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Why cosmetic puff manufacturer is reliable option for skin care?

2021.11.08 / By hqt

You don’t have to have a million puffs in your arsenal to be beautiful. Yes, special contouring puff and multi-colored beauty blenders are the everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you should now be the main characters in your makeup bag. Today we will talk about cosmetic puff manufacturer with which neither snow is terrible, nor heat, nor makeup of any complexity.

cosmetic puff manufacturer

Moreover, we advise you not to buy all puff of the same brand and do not rely on ready-made sets – combine brands, and most importantly, mix natural and synthetic bristles. So, for example, natural puff gets along well with powdery textures, and synthetic ones – with creamy ones.

1. Powder Cosmetic puff manufacturer

Powder puff is like the mother of the family. It should be wide and comfortable, with tightly fitting hairs, soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch. We vote for natural pile, although please note that synthetic does better with mineral makeup.

What kind of cosmetic puff you should choose?

Further, choose a densely packed puff like kabuki for easy work on loose powdery textures prepared by cosmetic puff manufacturer. Pay attention to the two-nap puff – duo fiber. It is usually two-tone and can be natural or synthetic. The main difference between duo fibers is the different length of the hairs.

Moreover, it copes well with both dry and creamy textures: it will correctly distribute the powder, and the foundation will “give away” to the last drop and will not sin with a thick layer. A non-standard fan-shaped puff will help to apply powder in a very thin layer.

2. Puff for foundation

The main thing to remember when choosing a tone puff is that it should not be too thick, otherwise it will absorb too much of the product. Better to take a moderately dense beveled Isadora Foundation Perfect Face Puff. Any, even a little-known brand has a similar one.

The shape of such a puff is popularly nicknamed “spatula” and “tongue” for a reason: the tool does an excellent job even with the most viscous texture, and its flat cut will not leave a single line of foundation untouched if bought from expert cosmetic puff manufacturer.

3. Brow puff

Tom Ford once said that eyebrows are the most important part of a beautiful face, and we don’t argue. In light of the latest fashion for thick sable eyebrows, probably every girl has already acquired a puff for drawing eyebrows and a special puff.

Moreover, the puff should definitely be flat and beveled – this shape will allow you to clearly go over the eyebrows without missing a single hair. With the help of a puff, we fix the result with gel or wax – this way, the hairs will take shape, retaining a natural look.

4. Puff for blush and bronzer

A blush and bronzer puff should be a continuation of your habits.

It is good in that it allows you to collect as much product as you need, and is also ideal for mineral cosmetics received from cosmetic puff manufacturer.  The stripping technique that is fashionable this season will be easy to bring to life with the help of a small puff or the same kabuki.

Angled, flat or round blush puff – here you decide what is convenient for you.

5. Eye shadow Cosmetic puff manufacturer

If you don’t like the complex five-shade eye makeup, then you just haven’t found your eye shadow blending puff. Made from natural bristles, small oval shape – a good puff will help to adjust the saturation of the shadows and easily provide a complex transition of shades.

Dry or creamy textures – she’s up to it! As for the arrows, here our helper will be a dense beveled puff made of synthetic bristles.

cosmetic puff manufacturer 2021

Moreover, its flat shape and angle of inclination will allow even a beginner to draw a straight line! And for those who have already got the hang of it, a curved eyeliner puff is suitable and don’t forget to buy from real cosmetic puff manufacturer.

6. Lipstick puff

Passionate lips come complete with lipstick and a quality puff for shading it. It is better to have two of them: a thinner puff for outlining a clear outline, and a thicker one for distributing lipstick.

If you are an ardent fan of rich and deep shades, follow the strict instructions: powder your lips, apply the first layer with a puff, powder again and apply the second.

Furthermore, the lipstick will lie down easily and naturally, at the same time it will last until the morning 🙂 Plus, your makeup will be provided with unprecedented durability and saturation.

Instead of puff – fingers

Replace everything with your fingers if you have 5 minutes for makeup. It is easier to feel the texture of the applied products with your fingers, it is easier to blend with the help of cosmetic puff manufacturer them and get into the most inaccessible places.

In addition, fingers are easy to wash (the main thing is not to forget to wash them before and after makeup).

2. Decide on Cosmetic puff manufacturer

Perfect skin tone and pristine lips or crisp lip contours and pristine eyes are better than having it all hurriedly together. If there is little time left for makeup, decide on accents: skin, eyebrows, eyes or lips. How?

Ask yourself, without which element in your makeup you feel insecure and make it the main thing. For example, I never leave the house without my usual eyebrows and in express makeup I always draw them first.

3. Cosmetic puff manufacturer instead of dry textures

With cream products, many of us immediately turn to cosmetic puff manufacturer. They are easier to blend and often require no tools other than fingers.

Furthermore, creamy eye shadows do not crumble like dry ones, and the density of application of creamy blushes is easier to control than dry ones. What can we say about liquid foundation – the basis of any professional make-up.   

Spend more time caring for your skin with Cosmetic puff

In an ideal world, make-up is important for self-expression. Pay attention to facial care, and in makeup, focus on healthy, beautiful skin.

Furthermore, 99% of problems with applying foundation begins precisely with poor skin condition, for example, uneven relief or dryness.

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