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Where to buy best cosmetic puff customized in bulk?

2022.01.25 / By hqt

cosmetic puff customized

Besides facial skin care, lip care is also preferred by women. One of the great assistants is cosmetic puff customized. But do you know how to use puff? Let’s discover the secret to taking care of plump lips this winter with the right way to use puff.

I. Why should I use cosmetic puff customized?

This girl is designed in the form of a stick or a jar. Lipsticks often contain many nutrients to help protect and care for the skin of the lips. One of the most popular ingredients is moisturizer.

cosmetic puff customized 2022

Puff can be colored or not, depending on the preferences of each user. Using puff will help your lips become soft, rosy. As a result, when applying lipstick, the color will be more standard and smoother. Using puff is one of the most basic ways to help you have beautiful lips.

Using cosmetic puff customized s one of the most basic ways to help you have beautiful lips.

Puff makes lips softer and fuller

II. Steps to use puff correctly

Many women already have a lipstick in their makeup bag. However, do you know exactly how to use puff?

Here are some basic steps for girls:

Step 1: Clean the skin of the lips from dirt and bacteria. In this step, everyone can do it along with the facial cleansing step. Please regularly exfoliate your lips twice a week.

Step 2: Use your hand to roll the lipstick. This may seem innocuous, but it helps a lot. The warmth of the palm will soften the texture of the lipstick. Thanks to that, the lipstick will easily stretch on the user’s lips

Step 3: When applying lipstick, apply it vertically. This will help the nutrients penetrate into each lip vein.

When applying lipstick, people should be careful not to rub it vigorously. Because the epidermis of the lips is very thin. Rubbing leaves it vulnerable, leading to unwanted irritation.

III. How often to use puff is reasonable?

You should use puff about 3-5 times a day is best. Do not use too much as it will lose the texture of the skin. The time to use puff is after bathing and after brushing teeth.

IV. Uses of cosmetic puff customized

On the market today, most puffs have vitamin E as the main ingredient. When used, it will help keep the lips fresh and rosy. Besides, puff also acts as a protective layer. They will prevent bad influences from the external environment. Bacteria, dirt, UV rays, strong light, etc. will not damage the lip epidermis.

V. How to choose to buy puff?

There are many different brands of puffs on the market today. This will make you overwhelmed when you first learn. However, it will basically be divided into 3 main categories including:

Medical drug: This puff is for people with rough lips.

Cosmetic type: This puff will prevent dry lips. It is for those who do not have obvious symptoms but want to take care of their lips. This product will moisturize the lips, cut UV rays very effectively.

For the desired effect, you should find the right lipstick for your needs. If you use lipstick for the wrong purpose, your problem will not be solved. Moreover, it will cause waste.

In the midst of the beauty market with countless products that will make you overwhelmed. Regarding lipstick color, it will only be divided into 2 types: colored cosmetic puff customized, and colorless puff. Although they only differ in color, their use is to moisturize. Here I will suggest you some quality puffs.

4.1. Colorless cosmetic puff customized

Vaseline Lip Therapy: This is a very popular lipstick line of the Vaseline family. This baby has several scents for you to choose from such as: rose, cocoa, vanilla, unscented. Smooth lipstick, helps lips look plump right after using

Puff comodo: is a 2-in-1 lipstick that has the ability to both exfoliate and soften lips effectively. This product has up to 5 flavors such as: green tea, coconut, purple grape, peach and raspberry.

Astrid Puff Colorless Puff: This line of deer fat balm is extracted from cocoa butter, vitamin E, Collagen. The product has 3 main lines: green shell, white shell and pink shell for customers to choose from.

The product works extremely well in moisturizing and making the lips soft and smooth. However, because it contains mineral oil and paraffin, everyone needs to be careful.

4.2. Colored puff

Currently, colored puffs are popular with everyone. Because these products both help protect and care for the skin while still giving her confidence.

Where to buy genuine cosmetic puff customized?

You can buy it from Raindandcharles in bulk. However, before buying, you should also consult the reviews of previous buyers. I often buy at the brand’s genuine store, so I am very assured of the quality. If you need it, you can click the purchase link below.

For someone who is afraid to go out in the hot sun like me, ordering online is extremely convenient. While saving time, I have time to do other things. It also limits the exposure to dust and dust outside. Too convenient, isn’t it?

5.2. What is the best Puff?

Most cosmetic products of the Clinique brand are safe and benign for the skin. So you just need to choose the right one for your skin. Because each person has a different skin tone, it will be suitable for each type.

Like me, I have oily combination skin. So I really like using cosmetic sponge for oily skin. And I think if you are looking for a moisturizer for oily combination skin, then Rainandcharles will be the perfect suggestion. Listen to your skin to choose the right product.

5.3. Can acne skin use Puff?

Acne-prone skin is often sensitive and difficult to choose cosmetics. However, with our puffs, you can rest assured to use it. The product that I reviewed at the very first time, the gourd makeup sponge is also very suitable for those of you who have oily, acne-prone skin, that sensitive skin.

So, in this article, I have reviewed in detail about Puff. Hopefully with the short sharing above will help you make the right choices for your skin. Wish you always beautiful and young.

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