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Two Ways to Easily Clean the Beauty Blender

2021.07.07 / By hqt

Clean the Beauty Blender

Ordinary makeup sponges are disposable, but beauty eggs and other similar mixed sponges are specially designed products that can be used for a long time. So you have to clean the beauty blender regularly to remove the stains and harmful bacteria on it.

Method one: Deep cleansing

The first step:

Soak the beauty egg. Put the beauty egg under running warm water for 30-60 seconds, or until it absorbs enough water to expand to the maximum. Or you can put the makeup egg in a bowl of warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. There is no need to use soapy water, and there is no need to wait for the water to change color before proceeding to subsequent steps.

The second step:

Apply the cleaner to the dirty place. Gently apply a solid or liquid cleanser to the dirtiest part of the beauty egg. As with the basic cleansing steps, a mild cleanser should be used for the beauty egg. The specially applied beauty egg cleanser works well, but if you want other options, you can also use olive oil soap, baby shampoo or “sensitive formula” organic shampoo.

The third step:

Rub the beauty egg with the palm of your hand. Rub the cleanser-applied part of the makeup egg in your palm in small circles, and continue to rub for about 30 seconds.

The fourth step:

The intensity of the rubbing should be gentle enough to avoid deforming or tearing the makeup egg. When rubbing, the cosmetics hidden in the beauty egg will come out of the surface, and you will notice that the soap bubbles on your hands have turned into the color of foundation.

The fifth step:

Rinse the beauty egg while rubbing. Rinse the makeup egg under warm water while continuing to make a circular motion in the palm of your hand. Keep rinsing the makeup egg until all the foam is washed away. It may take several minutes to rinse off all the detergent. But it’s important to rinse all the detergent, so don’t be too rushed.

The sixth step:

Apply more cleanser on the beauty egg and rub it with the palm of your hand. If the foam produced is white instead of gray or beige, then the beauty egg should be clean at the moment.

 The seventh step:

Dry the makeup egg. Squeeze the makeup egg with your hands to gently squeeze out the excess water. Then put the beauty egg into a clean and dry paper towel to make it dry.

After that, the makeup egg may still be damp, so put it in a dry place for air-drying. Only after it is completely dry, the makeup egg can be used to apply makeup.

Method two: high-temperature disinfection

Disinfect the sponge once a month. Even if you clean the beauty eggs once a week, you should perform high-temperature disinfection at least once a month. This is especially important if you use makeup eggs every day. Regular cleaning can remove the bacteria on the surface of the beauty egg, but if you want to kill the bacteria hidden in the beauty egg, the only way is to use short-term high temperature sterilization. If you find that bacteria grow faster, you may need to disinfect more than once a month. Signs of rapid bacterial growth include abnormal acne, and unpleasant or unusual odors in the makeup egg. You still need to perform basic cleansing after disinfecting the beauty egg. Disinfection will only kill bacteria and will not remove any foundation or makeup stains.

The first step:

Put the beauty egg into a bowl of water. Fill the microwave bowl with water about 2.5 cm deep, and place the beauty egg in the center of the water. You must put the beauty egg in the water. Do not microwave the completely dried makeup egg, as this will damage the sponge material or cause the makeup egg to catch fire.

The second step:

Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Put the uncovered bowl in the microwave and heat it with full power for 30 seconds. When heating the sponge in a microwave oven, pay attention to the beauty egg. Don’t panic when the beauty egg swells slightly or smokes, but if it swells beyond the maximum volume, or smoke begins to appear, you must turn off the microwave immediately.

The third step:

Let it stand for a while. Wait for one to two minutes before taking the bowl out of the microwave, and then take out the beauty egg from the water. The beauty egg may be extremely hot at the end of the microwave process, and the waiting time is mainly for your own safety. As long as the makeup egg cools enough to touch, you can continue clean the Beauty Blender.

The fourth step:

Dry the makeup egg. Gently put the beauty egg into a clean and dry paper towel and let it stand at room temperature until it is completely dry. If you plan to perform basic cleaning after the high-temperature disinfection of the beauty egg, you can clean it after taking it out of the microwave, without drying the beauty egg first. Wait until the makeup egg is completely dry before using it.


  • Clean the beauty blender every one to two weeks. If you use the beauty egg every day, you should do a basic daily cleaning once a week. Even if you only use the beauty cream a few times a week, you should clean it every two weeks.
  • Daily cleaning can remove most of the cosmetics accumulated on the surface of the beauty egg, as well as some of the cosmetics hidden in the beauty egg, and it can also kill most of the bacteria on the surface. If the sponge is not clean for a long time, it will promote the growth of bacteria.

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