. Sponges with activated carbon will help remove excess oil on the face, absorb toxins, and have a deeper cleaning effect.

How to use sponge

  • Wet face and sponge
  • Put the cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to create lather and then apply to the face.
  • Use a wet sponge, squeeze with cleanser, massage in a spiral according to the gentle principle like massaging the face for 5 minutes.
  • Wash your face with water.

How to use a sponge to deep clean your face?

Do not use facial sponges too often because the surface of the skin has a natural oil layer to balance moisture, pH and bacteria on the skin, losing the natural protective layer, making the skin sensitive. It is sensitive and prone to acne.

Use white sponge once a day after going out or to remove makeup. For activated carbon sponge every 2, 3 days. After use, should apply more body whitening cream or lotion for the skin to effectively care for the skin, avoid drying the skin.

How to use beauty blender? The Beauty blender, also known as the facial sponge, is a multi-purpose beauty tool that is gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. As a beauty buff, you no doubt know that you can apply makeup with a sponge. But what about washing your face with a sponge? Learn how to use a face wash in the article below!

How to use beauty blender 2022

Made from the natural konjac root (a porous textured plant that grows in Asia), the beauty blender was first created as a tool for Japanese farmers to clean the skin of children. Newborn baby, so using a facial sponge is a gentler way to exfoliate dead or dry skin in your daily facial cleansing routine.

How to use konjac face wash sponge?

Beauty blenders harden as they dry, so you can simply soak them in warm water for a minute to soften them before using.

How to use beauty blender? The different colors of the Beauty blender mean that the active ingredients added to the sponge are also different. For example, a classic black or dark gray sponge with activated bamboo charcoal, a green sponge with antibacterial green tea, and a red sponge with added ingredients. red clay composition. The options are endless!

How to use facial sponge properly?

Much more than your typical facial cleanser, Beauty blenders have a multitude of benefits. Skincare expert explains how to get the most out of this simple and “modest” looking sponge.

Use twice a day

How to use beauty blender? Facial cleansing sponge has the ability to clean and exfoliate your face in one simple step, leaving you with smooth and radiant skin, without causing any harsh irritation like when exfoliating die by granular physics. You can use the facial sponge twice a day for a gentle cleanse in the morning and a double cleanse in the evening.

Charlotte Connoley shares that she gets into the habit of using a white facial cleansing sponge in the morning to wake up her skin and remove the remnants of the night before.

In the evening, Charlotte Connoley continues to choose a white sponge to remove makeup and uses a black sponge supplemented with bamboo charcoal to clean and rebalance the skin.

Use with water or your favorite cleanser

When you first use the Beauty blender, it has a pretty firm and tight texture that makes you really feel like you don’t want to use it on your skin. The first step of using a facial sponge is to fill the sink with warm water and submerge the sponge for a minute or so, until it hydrates, expands, and becomes soft.

How to use beauty blender? After gently squeezing out all the water, the cleansing sponge is ready to use. You can choose to use or not use cleansers with Beauty blenders because they are really effective even when used with water alone.

However, for those of you who prefer a double cleanse, you can start with your favorite cleanser and use the sponge to gently wash all over your face, then rinse the sponge and rinse face a second time with clean water.

The cleansing sponges are so “gentle”, you can even use them on your eyes to remove eye makeup without causing any irritation to this delicate skin.

Use circular motions

How to use beauty blender? Use light circular motions all over your face to push and remove everyday makeup and dirt. Don’t be afraid to actually move the sponge to sensitive areas to make sure the makeup is completely removed.

Rinse the sponge between each use, and then use on face with clean water to complete your double cleansing routine.

Squeeze gently and let dry

After you complete the steps in the double cleaning process, rinse the sponge and then gently squeeze to squeeze out any water. Hang up the cleansing sponge and let it dry – absolutely don’t leave it on the sink!

Replace after six weeks

How to use beauty blender? Beauty blenders are a natural material, so they will start to biodegrade over time. If you take care of your sponge properly, its use will last for about six to eight weeks, but experts recommend replacing a new facial sponge every six weeks to ensure a healthy skin. Your skin is always clean and healthy.

Use on your face and body

Beauty blenders are the ultimate beauty accessory, the secret weapon of many women when it comes to body care. Soak your sponge in water and take it with you when you shower, use on areas of very dry, flaky or acne-prone skin for a deep clean and effective exfoliation.

Another reason why many women prefer to use Beauty blenders is that they do not transfer any harmful chemicals into the body. You can also use a facial sponge to exfoliate your elbows, ankles, knees, and upper arms.

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