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How to Prevent Your Customize Cosmetic Puff from Getting Moldy

2021.10.01 / By hqt

Preventing the Mold to Take Over your Beauty Blender

We all can collectively agree that the customize cosmetic puff or popularly known as beauty blender is the best makeup tool to exist. It gives your skin a flawless look, even if you are wearing a lot of foundation. That’s just how it is, it gives you non streaky, non cakey, skin like foundation look. Who wouldn’t love that? I’m all for the flawless complexion!

However, there are still some complaints about these sponges, what type of complaints are they? The complains that we have seen online are mostly all the same, that is that the mold is growing on the surface or the inside of some people’s cosmetic puff. Why is this happening, and what can we do to prevent our customized cosmetic puff from getting moldy? That’s all what this article is about.


Why and how do customize cosmetic puffs get Moldy?

we are sure that most of the people who have complained about moldy cosmetic puffs do not take care of their cosmetic puffs. Dirty and humid cosmetic sponges are bound to get moldy. If you don’t wash end clean your cosmetic puff then they are bound to get moldy.

Another reason why the customer’s cosmetic puffs can get moldy is when they are not dried properly. If you keep your wet cosmetic bath in a closed space, like a box. You are not giving your sponge the time to dry, that’s why mold is growing in it. If you don’t want mold to grow on your customized cosmetic path then you need to properly clean and dry it.

Since light air is imperative for th heatlh of your sponge, therefore we recommend that to give it sometime out in the air before putting it back in the box. 

How to prevent mold growth inside the customize cosmetic puff?

Now that you have learned the reason why mold grows on your cosmetic puffs, it’s time to learn how you can prevent mold growth.

Wash and Clean thoroughly

The first step is to clean your sponge. A dirtier sponge is more likely to get moldy compared to one that is clean. Therefore, our first step is to clean our cosmetic puff on a regular basis. Even though it is advised to clean and wash your cosmetic path every day after you use it, but not everyone follows this rule. However, you should at least wash your cosmetic puff once every week.

it is very easy and simple to wash and clean you customize cosmetic puff. You don’t need to invest in an expensive beauty blender cleanser, which if you want you can buy it but there are other more affordable options as well. You can use a mild shampoo, or a cleanser, or a bar soap to clean your customize cosmetic puff.

Cleaning Steps

The steps to cleaning are very easy. First, wet your cosmetic puff thoroughly. When you wet it you will notice a lot of product coming out of it just with the use of water. Thoroughly squeeze out this dirty water from your sponge. then apply a small amount of either cleanser or mild shampoo, then rub gently. Rob and squeeze gently for a long time, until the sponge is clean, focus on the dirtier parts.  And after that wash again with water thoroughly until the soapiness of the sponge is gone.

If you are going to use bar soap, then wash and squeeze the sponge under running water thoroughly. Some of the products will come out just with the water only. After that rub your sponge against the bar soap from all sides thoroughly, don’t be too harsh though. Then video hand squeeze and rub gently on The Dirty parts until you feel it clean. Then wash with water until the soapiness is gone.

Dry it properly

Now that you have washed your cosmetic buff it’s time for you to dry it. As mentioned above, never store your wet sponge in an airtight container. This is the main reason for mold growth on your make up sponge. Therefore, you need to let your sponge air dry properly before you store it anywhere. Let it sit out in the open for sometime. For better results, leave your sponge out overnight. Thus, eliminating all chances of wetness in it.  


When it comes to storing cosmetics puff there are many options. some people like to keep their cosmetic buff on their dressing table or vanity, others like to put it in box or makeup bags. We recommend that you do not squish them in your makeup bag with a lot of other stuff. 


Put them in a separate container and then put them in your makeup bag. A separate container could be anything a small plastic or clothes bag, or the plastic packaging that it came in. We will advise you to store your cosmetic puff in a mesh breathable bag or organza bag, and then put it in your makeup box or bag. you want to keep it on your vanity then you can use egg holders or candle holders as well, they look very pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

Customize cosmetic puff

Now you have learned why mold grows on your sponge. No, you also know how to prevent more growth and how to clean your cosmetic sponge. Therefore, make sure to follow these steps and take care of your customized cosmetic puffs. If you are interested in buying premium quality customized cosmetic puffs, then check out our website.

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