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5 Tips for Cosmetic Blender Packaging in 2021

2021.12.22 / By hqt

What is the Cosmetic blender packaging?

To cleanse the skin, face or body, and remove all impurities, it is useful to use a Cosmetic blender packaging. On the market, different types distinguish natural sponges from synthetic ones. What makes the difference is not only the shape but, above all, the composition.

In front of the shelf or the web showcase, you pause to understand which one to choose from those proposed. But the real question you must ask yourself, instead, is “why” choose one over another.

Cosmetic blender packaging is of biological origin

You will find a wide selection of sea sponges from the “Rain and Charles” company. I chose this line because I am firmly convinced that only products of biological origin should be brought into contact with the skin.

Cosmetic Sponge Packaging

By continuing to read I will explain:

  • What is a natural sponge?
  • Also, why choose marine sponge
  • Furthermore, The sponges of Rainandcharles
  • Moreover, Conclusions

What is a natural Cosmetic blender packaging?

The Cosmetic blender packaging of Rainandcharles is an organic and environmentally friendly product.

Some are perplexed by this statement because they do not understand how a product of animal origin can also be “environmentally friendly”.

To understand this principle, we need to think about the marine ecosystem. Moreover, the sponges are invertebrate animals sponges that grow in the seabed and multiply at a remarkable speed.

Therefore, fishing these creatures with a curious consistency does not harm the environment if the collection is carried out in a controlled and responsible way. Furthermore, all precautions that the company “Rainandcharles ” always tends to respect.

Why choose marine Cosmetic blender packaging

The natural fibers of the sea ​​sponges gently massage your skin without attacking it. Also, A useful benefit especially for particularly delicate or sensitive parts of the body.

Sometimes it is thought that the 100% natural Cosmetic blender packaging is recommended only for the skin of the newborn or for allergy sufferers. Moreover, I am sure that you do not let yourself be conditioned by prejudices thinking that your body should be pampered only “in certain circumstances”. The soft and effective touch of the sea ​​sponge is beneficial at all ages and for all skin types.

A distracted glance at a dry product can be misleading.

All sponges look the same: porous and rough to the touch. The first difference is advertisement when you immerse the product in water. Also, the industrial sponge retains its synthetic consistency. The biological sponge, re-immersed in its natural habitat, regains the delicacy that characterizes this poriferous creature.

You can find another fundamental difference in the internal composition. The synthetic Cosmetic blender packaging has undergone numerous chemical treatments which, over time, can damage your skin. All risks that you absolutely must not take care of if you choose a natural spongy fabric.

The sea sponge, moreover, not being produced with petroleum derivatives, does not pollute the environment.

Cosmetic Sponge Packaging 2021

The Cosmetic blender packaging of Rainandcharles

In my shop, you can find natural sponges recommended for different uses. It is not only a question of evaluating the size (quantified in sponges’ things of nature grass) but also the type of sea sponge. There is a difference between “washed sponges” and “bleached sponges”.

But I will talk to you about this difference in another study or about your presence if you come to visit me in the store. The marine sponge is optional for:

Caring for your baby. You can choose between the baby care sponge “S” or “M” by calibrating the age and bodyweight of your little one.

Remove makeup and impurities in one step.

With these natural Cosmetic blender packaging, it is letting yourself be affected by velvet. The skin, with this daily treatment, will be brighter and smoother. A perfect ally for organic cleansers and cosmetics.

The body. Deep cleansing and effective stimulation of blood circulation is the main feature bid in the whitened or smoothed body sponges. A vigorous massage that stimulates the skin tissue without causing annoying irritation. A moment full of pampering that anyone has the right to indulge in.

You will only stop to evaluate their size

I am sure that now, following my advice, you will not waste much time choosing a sponge. On the shelf of 100% natural products, you will only stop to evaluate their size. For a quick review of the main tips:

Make sure they are 100% natural fibers. However, Synthetic products can scrape or redden your skin. The organic sponge guarantees the same effective exfoliating effect, leaving you with the feeling of touch by velvet.

Choose the size suitable for use.

For the body, it is advisable to use larger sea ​​sponges while for the face or body of a newborn you can take a smaller one.

Evaluate the degree of porosity of the natural Cosmetic blender packaging. You can find organic products with different body shapes and porosity. Moreover, with a single pass of the sea ​​sponge, you can absorb and spread different amounts of water in the body. Also, the choice is personal and does not affect the result.

Already after the first few uses, you will notice your skin tissue is smooth and never irritated.

Discover it also to apply cosmetics.

The natural sponge is not only suitable for removing make-up but also for spreading it. How many times has it happened to you to choose a cream, eyeshadow, or compact foundation to “spread with a sponge”? You certainly can’t think of buying an organic product and then placing a synthetic spongy fabric on your skin.

The 100% natural sponge guarantees you a professional result. You can blend the colors of the eyeshadow or apply a compact veil of foundation, forgetting that annoying rough feeling. From today change habits and use the natural Cosmetic blender packaging to obtain a homogeneous result without contraindications.


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