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2022 Best DIY Beauty Blender Cleaner Tips 

2022.02.25 / By hqt

DIY Beauty Blender Cleaner

Foam, serum, essence, toner or vice versa! It often seems to us that there is nothing special in the beauty routine, but the results of care are not particularly encouraging. Take our diy beauty blender cleaner test and find out if you are taking care of your skin right or if you need to urgently change your skin care strategy.

Which of these ingredients will help whiten the skin and deal with pigmentation?

  • Collagen, chamomile, aloe
  • Seaweed, citrus, pink clay

You are just immersing yourself in the world of beauty novelties and mastering the basics of skin care. Retinol, vitamin C, snail mucin – all this tells you little. But it’s time to fix it! Learn the beauty alphabet of “Girlfriends”, memorize the main active ingredients from Asia and replenish your cosmetic bag with a couple of diy beauty blender cleaner. We guarantee you will be pleased with the result.

The Beauty Industry Loves diy beauty blender cleaner

You look like Andy Sachs at the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada. What does it say? You have little knowledge of the beauty industry.

But we can fix it! If the main character managed to turn from an intern into a fashion guru, then you can handle it too. To start learning the basics of multi-step skin care, determine your type and condition of the epidermis, and then proceed to the choice of products. You will notice that in a couple of days the skin will thank you with a radiant look.

Advanced diy beauty blender cleaner

Use diy beauty blender cleaner with toner after washing? Certainly you should use sunscreen before going out? You already know quite a lot about what your skin likes, and you choose caring cosmetics in the store for one or two.

 But ingredients like snake peptide and sanghwang mushroom still baffle you. The same goes for the “anti-age” label on products for young skin. We advise you to keep up with the beauty evolution and follow the trends more often. Then you will keep your skin young longer, and you will not miss cool new items.

If the school taught not chemistry, but the creation of cosmetics, you would have a confident five. Even the most meticulous filmmakers would envy your ability to understand the compositions, and organic fans would ask you to check their favorite cosmetics for “clean” formulas. So you can safely start your beauty blog.

Home beautician Tips to use diy beauty blender cleaner

DIY Beauty Blender Cleaner 2022

Congratulations! You have reached unreal heights in the exploration of the beauty universe and now you can compete even with professionals. Your skin is gorgeous regardless of visits to the beautician.

This is because you know all the tricks of DIY (do it yourself) care and never neglect cleansing, moisturizing and timely detox. But do not relax and keep looking at RainandCharles: there will always be unusual novelties that will take skin care to a new level.

Differences between foundation and sponge

Foundation comes as the second step in makeup after applying primer. Its main goal is to even out the tone. It is applied to the entire face and, if required, to the neck. The cream is only available in nude shades, has a light texture and cannot be lighter or darker than the skin by more than two shades.

Sponge is the third step, but can move to the very beginning if a primer or foundation is not used in makeup. Sponge makeup is designed for spot application and masking skin problems. Available in other colors besides nudes, it has a strong pigment, a dense structure and should be one or two shades lighter than the skin.

What you need to know before using sponge?

Hydration of the eyes: Before applying sponge, it is worth moisturizing the skin around the eyes with serums or creams. The latter can be heavy on the skin, so choose creams with a light texture. But care is important both in the morning and in the evening – it depends on how the makeup will turn out.

Required color: Choose to match the skin tone or one tone lighter: if you need to hide imperfections (acne, redness) – one tone, if under the eyes, chin and forehead – two tones lighter.

Application area: It can be applied to highlight the desired and hide problem areas on the face. You can highlight the forehead, tip of the nose, nasolabial fold and chin for a better contouring effect.

Moderation and prudence

 When applying the product, it is better not to overdo it with the product – use exactly the amount that will be enough to mask imperfections.

Application: The applied sponge should not be smeared, carefully blended with a brush, a damp sponge or lightly “driven” into the skin with your fingers. This way it will better cover the selected part.

How to properly apply diy beauty blender cleaner: Stylists recommend starting with the basics. With the first layer, you can determine which areas of the skin require additional coverage. If you apply it in the first place, then most of the product will rub off when blending the cream.

Finishing makeup: Translucent powder and setting spray are the perfect last step.

Types of sponges

Choosing a sponge makeup:

Cream: Good coverage and leaves a matte finishes. It works great for masking pimples, redness and dark circles under the eyes. This is suitable for girls with oily skin.

In stick: Due to the dense coating, it is able to mask veins, tattoos, birthmarks and scars. The finish is the same as cream.

Pencil: Useful for facial contouring: The sponge has a dense coverage and a semi-matte finish.

Liquid in a tube and / or with a brush: Conceals the under-eye area and makes the skin tone even, easy to blend.

Everything you need to know about color sponges

Diy beauty blender cleaner, despite loud protests from the media, are not only natural beige shades. Also exist:

Green: This color is used to hide any kind of redness – small pimples, irritations or scars. More significant skin problems, the green color will not be able to completely block, but it will weaken the redness pigment so accurately.

Pink and/or orange: The sponge of these colors is aimed at covering dark circles under the eyes. If the first shade is recommended for fair-skinned girls, then the second shade is recommended for dark-skinned girls.

Yellow: The shade is good at hiding dark circles under the eyes and can prep the skin for makeup if used in place of a primer followed by foundation.

Purple: Shades of lilac will cover uneven tan well and are suitable for neutralizing yellowness, bruises and age spots.

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