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Choosing a Cosmetic Puff for Makeup — Beginners Guide

2021.09.01 / By hqt

A brief Introduction to the Cosmetic Puff

The cosmetic puff deserves all the recognition in the beauty world for its amazing uses. This non-comedogenic puff brings your makeup dreams to reality. Having glass skin depends upon many factors. One of the most effective methods to achieve the glass skin look involves a good beauty blender. Beauty puffs go a long way back however recent designs have changed. Women no longer need to go powder their noses since their makeup lasts for 24 hours straight. They own their gleaming look and change t every day.

Cosmetic Puff

Hence, the cosmetic beauty blender has changed beauty norms entirely. Application methods have also evolved since the advent of the cosmetic puff. Everyone knows how the egg-shaped puff looks but many are unsure about how to use it. No one inherently possesses all the skills to use new makeup products. Millennials have quickly jumped on the bandwagon however boomers still can’t figure this product out. It’s safe to say that the future beauty industry heavily depends upon the makeup puff.

Furthermore, it is never too late to find out how to use the puff. Experts agree that there is no one way to use a sponge. You may improvise as you please. Every skin type reacts differently to the puff. Some may find that their makeup regime changes entirely with a cosmetic puff. This beauty sponge serves those who have less time in their hand. A simple dabbing motion can give you long-lasting results.

Types of the cosmetic puff and their uses

You must have seen the viral pink egg-shaped cosmetic puff a few years back. Some still think that only one kind of makeup sponge still exists. Well, we have some news for you. The viral makeup sponge has been transfigured into many categories.

At rain and Charles, the popular choices include teardrop sponge, bevel sponge, mini sponge, and even silicone sponge. This is only to name a few. Some people prefer the smart microfiber sponge to others. The choice of a sponge depends on your skin type. Silicone sponges are best for those who have sensitive skin.

Moreover, makeup puffs begin from mini to jumbo sizes. The mini sponges work well in smaller areas. You can focus the mini sponge around your under-eye. The larger makeup sponges can reach your under-eye and nose region but do not offer a flawless finish.

Angular and bevel makeup sponges seem perfect for countering. Draw a sharp line from the sharper part of the puff and blend it with the flatter one. One makeup sponge can serve a multitude of purposes. You can apply foundation, powder, highlighter and so much more.

Some makeup sponges can be used more than once while some are meant for one-time use only. The makeup puffs that last for a longer type must soak in water. You can clean the sponge repeatedly without causing any damage, on the other hand, the sponges that allow one-time use does not double in size after staying underwater, you do not need to soak them in water and can discard them after short term use. An investment like the cosmic makeup puff can last for 6 months if taken proper care of.

cosmetic sponge

The Universal Cosmetic Puff to complete your makeup experience

All makeup gurus swear by the efficacy of the universal cosmetic puff. Women have long been demonized for the time that they spend on their makeup but not anymore. With the perfect-sized makeup puff, you can deliver a full coverage foundation in less than a minute.

Begin the process by dipping the sponge in clear water. Leave the sponge submerged in water for a minute until it reaches its full size. The large makeup sponge has already absorbed massive water particles hence it will not absorb much of your product. Dry makeup sponges can damage your skin and also make the application hard. Do not forget to squeeze the excess water.

Furthermore, apply the product directly to the makeup puff or your face. Soft dabbing motions blend the product on your face entirely. You can shift between a soft makeup look to full glam The foundation is buildable and each stroke will merge well with the other.

Cakey foundation shows visible cracks and flaws in your face. Make sure to apply the makeup products layer by layer. The art of makeup does not only reside with the artist but much depends on the products used as well. the best makeup sponge cannot do you much good if you use expired products. Integrate the best products that you have with the makeup puff and become mesmerized with the results.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Looks with a beauty Blender

The makeup work rests its shoulders on creating new and innovative looks. Trends come in and out of fashion.  A recent trend involves freckles. You can spray the makeup sponge with tiny dots and dab them around your cheeks.

This will not only offer a flushed look but give the illusion of freckles. Of course these freckles will not have a long-lasting effect but what a great way to enjoy them for one day. With the velvet sponges from rain and Charles you can even use this trick on sensitive skin.

Apart from this, dab the makeup sponge with a setting spray and achieve long lasting makeup. The droplets from setting sprays can fix on parts of your face making them visible. A common hack round the damp makeup sponge involves dabbing it with highlighter, your highlighter will pop mire when you apply it with a puff soaked in setting spray liquid.

Cosmetic Puff

Take Away

Cosmetic puffs and their alternatives brings us all closer to achieving the admired makeup look. Most people benefit from the micro fiber technology. Once you start using the makeup puff instead of your outdated utensils, the difference will change your perspective entirely. You cannot go back to using an ordinary applicator when you have so many tricks up your sleeve.

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