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5 Best Tips to choose the right cosmetic puff supplier in 2022?

2021.12.18 / By hqt

How to choose the right cosmetic puff effectively

cosmetic puff supplier

Understanding how to choose a cosmetic puff supplier is the first step you need to know to care for your skin. Not knowing how to choose a puff or choosing the wrong one can make your skincare efforts in vain. The sisters are all worried about their skin being exposed to direct sunlight, leading to darkening, sunburn, and skin diseases…

As a woman, everyone knows about puff, but not everyone knows how to choose and use it properly. So how do choose the right buy?

Contents of the cosmetic puff supplier article

  • What is cosmetic puff?
  • How to choose the right cosmetic puff
  • Understanding SPF and PA
  • How to choose the right cream for each skin type
    • sensitive skin
    • Also, dry skin
    • Moreover, oily skin
    • acne-prone skin
    • when swimming, going to the beach

Care about the properties of cosmetic puff

  • Chemical cosmetic puff
    • Also, Physical cosmetic puff
  • How to use cosmetic puff effectively?

What is cosmetic puff?

Cosmetic puff supplier puff will help you in applying lotion, spray, or gel that counteracts the absorption and reflection of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to help protect against sunburn and damage.

How to choose the right cosmetic puff

To choose the right cosmetic puff, your first thing is to understand the two most important indicators, SPF and PA.

Understanding SPF and PA

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is a measure of protection against UVB rays. The higher the SPF, the higher the time to protect the skin in the sun, according to the parameters, each SPF can protect the skin in the sun for 10 minutes. 

So, when choosing to buy products, you look at the SPF number multiplied by 10 to get the time the skin can withstand the sun. Simply put, the higher the SPF, the better the product, so buy it.

PA (Protection Grade of UVA) is also a measure of UVA protection. They have 3 levels: PA+, PA++, PA+++. You should choose a product with a PA+++ rating.

For the best skin protection, you should choose to buy products with both SPF and PA.

How to choose the right cream for each skin type

cosmetic puff supplier 2021

What is your skin? – How to identify skin type your kind of thing you would have to know her.

Choose the right cream for your skin

cosmetic puff supplier for sensitive skin

Also, when buying a certain product, you should know the composition of the product because it directly affects your skin. If you are someone with sensitive skin when choosing a cosmetic puff, stay away from products with oxybenzone and PABA. Sensitive skin will be suitable for physical cosmetic puff products.

Cosmetic puff for dry skin

Also, if you have dry skin, you should choose a cosmetic puff that contains moisturizers for the skin, which is essential for dry skin. Dry skin is very susceptible to aging and wrinkling when exposed to the sun, so even if the cosmetic puff has a moisturizer, you should apply more moisturizer before using a cosmetic puff.

Cosmetic puff for oily skin

For oily skin, you should choose products containing the word No Sebum or Oil-Free to avoid facial pores because the cosmetic puff mixes with your skin oil. Or you should choose a gel or spray cosmetic puff to avoid causing skin irritation. In addition, if your skin does not have acne problems, choose a chemical product that is absorbent to limit the amount of oil on your skin.

Cosmetic puff for acne-prone skin

Acne skin is very dangerous, so choose carefully otherwise it will cause inflammation and clogged pores.

Also, you should buy the product on the packaging that says Non-Comedogenic. And stay away from creams with derivatives, fragrances, alcohol, PABA, and Oxybenzone. Safe physical cosmetic puff supplier products are good for acne-prone skin

Cosmetic puff when swimming, going to the beach

If you want to keep the cosmetic puff from being washed away by water, you should know which cosmetic puff is suitable for swimming or going to the beach. If the product packaging says Water Resistant or Water Proof, you should buy it. 

However, these types only last for 50-1 hours at most, so you need to pay attention to using the product to be most effective

Care about the properties of cosmetic puff

There are two types of cosmetic puffs: physical cosmetic puffs and chemical cosmetic puffs. The two names are no longer strange to female friends, but not everyone understands them well.

Cosmetic puff properties

Chemical cosmetic puff supplier

  • How it works: Absorbs and penetrates UV rays, from which they treat by releasing UV rays before they damage the skin. Ingredients include avobenzone, oxybenzone, sulisobenzone.
  • Furthermore, Advantages: quickly absorbed into the skin, does not make the skin oily and white, very suitable for those with oily skin.
  • Moreover, Cons: Chemical creams are only effective for up to 2 hours, so after 2 hours you have to reapply.

Physical cosmetic puff

How it works: protects, helps block UV rays so they can’t penetrate the skin. Physical cosmetic puffs are like outer layers that protect the skin and can reflect ultraviolet rays. The way to identify this type is very simple, if the packaging says Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide, it is a physical cosmetic puff.

Advantages: No irritation to the skin, high sun protection ability

Cons: Easy to cause gas and greasy. This type is usually white, so if you have dark skin, you should be careful.

How to use cosmetic puff effectively?

A lot of people are getting the wrong way of using the cosmetic puff supplier, leading to low effectiveness.

Apply cosmetic puff properly: Before applying the cream, the skin must be clean and sweat-free, usually, the cosmetic puff is only effective for less than 2 hours, so after 2 hours you need to replenish it. Do not mix cosmetic puff with other drugs, it will cause skin irritation. Should apply cosmetic puff combined with new cosmetics.


Thank you for reading the article, hope that the above article has helped some of your questions about how to choose a cosmetic puff supplier. For healthy skin, if not, choose to buy yourself the best and most effective cosmetic puff at RainandCharles.

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