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Best Cosmetic Sponge Packaging Ideas in 2021

2021.12.22 / By hqt

The period I am going through is not the best, but we are trying to move forward. How many of you are new to makeup? How many of you, even if you are passionate about cosmetic sponge packaging, don’t have a complete cosmetic bag yet?

Here is today’s post, I want to give you some tips and ideas to help you create a sponge packaging with all the products you need for a simple but at the same time complete makeup and without spending a fortune.

Cosmetic Blender Packaging

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So here is what cannot be missing, right now, in the trousse of girls who want to start wearing makeup and do not know where to start or those who simply want to update and resize their cosmetic bag. Let’s start with the FACE!

cosmetic sponge packaging FACE PRIMER

When it comes to the face, you can’t help but think of a good primer. Face primer is a base is easy to apply before make-up or even on its own to even out the complexion or to correct discoloration.

Helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and dilated pores, an Ideal complement for a perfect make-up base, ensures long-lasting cosmetic sponge packaging, blush, and powders.

There are primers for all needs:

minimizers of dilated pores, moisturizers for dry skin, smoothing with filler effect for skin marked by wrinkles and expression lines, illuminating for dull complexions, with a glow effect to counteract fatigue. Apply before cosmetic sponge and after moisturizer.

With light and fast movements. It is left to dry for exactly 1 minute and then proceeds to the actual make-up operation.

Concealer is a cosmetic common to cover pimples

dark circles, and other small blemishes or blemishes on the skin. On the market, we find a wide range of colors depending on what and how much it is necessary to cover. I advise you to use a shade that is as close as possible to the shade of your skin to avoid detachment. For bags under the eyes, it is advisable to use a peach or pink concealer.

cosmetic sponge packaging is common to cover skin imperfections.

The cosmetic sponge is a cosmetic common to cover skin imperfections. It is a more or less valuable emulsion of water in oil, or oil in water, with the addition of pigments that determine its covering power. These pigments, being inorganic, are not absorbed by the skin while the emulsion is.

 Depending on the type of oily, dry, dehydrated, combin, action, or normal skin there is the suitable cosmetic sponge packaging: fluid, creamy, poured, or compact. There are on the market different shades of color depending on the complexion of the face.

Face powder is common to fix the makeup?

The face powder (originally called Cyprus powder) is a perfumed and colored cosmetic that has the purpose of mattifying the skin and fixing the make-up. It is easy to divide into two groups: the transparent ones do not alter the color and set easily; the dyes are common to strengthen and even out the complexion.

In both cases, the powder is easy to apply a little at a time, with a puff or a large brush.

A palette of eyeshadows generally in powder form to be common dry or moistened. In this way, it is possible to modulate the intensity of the make-up. Of palettes eye shadow in matte, iridescent, and satin versions.

Cosmetic sponge packaging eyelash

It is an eyelash cosmetic sponge packaging and is suitable for keeping curled lashes in the crease. It is perfectly possible and, if common with skill, it allows effects of great precision. The classic cosmetic sponge is black, but on the market, you can also find it colored for more casual and extravagant makeup. I always recommend black only.

Eyeliner is a cosmetic for eye make up

The eyeliner or also defined as a delineator for the eyes is a cosmetic for eye make-up. This is consisting of a colored fluid, usually black, which is easy to apply to the upper eyelid, parallel to the lash line. It is applied with a soft and thin brush included in the product package.

This is also in the form of a gel. Moreover, you must apply with an angled brush or a soft, fine bristled brush. The eyeliner is mainly common to outline the eye to give depth to the look.

The choices adopted are many:

the line is easy to make thick, and it would be good for the final “tongue” to go upwards otherwise there would be a risk of having a tired appearance.

Another very important accessory is the eyelash curler. A very useful tool that is common to curl the lashes.

Eyebrow kit is common for eyebrows tweezer

Contains all the essential tools for eyebrow care:

Buildable and non-sticky pigmented fixing wax to create a base. It outlines and shapes them.

Silky and light-colored compact powder, it adheres perfectly to the wax and fills the eyebrows

Cosmetic Blender Packaging 2021

Professional tweezers to remove excess eyebrows.

  • Double angled brush applicator + comb to apply wax and powder and to draw eyebrows
  • Blush is a co cosmetic sponge packaging cosmetic common to give color to the face, giving the effect of a younger look.
  • The bronzer, or even bronzer, is a cosmetic generally with a free powder texture.
  • purpose of warming the complexion.
  • However, heating does not mean “turning brown”!
  • The choice of the color of the bronzer fall on a shade of 1 or 2 tones darker than the natural complexion.
  • Furthermore, depending on the requires effect, the bronzer is easy to choose in a shimmer or matte version.

The highlighter is a make-up product with a light and luminous color.

 Apply to certain areas of the face, it highlights them and makes them more prominent. On the market there are an infinite number of illuminants and, depending on the type, the effect we will get will be different.


The areas of the face to highlight are the cheekbone, the eyebrow arch, and the cupid’s bow. And if you also have a small nose and chin, you can add a touch of highlighter even in those areas.

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