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Everything That You Need To Know About Cosmetic Blender

2021.08.24 / By hqt

Understanding the Cosmetic Blender Magic

A rise in cosmetic blender popularity has grabbed the attention of all beauty bloggers and makeup brands alike. For centuries women have been improvising their makeup application techniques. We have come a long way from using flat stones to actual beauty blenders for product application.

These compact and yet highly useful sponges are the golden gateway towards the perfect foundation. Millennials have recently given in to the idea of glass skin. Having glass skin is by no means an easy task.

Hence, a suitable low coverage foundation coupled with a soft makeup cosmetic sponge can definitely give the impression of glass skin. Beauty sponges have changed the game when it comes to product application.

Cosmetic blenders are available in all colors, sizes, and even shapes. The myriad of choices at affordable value favors both beginners and makeup gurus. Beauty blenders reduce the time take during blending and offer an airbrushed finish.

Moreover, intelligent design focuses on all parts of your face. The cosmetic beauty blender is equally useful for contouring, blending, and baking. There is no solid set of rules when it comes to using the sponge.

Since every skin type and shape is different, you must establish your own methods of using the blender. Patchy foundation can make your look dull no matter how many times you try to layer it on. We understand the crucial balance between blending therefore we will dive deeper into the cosmetic sponge world.

Why the Cosmetic Blender Earns a Spot in Your Makeup Box

 The cosmetic blender has proved its reliability time and again. Other face tools include foundation brushes, paper applicators, and even fingers. Everyone knows how rare it is to find the perfect foundation shade and that too at a low price.

You cannot afford to lose that precious foundation during application. Notice how a significant portion of the foundation is left on the applicator whenever you dab it on. On the other hand, the cosmetic sponge absorbs minimal product. The makeup sponge holes are already filled to the brim because of the water. It will not absorb the product and will instead confine it to the surface.

Moreover, a little goes a long way with the beauty blender. A single pump can offer the same coverage as a beauty blender compared to a brush. Beauty blenders do not interfere in building the foundation but instead blend it evenly.

We dread that cakey foundation look that showcases all our flaws. You can shift between minimal to full coverage with a blender without it looking unnatural.

Some foundations tend to oxidize as soon as you leave them on your skin. The beauty blender efficiently spreads out all the foundation before it dries. A dry foundation can cause irritation and flakiness.

An easy test is to use a beauty blender on one side of your face and your fingers on the other. The side with the beauty blender will showcase fewer pores, use less foundation and offer uniform coverage.

cosmetic blender

The Highs of using a Silicone Cosmetic Blender

The viral egg-shaped pink beauty blender became a worldwide sensation at one point. That pink beauty blender is a perfect example of the basic beauty blender however even those have advanced now. A silicone cosmetic blender is transparent.

The blender itself looks beautiful. Silicone beauty blenders took the internet by storm once again for their unique cut and ravishing look. These blenders absorb little to non-foundation and offer super flexibility. You can twist and turn the blender all you want without scratching it a bit.

The silicone beauty blenders are not only beautiful to look at but they make makeup application more fun. The rain and Charles silicone beauty blenders last longer than the normal beauty blenders on average.

These versatile blenders were made with the intention to reduce waste. That noble cause deserves some extra points for blenders. The microfiber sponges such as the ones from the rain and Charles come in personalized designs.

The teardrop beauty blenders are efficient for areas under the eye. Velvet beauty blenders work well with sensitive skin moreover large bevel blenders make contouring easier.

How to Use the Cosmetic Beauty Blender Properly?

Cosmetic blenders do not arrive with a handbook on how to use them however we have established some common methods. A golden rule for using the beauty blender includes wetting the blender.

Never applies the beauty blender directly to your face. The course blender will absorb too much of your product thus delivering sad results. Wet the sponge under a steady flow of water until it doubles in size. The size of the blender is equivalent to how much the blender absorbs.

In addition, do not forget to squeeze the blender. Squeezing the blender releases all the excess water and now the blender is ready to work. Dab small amounts of liquid product to your face or on the blender directly.

Slowly work up the foundation all over your face and take your time with it. For contouring and setting the under eyes, we recommend you use the sharper part of the blender. Separate the blenders according to their use.

Furthermore, if you have oily or acne-prone skin do not share your beauty blender with others. Wash your blender with an anti-bacterial spray after every week.

Washing the cosmetic blender will not impact its efficacy at all. There is no point in trying to use a one-time blender again and again since it only adds to the congestion in your face. Makeup sponges are also not suitable for removing makeup.

Comodo Velvet Gourd Cutting Makeup Sponge Small

Take Away

Do not take any chances when it comes to choosing products for your skin We encourage patch tests before slathering your face with a new product. Find out the combination that works best for your skin type.

Matters of the skin require the best of attention. Try out different beauty blenders and figure out which one works the best for you. What might flatter others should not necessarily make your list.

For further information about the cosmetic blender types and qualities, have a look at our website.

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