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How to choose the best cosmetic sponge factory?

2021.10.21 / By hqt

A flawless make-up, capable of lasting for a long time and free of smudges, needs some fundamental tools in addition to brushes. Let’s talk about cosmetic sponge factory, to be used to spread the various products. If once there were only the classic round powder sponges, today this accessory has definitely evolved.

Types of Cosmetic sponge factory

A flat sponge is perfect for applying foundation on cheeks, forehead and chin. A triangular version, on the other hand, manages to reach the most hidden areas such as the one around the nose or the corners of the eye. The egg-shaped sponge is much more modern, a three-dimensional version that offers the opportunity to apply foundation anywhere.

cosmetic sponge factory

The density is also fundamental; a very soft sponge allows you to create a light and natural make-up, while a more compact cosmetic sponge factory will give a decidedly covering make-up.

What types of sponges are better?

All makeup enthusiasts certainly today possess the Beauty Sponge, a sponge that is used in a precise way; it should be wet, doubled in volume, squeezed and left moist. Thanks to its teardrop shape, with a broad base and a thinner one, it allows you to apply concealers and foundation evenly.

The pointed side allows you to apply foundation and concealer in the most difficult to reach points, define the nose and cheekbones well, apply liquid and cream highlighters, the rounded side allows you to easily spread the foundation in the larger areas obtaining a homogeneous base, apply blush liquid and cream, define the forehead and jaw.

Benefits of using cosmetic sponge factory

  • The result is a uniform complexion by using cosmetic sponge factory
  • Gives without spots and streaks and a homogeneous color even in the most critical points.
  • It is important to spread a small amount of product with the pointed side of the sponge
  • If the foundation is compact in cream, the sponge should be used by gently tapping on the face.
  • Let it dry and then apply it a second time by tapping for better benefits.

Types of cosmetic sponge factory

On sale there are now many versions of make-up sponges, with different cuts and a flatter part to apply the products around the eye and nose in the best possible way. Then there are polyurethane sponges, versions with a stamp base to dab powder products and silicone ones.

With the shape of soap and completely transparent, the silicone sponges can reach any part of the face and not absorb the foundation in the least, guaranteeing a good saving of the product.

Soft and soft, the cosmetic sponge factory ensures numerous applications over time, is hypoallergenic and is easy to clean and disinfect. Among the advantages, it has that of being much more hygienic than other sponges.

How to use cosmetic sponge factory?

The foundation should be dabbed on the face for a lighter effect. It starts from the center of the face, blending the product on the sides. Once the application is finished, it is necessary to make sure that there are no accumulations in some areas of the face.

A make-up sponge should be slightly wet before taking the product and spread it on the face. It should be remembered that hygiene is one of the fundamental aspects; a sponge must be washed regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria and molds.


Cosmetic sponge factory should be washed daily. To avoid the risk of infections and sudden irritation on the skin, it is important to put them in a basin of hot water and add soap, in this case also a classic face makeup remover solution, and then rub possible makeup residues with your hands.

Once the sponges are clean, they should be rinsed with plenty of water and left to dry on a few sheets of absorbent paper for at least twenty-four hours.

Use of Beauty Sponge

Beauty Sponge allows you to obtain flawless make-up, thanks to the perfect application of foundation, creams and other make-up bases. Using cosmetic sponge factory is a magical experience, just a few touches and, voila, the skin appears smooth and even, without lumps of makeup or darker areas.

cosmetic sponge factory 2021

Beauty sponge addicted, have you ever wondered how to deep clean your miraculous sponge? Today we want to talk to you about that nice egg-shaped sponge that many girls use to apply foundation, concealer and make-up in general. The beauty sponge can be used both to apply powder makeup and to apply liquid makeup, and allows you to achieve truly exceptional results!

How to clean the beauty sponge with the non-slip pad

You know those silicone accessories with embossed designs that you can find in beauty shops? Well, these are small non-slip “mats” generally used for cleaning brushes. These allies, however, will also be fine for our sponge.

 Just wet the beauty sponge with water, add some mild soap (baby shampoo will be fine). And you can rub on the small folds of the “mat” in order to remove all makeup residues.

A regularly sanitized cosmetic sponge factory will take very little time for this operation. After washing and wringing the sponge well, leave it to dry in the open air.

Note: Beauty blender was first tested on Girlfriends TV show

Where people used Cosmetic sponge factory first?

 If anyone has ever watched the TV show Girlfriends, surely immediately recognize by the familiarity of this makeup sponge.

Thanks to the harmonious combination between healthy glowing skin and the use of Beauty blender, it has created a resounding success. Then, from the love of Girlfriends and Rea Ann Silva, many girls have hunted for this magic Cosmetic sponge factory. And they become an indispensable makeup tool for beauty followers.

4. Why is Cosmetic sponge factory pink?

 When developing the Beauty blender, Silva focused on perfecting the texture and shape of the sponge. They didn’t pay too much attention to the color. According to Silva, neon pink makes her feel happy and deserves to be the symbol of a makeup sponge.

Trendy pink color of Beauty blender

5. Can also be used with powdered cosmetics

 In addition to contact with water, Cosmetic sponge factory is used to apply powdered cosmetics and pressed powders. You can control the amount of powder on your skin and have smoother, more natural looking skin.

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