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Why using cosmetic sponge customized is a good thing?

2022.01.25 / By hqt

cosmetic sponge customized

Cosmetic sponge customized shaped like a little cheese, a drop, round, silicone… There are so many options that I always wonder which one are the best to use in my makeup. Are you also indecisive? So come with us! We took all kinds of sponges and their functions to tell you and rock the make.

Sponge in Drop and Cylindrical:

 The type most used today. The larger part serves to finish the foundation, and the best way to use it is wet, so its size will be almost double and the product will penetrate much more into the skin.

The tips of this sponge are made to reach areas such as the eyelids and the corner of the nose, excellent for applying concealer. Look how easy:

Round Sponge also called Puff:

 This round and flat shape is usually used for applying translucent powder for a natural finish to the skin, so it is not suitable for creamy products as it leaves a heavier look. The thinnest sponge, disco style, is ideal for blending the compact powder into blemishes and imperfections on the face or to remove excess shadow around the eyes.

Rectangular cosmetic sponge customized, this sponge is ideal for applying liquid or creamy foundation and concealers on larger areas such as the forehead and neck.  

Why do we use cosmetic sponge customized?

Silicone Sponge As good as the foam, the silicone sponge is transparent and flexible, does not retain the product and is easy to wash because of its material made of polyurethane.

Use it with creamy and liquid makeup like foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter, but also for loose powder applications. By not absorbing anything, the silicone sponge does not leave residues and therefore can be used with different shades.

But be careful in the application, use the ‘less is more’ technique and put a small amount on the sponge, because it transfers 100% of the product to your skin, for real!

Why using cosmetic sponge customized is a good thing?

It has the same way of the drops and the good thing about this cosmetic sponge customized is to be super versatile, and you can separate each part for a purpose of make.

As most are made of latex, they do not need to be moistened, as they absorb very little of the product. Use and abuse!

Regardless of the type of sponge, always apply to the skin by tapping. As it is impossible to live without these darlings for a perfect make-up, we want them all. Check out our options online.

Cosmetic sponge customized is a basic makeup item that every girl should own. Whether surfing tik tok or youtube, you can see beauty bloggers constantly reviewing these convenient powder lines. Let’s learn more about them through the article below.

I. Why should you use sponge customized?

Rainandcharles is a famous brand. However, the products they carry often contain naturally fermented ingredients. Puff is no exception. The sponge of this house is highly appreciated by the girls for its coverage.

Sponge customized has an eye-catching design

But with Customized puff, it is different; especially they also launched the customized sponge market for oily skin: Cosmetic sponge customized is very popular with women.

cosmetic sponge customized 2022

About the design of customized puff, people pay a lot of attention. Each box weighs about 23g, quite light and handy. The outside is a hard plastic shell that fits comfortably in the hand. With each box you will get a free chalk.

Buy combo of sponges

In some versions, users will be able to buy a combo of sponges + 1 replacement core at an affordable price. In addition, the company also often comes with a cotton pad. Thanks to that, every time you need to clean or replace the cotton pad, it is no longer your problem.

Currently, Rainandcharles has launched many different sponge lines, of which the Customized sponge for oily skin is very popular in China. Besides, Cosmetic sponge customized is also a high-class product chosen by many women. It can be seen that the company has made great efforts to help women have a beautiful skin as expected.

II. Instructions for using sponge customized

After applying sunscreen or primer, please wait a bit before applying sponge. Specific steps to take to have a beautiful background:

Step 1: Open the lid, use a cotton ball, lightly dab on the core of the chalk to get the cream. Then dot at 5 points: nose, 2 cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Step 2: quickly spread cotton all over the face. You should avoid rubbing and pulling, because this “rough” action will damage the background layer.

Step 3: If there are areas of skin with many defects, people can add another layer of Customized powder.

To keep the sponge layer on the skin longer, use a little more powder.

How to clean the sponge?

After many uses, the cotton pad is often covered with a rather thick layer of chalk. This causes the powder to be applied unevenly on the skin. So everyone needs to clean the cotton pad about once every 3 months.

To clean it, use a regular facial cleanser or shower gel. When drying, should be kept in a ventilated place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

III. The best Sponge customized powder lines today

3.1. Secret Essence Sponge

Cosmetic sponge customized is a high-end product line of the company. This girl has a luxurious design and color. With the main color yellow-white, along with the patterns on the edge, this makes this even more obvious.

Chalk is nothing to discuss. It is quite smooth, applied on the skin is extremely light, not sticky. Her skin is also not afraid of secret or oil when using.

Sponge is a high-end product line of the company

With ingredients containing magic water nutrients, this Sponge customized will not let you down. That is thanks to 80 precious herbs, and a special fermented formula from the Customized family. Thanks to that, not only has the ability of a sponge, the Sponge also comes with skin care benefits.

  • Creates a pore-minimizing effect
  • Leaves skin smooth, shiny and healthy
  • Does not cause skin dryness

The product is suitable for people who have acne, or are at high risk of acne.

Not only that, cosmetic sponge customized also has pretty good sun protection. You can take a step away from applying sunscreen. This not only saves everyone money, but also saves time.

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