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How is OEM cosmetic puff effective for oily skins?

2021.10.07 / By hqt

Oily skin is considered the most acne-prone and difficult to take care of. Most of the people who inbox me ask me for advice on having oily skin and having a lot of skin problems. But don’t hesitate to ask why it is “rich” for you with such a difficult and tired skin to take care of. Use OEM cosmetic puff.

OEM cosmetic puff

Oily skin will age slower than other skin, if you know how to take care and keep your skin clean and beautiful, all problems will be solved. In this article, I will help you better understand the oily skin care process to help clean skin, and not be miserable anymore!!

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A few lines of confidants; OEM cosmetic puff

I’m also an oily skin type, this blog I founded with my brother in 2018 but from the beginning of 2019 I really took the time to write articles in a “mindful & easy-to-read” way. OEM cosmetic puff helped me deal my issue.

Everyone has acne, there are times when I have a lot of acne, I go to Spa, go to beauty salons, use cosmetics, … but the results of acne disappear. Most of your inbox to my fan page and ask me for help with acne with questions like “how do I get rid of my acne? I don’t know how to answer, so I have to say a few of my views as follows:

Reasons for acne; OEM cosmetic puff

Acne has many causes, if you want to get rid of acne you need to find a way to overcome the cause of acne. If you have oily skin, the most common cause of acne is oily skin that produces too much oil, along with dirt, which makes it easy to clog pores and form acne. If you want to get rid of acne, you need to deal with this situation.

Why I recommend OEM cosmetic puff?

I also never claim that this product (OEM cosmetic puff), that product is 100% effective. Ineffective use of cosmetics is normal, and the products I recommend & advise you are all based on knowledge and experience to give you an opinion, so it is only personal.

 And no one claims that the product is 100% effective for the skin, because each person is unique. What I want to tell you is that you need to learn more knowledge about skincare for your skin, maybe sometimes the knowledge I share with you is not necessarily 100% right for you, because it is true for me and many cases. just different.

Points to be considered for OEM cosmetic puff

Skin care is a daily, regular, and extremely important thing. Do add OEM cosmetic puff to it; to get rid of acne, you need to have a proper skin care process, not just using a cleanser to clear up acne, using every acne cream to get rid of acne. If you are wondering why from childhood to adulthood.

 You have not used anything, but your skin is still beautiful, but recently, acne has emerged so much. The answer is that acne is formed on your skin. Because of bad changes inside you, or because you reach puberty, your body excretes more than other stages of your life

Impacts of excessive secretions on acne

When excessive secretion leads to easy clogging of pores and easy acne formation. At this point, you must have cleared a part, right, and here I will give you a basic skin care process. I still have more intensive skin care routines. But since I don’t have enough time to write, I’ll see you in another post! OEM cosmetic puff will fix it for you.

Skin care routine for oily skin; OEM Cosmetic puff

Don’t try to sleep in for a few more minutes every morning, wake up about 30 minutes earlier. Spend that time taking care of your face thoroughly before stepping out on the street. Here are the most basic steps of a skin care routine that you should follow, especially for oily skin ladies.

List of steps for flawless skin care routine

At night is the time when the skin releases a lot of sebum, moreover, dust and bacteria from the pillowcase that you touch your face can spread to and “annoy” you. Therefore, washing your face early in the morning will help clean your face. And limit the inflammation of clogged pores.

Washing face with water is right but not enough, cleanser has long become a very popular cosmetic, indispensable for every girl. You need to pay attention to choose a face wash and shift to OEM cosmetic puff that suits your skin characteristics. A little tip, if your skin is dry, you should choose a gentle product, without bleaching beads.

What to do for oily and normal skin?

For oily or normal skin, you can choose a gel cleanser with beads inside to help gently exfoliate. In addition, currently on the market, there are a few types of cleansing cosmetics. That can replace facial cleansers very well, such as soap or face wash powder. Try to experience new products if you are already “bored” of traditional facial cleanser.

Role of toner in the skincare routine; OEM cosmetic puff

OEM cosmetic puff 2021

You need to use toner or rose water to balance moisture for the skin. Toner will help you balance the pH at the most ideal level (from 5.4 – 5.9). So that harmful microorganisms will be destroyed and good microorganisms for the skin can thrive. OEM cosmetic puff don’t have harmful materials.

In addition, Toner will help clean deep inside the skin, remove the residue left deep in the pores that the cleanser has not washed away. This not only makes your skin absorb nutrients from the cream better, but also helps prevent acne and tighten pores.

Conclusion on OEM cosmetic puff

Do not rush to complain because the skin care process is so “problematic”, so troublesome. Because it is often said that “naturally beautiful, but not naturally beautiful”. Moreover, the use of skin care products should not pay much attention to the price. Go for product like OEM cosmetic puff that provides you value.

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