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Customize Makeup Sponge- Different Types and Their Uses

2021.08.31 / By hqt

Introduction to customize makeup sponge

Makeup sponges, commonly known as beauty blenders, are considered the best invention in the makeup world. The customize makeup sponge changed the makeup game forever with its flawless results. Makeup sponges are highly multi-purpose; you apply just about anything with your makeup sponges.

Although most people use makeup sponges for foundation and concealer application and blending only, we can also use makeup sponges to apply other face products. Cream or liquid products like cream or liquid blushes, contours, and bronzers can also be applied efficiently and blended seamlessly with the help of a makeup sponge.

customize makeup sponge

The makeup sponges can apply any highlighter as well. It can be liquid, cream, or powder highlighter, and your makeup sponges can apply them flawlessly.

With the growing popularity of makeup sponges, many companies have manufactured many different types of makeup sponges. Apart from the famous teardrop shape, there are many other variations in these new makeup sponges.

Have you ever wondered what these various types are and what each type is used for? Then continue reading because we will discuss it in this article.

Makeup sponge history

Although the first makeup sponges were manufactured almost a decade ago, they have only become so popular in the past few years. With the easy excess of the internet and countless YouTube tutorials and articles on makeup, people know more about makeup. It has become much more common.

So common that almost half the people you meet in your everyday life wear makeup every day. Because so many people started wearing makeup, many affordable brands that sell affordable makeup products are readily available to people.

After the first makeup sponge manufactured became immensely popular, many affordable makeup brands started manufacturing affordable makeup sponges. Many companies started to manufacture different types and sizes of customized makeup sponges too.

Types and uses

With so many options at hand, it can be pretty hard to recognize the right tool for yourself. Such is the case with a makeup sponge, so many at hand; which one is better for us? There are five main common types of makeup sponges available in the market, below are their details;

The beautyblender makeup sponge shape:

The first makeup sponge we have is the original makeup sponge with a teardrop shape. This makeup sponge is the original design, and the first-ever makeup sponge was manufactured in this shape. This makeup sponge became very popular because of its shape. The sponge was designed with the purpose in mind.

Use: this customize makeup sponge was designed for multi-purpose use. The teardrop shape has two main sides, the pointed top and the round bottom. We can use the round bottom of the makeup sponge to apply the product on any part of the entire face, including the cheeks, the forehead, the chin, nose, and even eyelids.

The pointed top part is used to apply products on smaller and more complicated parts of the face, including the under eyes, inner corners of the eyes, and even the sides of the nose. This makeup sponge has the shape you can use for almost anything.

The mini beautyblender makeup sponge:

This is the same teardrop shape as the original makeup sponge but in a tinier size. This makeup sponge also has a round bottom and a pointed top part.

Use: this makeup sponge was designed with a particular purpose in mind. The bigger makeup sponge can be challenging for blender the under-eye concealer for some people, especially those with a smaller face.

Hence, this smaller version of the original makeup sponge was manufactured using under the eyes to blend the concealer there. Many people also use its small round bottom for applying cream or liquid contour.

Many people use this mini makeup sponge on their entire face just like a regular makeup sponge. These are best to keep in your travel bag because of their small size.

Wedged-shaped makeup sponges:

The wedged makeup sponge is different from the makeup sponges mentioned above mainly because of its design. As the name suggests, they have sharp edges and are wedged in shape, but they work the same way as the teardrop makeup sponges.

Use: the sharp edge of the makeup sponge can be handy for contouring and baking the face with setting powder. So these makeup sponges are very helpful for areas like under the cheekbones and under the eyes and inner corners. You can use them dry or wet, and it’s up to your preference.

Silicon makeup sponge:

This silicone makeup sponge stands out, and many people are intimidated by this one. Unlike the other makeup sponges, this one is much flatter in shape. It comes in many shapes including, the famous teardrop shape.

Use: The silicone makeup sponge is used for liquid or cream products only. You place the foundation on your skin and then work with this silicon makeup sponge to push it into the skin and apply it all over.

However, you will need an actual makeup sponge to blend it seamlessly, or it might look a bit cakey. The good thing about these sponges is that you will not be wasting any product because of the non-absorbing characteristic of the silicone sponge. However, they are not great at blending your products seamlessly.

customize makeup sponge

Microfiber Makeup sponges:

The microfiber makeup sponge is velvet-soft. These sponges are great for not just applying liquid products but also powder-like setting powder.

Use: you can use these microfiber makeup sponges, both wet and dry, any way you prefer. These sponges have different textures compared to traditional makeup sponges, and it may take some time to get used to them.

They are also very multi-purpose, and you can use these not just to apply liquid or cream products but also powders. This makeup sponge absorbs 70% less product and gives you that air-brushed look.

Now that you know all about the five different types of makeup sponges available to you, it will be easier to choose your perfect match! If you are interested in buying any good quality makeup sponge then check out our products.

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