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How to fix bug in my beauty blender? Best Guide 

2022.02.25 / By hqt

bug in my beauty blender

It seems that the question “how to use a bug in my beauty blender” is no longer relevant, because everything is simple. But this is only at first glance. There are a few subtleties that you should know to make your makeup look perfect.

Recently, the beauty industry has been pleased with the appearance of various devices. One of them is a beauty blender. This tiny teardrop sponge, created by American makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, has revolutionized the idea of ​​an even complexion.

Today, a beauty blender is called all sponges of a similar shape, and not just the original sponge-egg from bug in my beauty blender. Therefore, the question of how to replace the beauty blender should not arise.

How to use bug in my beauty blender?

Makeup sponges are suitable for daily use, they are versatile, so you can apply and blend not only foundations, BB and CC creams, but also concealers, highlighters, cream products for contouring and sponge.

There are some universal rules that will help you achieve the perfect makeup with sponges. Follow them and you can replace a lot of brushes with this little device.

Rule One: Using a Wet Beauty Sponge

So that the beauty blender does not absorb too many liquid and cream products and distributes them evenly on the skin of the face, it is important to moisten the beauty blender in water. Even when you use a powder sponge, it should still be slightly damp.

Why does the sponge need to be wet? This will help save not only the amount of tonal product applied, but also the time it takes to blend it.

Rule two: don’t put foundation on the sponge

bug in my beauty blender 2022

Many of you must have seen similar makeup videos from beauty bloggers on Instagram, where they apply a lot of foundation on a beauty blender, and then literally beat it all into the skin. The coating is even, but too dense. Therefore, their example should not be followed.

It is correct to use bug in my beauty blender on the contrary: first you need to apply a small (here it is important to focus on the word “small”) amount of foundation on a palette or hand, and then immerse a sponge into it and distribute the product over the skin.

The second option is to dot the foundation on the face, and then simply blend it with a sponge using driving, rather than smearing movements. This will reduce the amount of foundation you need to create an even complexion, and your makeup will look more natural, as if you were wearing no makeup.

How to choose sponge according to skin tone?

You can see examples of the right bug in my beauty blender on the pages of glossy magazines. And, if looking at celebrity photos, something starts to confuse you, just analyze the image you see, perhaps the star deliberately common radically contrasting shades, or maybe an amateur makeup artist worked on her makeup. 

If a portrait photo attracts beckons and makes you admire, then you can safely take it as a basis.

Important! When trying to imitate, do not forget about individual skin color. As an example, we recommend choosing photos that show a face with skin that is identical to your skin tone.

  •         Light apricot and peach sponge suits delicate, porcelain skin;
  •         For ivory skin, romantic, translucent pink tones are suitable;
  •         The complex amber hue looks quite appropriate on classic beige skin;
  •         The “rose” tone just fits perfectly on tanned skin and exotic mulatto cheekbones.

Choosing a sponge according to your eye color

The eyes are the window to the soul. And to emphasize their depth, it is not enough to apply shadows and tint cilia. 

Bug in my beauty blender will also help to play a little with the brightness of the eyes. Surely you noticed that even with exactly the same principles applying makeup around the eyes, they may appear a little smaller or a little larger, and even change shape. One of the reasons for such transformations is the color of the sponge. Yes, yes, because it is they who bring together all the applied colors, making the image complete.

  •         Juicy berry shades will emphasize and make dark brown and jet black eyes even brighter;
  •         The pinkish-lilac tonality is suitable exclusively for light brown, “honey” eyes;
  •         Cool pink shade and warm peach sponge will help to make blue eyes more expressive;
  •         A warm pink shade is the prerogative of green, emerald eyes.

Three is impossible:

  1.    Sponge beige and light chocolate shades are a taboo for brown eyes.
  2.    Plum color is categorically not recommended for sky blue and ultramarine eyes.
  3.     The shade of burgundy is contraindicated for green eyes.

Choice of color in bug in my beauty blender

When thinking about how to choose the right sponge for hair, special attention should be paid to the main tone of the hairstyle. Balayage, highlighting, bronding, amber and other hair coloring options that are fashionable today provide more variability in the selection of individual makeup. After all, when several shades are reflected on the hair at once, you can choose the one that you want to emphasize today.

    Naturally, sponge should be combined with clothes, accessories, jewelry.

Psychologists recommend

When choosing a certain make-up, you must also take into account your psychological, moral attitude. For example, it has been proven that bright color accents are chosen by ineradicable optimists who go through life with a smile.

 Therefore, experts strongly advise girls prone to depression and decadent moods to pay close attention to juicy, contrasting bug in my beauty blender, which will greatly help to “correct” their mood.

Natural bug in my beauty blender

Naturally, the color should not contradict personal preferences. It is foolish to assume that a romantic and tender person will become a little more aggressive and active if she puts bright red or burgundy shades on her cheeks. In fact, to bring a small drop of positive into everyday life, it is enough to use sponge in makeup, a tone brighter than usual.

Rule three: shading contouring products, then – concealer

If you use cream or liquid products for contouring, stroking and apply cream sponge, then it is better to shade all dark products first, then concealer, and leave the highlighter “for a snack”. Thus, the makeup will not look dirty.

Also, if you mess up with contouring or use too much sponge, concealer can fix everything by blending it with a sponge over dark products. So there will be no clear lines, which will make the contouring invisible.

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