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How to use cosmetic blender customized properly?

2022.01.20 / By hqt

What is a face wash sponge?

The concept of cosmetic blender customized used to wash the face, people can simply understand that the product is like a sponge, has air bubbles and is used to clean the face. About the ingredients this product is made from a porous textured plant that grows in Asia, natural Customized root.

cosmetic blender customized

Facial cleansing with sponges is gradually becoming a popular deep cleansing trend in Vietnam because of its green – clean and economical characteristics compared to face washing machines.

Many people call facial sponges Customized Sponge, but Mie finds it a bit difficult to call and seems difficult to describe for everyone to understand. Should call the face wash sponge for closeness!

Why are cosmetic blender customized different colors?

Of course, not to be beautiful or eye-catching, but cosmetic blender customized has many different colors. The reason for this is the active ingredients added to the sponge.

White: “pure” face wash sponge with 100% Customized fiber composition.

Red: Sponge with composition combined with red clay.

Green: often contains green tea, antibacterial for the skin.

Pink: a combination of red and white Customized Sponge.

Black: contains activated bamboo charcoal.

Choose the right color sponge for your skin:

As mentioned above, the color of the sponge is not only beautiful, but also contains effective skin care ingredients. So depending on your skin condition and skin background, you can choose the color of the sponge that matches the colors:

White: deep cleaning, pH balance for the skin. Any skin is fine.

Red: remove dead cells, refresh skin. It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

Blue: antibacterial on the skin. Moreover, it is suitable for normal skin, combination skin.

Pink: gentle for extremely sensitive skin.

Black: remove grease.

How to use face wash sponge properly?

Soak in water to expand and use. Is the simple way that we usually describe how to use. However, to use it properly, the following details are required:

Soak the cosmetic blender customized in warm water (warm water helps the sponge expand faster, soften and clean the skin better).

Drain the water by gently squeezing it by hand, do not squeeze or squeeze it will damage the foam.

Hang/keep cotton pad in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Do face wash cosmetic blender customized have an expiration date?

Rivers can dry up, mountains can be worn down, and of course everything has an “expiry date”. And the “use life” of the sponge will range from 2 to 3 months (depending on your use and storage). And of course, after this time, you should replace it with a new one to ensure that the face cleaning tool is true to its nature instead of being a gathering place for bacteria.

Where to buy sponge face wash?

It is not too difficult to find products, especially at stores and green cosmetic brands. Because the face wash sponge is also a vegan green skincare product, it is very popular with women who like sustainable beautiful skincare.

Having a skincare routine is as important as having a physical sports routine, even more so if you, like us, love to use and abuse makeup on a daily basis! Therefore, taking the time to take care of your skin, using the right products and preserving a baby-looking face, which is every woman’s dream, is essential for our health and well-being.

cosmetic blender customized 2022

However, one fact is that for skincare to work effectively, it is important that you use reliable cosmetic blender customized. That is, the procedure varies greatly depending on each skin type and its need. For oily skin the ritual is a while for drier skin the ritual is completely different, and so on!

Cosmetic blender customized for oily skin

– Wash your face with soaps in gels that help control oiliness but are not too aggressive

– Oily skin needs to be hydrated; the tip is to bet on the lighter ones with a serum, gel or fluid texture.

– Invest in sunscreen and makeup with a dry/matte touch.


– Use soaps that are very mild and do not harm the skin (syndets).

– invest in more powerful moisturizers suitable for sensitive skin.

– Use more hydrating and preferably physical/mineral sunscreens.


– Micellar waters to help with cleaning and refreshing mists are a good choice.

– Antioxidants such as vitamin C help to reduce free radicals and slow down the aging process.

– Sunscreens in sticks are great for those who like sports, the ones with color have excellent coverage!

Remembering that more specific cosmetic blender customized are indicated in consultation, in general all skin types should be clean, hydrated and protected with sunscreen daily!

Skincare with cosmetic blender customized

Invest in a skincare routine suitable for your skin type, prescribed by your dermatologist. Using inappropriate products or the wrong way (quantity and frequency) can cause irritation, stains and even worsen the condition.


Always give preference to non-comedogenic products, that is, that do not induce the worsening of oiliness, both for sunscreen and for makeup. These products are usually marked on the label as “mate, oil free or dry touch”. This is very important, as some patients may develop cosmetic acne due to the use of inappropriate products.

3 – FOOD

Have a low glycemic index diet, that is, with little refined sugar and white flour. These foods tend to increase inflammation in the body, and the skin is no different, directly causing acne to worsen.


Don’t forget to clean your face properly with cosmetic blender customized. Removing makeup before bed is essential. When we don’t remove waste from the skin, we end up helping to clog pores and worsen blackheads and pimples.


Under no circumstances manipulate the injury! Acne in and of itself is an inflammatory disease, so picking at it will worsen this process and increase the risk of worse scarring.

Okay, now you can be calm and with enough knowledge not to despair the next time, just take care of it the right way with calm and patience. How about sharing these tips and helping all those who “suffer” with pimples and blackheads?

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