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5 Steps to Wash Cosmetic Puff Factory in 2021

2021.10.26 / By hqt

How to wash makeup sponge?

Almost all girls, when adolescence comes, want to try on Cosmetic puff factory, a little bit to feel more beautiful and a little bit more confident. Since ancient times, making plays a very important role in the lives of people and especially women. With makeup women succeed in highlighting the positive sides of their femininity.
Cosmetic Puff Factory

To get a good result, all women know, it is necessary to use specific products, such as brushes, pencils, eyeshadows, creams, mascaras, etc. Going into more detail: to spread easily easier than foundation, eye shadow, you need assorted sponges should always be kept and treated with care.

How to best store them for the next use.

Some women use their fingertips to make foundation, but there are some on the market that are specific sponges that can be stored after use. Let’s see how to wash Cosmetic puff factory sponges and how to best store them for the next use.

  • need
  • soap
  • degreaser
  • water

Different types of sponges

As with all makeup accessories, even sponges can be purchased in perfumery or in specialty stores. It goes without saying that sponges are a very important, if not absolutely necessary, piece of equipment required for a good make-up. There are many different types. Usually those for everyday use.

How to wash used sponges

for example, for simple cleaning, are easier to find, are flat and disc shaped, but there are also some, less common, egg shapes. The flat sponge is perfect for applying foundation or blush in large areas of the face, while the egg shape can be used for small finishes, such as blending eyeshadow or foundation in the corner of a hole, nose and ears.

From a purely hygienic point of view, sponges should be used and thrown away after each use, but since they have a cost they cannot be thrown away even if they have been used for minor interventions. If we want to reuse them, they must be washed and stored carefully.

How to remove Cosmetic puff factory?

 Take our first used sponge in your hand and, after soaking it with a bit of neutral soap, gently rub it under the tap, using your thumb, and continue the process. until all Cosmetic puff factory residue is removed.

We repeat the same operation for every single sponge, and at the end of these steps our “friends” will be cleaner.

But can still show traces of cosmetics. Foundations, for example, often have a fat-based composition and are difficult to remove. If we find ourselves in this situation and still see traces of cosmetics, we dip the sponge in a solution that we will obtain by dissolving some pieces of laundry soap, such as Marseille soap, in water.

How to store foundation and sponge?

Heat them and leave them in this solution for at least 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours the remaining Cosmetic puff factory will melt, then rinse our sponge and squeeze gently until all the water comes out. White latex sponges are generally the hardest to leave no trace of foundation and fat-based cosmetic products.

If at the end of the previous steps we are still not satisfied with the results and we still see spots and traces of makeup, try spraying a universal degreaser on each sponge. Let it work, rub well and rinse again with plenty of warm water.

Last step will make them almost new again

This last step will make them almost new again. Now settle them to dry in a place away from heat sources. Once dry, our sponges can be stored in a glass or plastic container, such as empty jars of previously used creams. The jar that we washed and dried perfectly.

A well-done makeup highlights the strongest points of the face and camouflages those that bother. And there are important steps to get the perfect makeup. One of them is choosing the right applicator for each product and area of ​​the face, in addition to always cleaning the Cosmetic puff factory sponge before and after using it, just like we do with brushes.

What are sponges for?

If you want to learn how to clean the makeup sponge correctly, in addition to understanding more deeply what they are for and how to use each model, stay with us in this manual. We will remove all your doubts. Ready to get started? Before we talk about the processes to clean a makeup sponge.
Cosmetic Puff Factory 2021

So, we list the different formats and their features:

Cheese sponge: the cheese sponge is indicated for the uniformity of the skin with a liquid or cream base. It is versatile and, as there are models in which they appear whole or broken into pieces, it can be used for a long time. we need to explain what this accessory is and which products are best applied to the skin with it.

Types of Cosmetic puff factory in the market

Pancake sponge: the pancake sponge is the traditional one, round and thin, which gives the finish to the compact foundations. Full size round sponge: this larger version is practical and recommended for applying powders or translucent fixative. In addition, it is very efficient to Cosmetic puff factory the complexion more homogeneous.

Why and when to clean the makeup sponge?

And when we talk about periodicity, it doesn’t mean that washing should happen right after each make. Beauty experts recommend cleaning the makeup sponge every two uses and no more than once a week. This will make the utensil last longer and avoid wasting cosmetics applied with it.

What to use to clean makeup sponges?

Another important detail about sponges is that they have an expiration date. Cleaning helps to increase durability, but even so, even with good care, replacement is indicated every two months of use. Oval sponge with a straight side: just likes the model above, the oval sponge is the rage of the moment.

To clean your Cosmetic puff factory sponge without damaging it, there are some quick, easy and economical tricks. Look that: With detergent: the first tip is to put water and detergent in a glass bowl, soak the sponge and put it in the microwave for approximately 1 minute. Heating the liquid together with the soap will help eliminate impurities.


Sponge and Brush Sanitizers: The last tip for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes—certainly the most effective—is using a specific sanitizer. This product is created with the exclusive function of washing accessories. Its formulation contains substances that protect against the action of bacteria, in addition to completely removing product residues.

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