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How to Ensure that an OEM Makeup Sponge Beauty Blender Does Not Cause a Breakout

2021.09.24 / By hqt

After the invention of red lipstick in the world of makeup, an OEM makeup sponge blender is the most sought-after invention. From starters to makeup artists and even celebrities, these egg-shaped sponges are a go-to makeup tool. Why?

Because a makeup sponge blender blends the foundation flawlessly into your skin, making contouring straightforward. However, improper care of your makeup sponge will cause more bad than good. You must ensure that your makeup sponge beauty blender stays problem-free in the long run.

This article covers expert tips and suggestions from experts on how to take proper care of a makeup sponge blender. If you want to ensure the prolonged life of your sponge, this article should prove helpful.

Taking Care of an OEM Makeup Sponge Blender

Taking proper care of your OEM makeup sponge blender is important for many reasons. First, it is essential for a longer lifespan of the sponge blender. Secondly and more importantly, a clean makeup sponge is important to make sure that it doesn’t produce harm to your skin. Here is how you can take care of your makeup sponge blender.

1. Regular Cleaning of Your Makeup Blender

You might say that cleaning a makeup sponge blender after every single use is a daunting task. However, it is much easier than it looks. Makeup sponge blenders get wet after every use. Cleansing the sponge before using it would make sure that it doesn’t become a reason for breakouts.

When you use a makeup sponge, it collects bacteria and dead cells from your skin. If you are susceptible to breakouts, you are likely to get an infection with dirty sponges.

If the daily routine doesn’t allow you to clean the sponge daily, you should purchase two sponges. Having multiple sponges will allow you to use one sponge while others are drying. After some days, ideally a month, you can discard both sponges.

2. Dry Sponge in Its Packaging

If you put a damp makeup sponge in your makeup bag, it will lead to mold or blemishes. Germs find the inside part of your cosmetics bag as a place to hide and no ventilation also results in the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, you can use the sponge container to dry your makeup sponge after every use before you put it into your bag. When the sponge is damp, you should keep it on the canister top. Once it is completely dry, it will go inside the canister.

3. Soak the Makeup Sponge Overnight

Just before you go to sleep, let your OEM makeup sponge blender soak into the cleansing water. If there are rigid stains, mix a little amount of cleanser with water and soak overnight.

You can use gentle, but high-quality cleaners to soak your sponge for the best result. In the morning, squeeze the sponge blender a few times and it will again be ready for use.

Here, it is essential that you must use top-quality cleanser agents if you want to obtain optimal results. This technique will save you a lot of time also. You can make it a habit if you have a tough daily routine.

4. Use a Highly Solid Cleanser for Removing Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, stains are so rigid that you cannot remove them with ordinary methods or simple cleansing agents. A high-quality liquid cleanser is a popular choice to keep the makeup kit clean.

If you require something tougher, you should look for a solid cleanser that is made to remove stubborn stains. You can look for a bar soap with silicon pads made using ridges. These soaps are an ideal choice when you want to perform a deep and gentle makeup sponge cleaning.

5. Don’t Try Crazy Hacks

On the internet, you will find many crazy hacks to effectively deep clean makeup sponge blenders. Someone would say the microwave can kill bacteria, which is not at all an effective method of cleaning a makeup sponge.

Doing this will not remove or reduce the oils and debris on your sponge. Microwaving can potentially destroy bacteria and such organisms, but it would not affect some.

Someone may also suggest you clean your makeup sponge with alcohol. It is another hack doing rounds on the internet. Keep in mind that alcohol is known for sanitization purposes, but using harsh liquids can damage makeup sponges.

In fact, there are many such hacks available on the internet. Instead of trying those hacks, regular and proper cleaning of the OEM makeup sponge blender is all that you need. Therefore, never trust any hacks on the internet.

When to Buy a New Makeup Sponge Blender?

If you notice mold or black spots even after cleaning the sponge with a reliable cleaner, it might be time to buy a new sponge. Remember that a makeup sponge is not for life like all other things.

Over time, it will get dirt and oil and will become useless at some point in time. If you keep using a dirty sponge blender with black spots or mold, it will produce harm to your skin.

Therefore, it is much better to buy a new sponge if you love your skin. When purchasing new sponges, you should pay attention to the sponge quality. Your skin is so sensitive and you will never want to damage it with low-quality products.

OEM makeup sponge blender


Makeup sponges are one of the essential tools in a makeup kit for every makeup enthusiast and professional. However, these sponges catch dirt and bacteria with every use. If you keep using makeup sponges without proper cleaning, after every use, it will damage your skin.

You should keep your OEM makeup sponge blender clean by following the tips and suggestions share above. But, there will be a time when you will have to purchase new makeup sponges and discard older ones.

Discarding your old, dirty sponges in a timely manner and buying new ones is highly critical. We advise that you should always invest in high-quality makeup sponges for the most optimal result.

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