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How to apply best beauty blender dupe?

2022.02.23 / By hqt

The makeup artists use best beauty blender dupe. The beauty gurus have made it into a mantra and it is a phrase that never loses its strength. The face is a canvas. When we do our makeup, when we make sure that the eyeliner is the same in both eyes and perfect our contouring. We are like painters drawing the first lines of a design.

Blush, lipstick, eye shadow are the colors, the brushstrokes, the shades. However, the first step will inevitably be to choose and perfect the right canvas on which to paint. You need a blank canvas, without “distractions” and imperfections.

best beauty blender dupe

Who should use best beauty blender dupe?

There are those who prefer an extremely natural best beauty blender dupe. It is a foundation that uniforms the face without covering excessively. We propose sponge for the skin that promises not to cover freckles or those defects that make us unique.

You will feel safer with greater coverage, perhaps to eliminate redness or blemishes. They do not make us feel at ease, but the truth is undeniable. There are foundations for all taste, for all skins and (fortunately) for all needs.

The foundation, in 2019, is a weapon that adapts to any skin, dry or oily, and to any character. You prefer a completely matte or glossy effect. Moreover, it remains a great ally to allow the rest of the makeup to continue without distractions. You need to feel more beautiful and, why not, more confident about ourselves.

What are the types of best beauty blender dupe?

There are a thousand ways to apply best beauty blender dupe. The beauty gurus never stop proposing new ones. If you aim for a more natural effect, the foundation is easy to apply with your hands. Otherwise there are various types of Beauty Blender, silicone applicators, brushes and even do-it-yourself methods (more or less) functional.

But what are the tricks that allow us to make the most of our foundation?

Prepare the skin

The primer and face cream are very important steps. You have to wear foundation all day. The primer will give the product something to “hang on” to make the foundation cover last longer. There are variants for all tastes: pigmented bases for color correction, matting, illuminating. There are no more excuses for skip it!

Even the moisturizer is a step that should not be underestimated, especially because it will help the skin to “absorb” better, avoiding making the skin appears dry or that the color is deposited on fine lines and expression lines, accentuating them. You always to invest in a brand with SPF integrated.

Spread best beauty blender dupe out with your fingers

Using your fingers to apply foundation is a perfect way to get a natural effect, for skin that retains its texture without over-covering. The best choice, if you want to get a nice effect, is to gently tap (there is no need to be too aggressive in the application.  

Best beauty blender dupe does not leave marks and also to avoid moving the already applied foundation) so as to that the skin absorbs it with movements that go from the center of the face outwards.

Pay attention to the details

There are always those parts of the face that are not easy to reach or that risk being forgotten: paying attention to the details is important for this very reason. Remember to finish the nose and the area around the nostrils with the concealer.

You can blend the foundation well at the hairline, on the outer contours of the face and (especially) the jaw and chin. Apply shades of the product towards the neck to even out the complexion. You need to remember that applying a little color also on the neck, and possibly the décolleté. It is to obtain a uniform effect is not a step that can be avoided, especially if the color is not exactly the same as the natural complexion.

Using Best beauty blender dupe for Makeup

The very first rule in 2019 for a well-applied foundation is … forgetting its existence, or not realizing it at all! “Less is more” has been the makeup mantra for some years now, and the best skin is the one without imperfections, but which continues to have the texture of the skin.

You can use Best beauty blender dupe to uniform masks, and yes to changing the texture of the foundation according to the needs of the skin. In summer, for example, coverage should be minimized. Moreover, the formula should be lighter than that of the product we use in winter.

Best beauty blender dupe

best beauty blender dupe 2022

The best sponge for applying foundation with a covering and uniform effect is the “large bevel” one, with a mix of synthetic and natural bristles.

Another brush used by makeup artists for the application of the base is the gourd one, also used for blush: in fact, blush brushes allow you to obtain a “natural” effect with little product and are perfect if you do not need excessive coverage.

 Consider making a small investment and arm yourself with a brush (kits are also available) that is quality, but remember that there is nothing wrong with blending foundation with your fingers if you are more comfortable with that method.

The sponge

The sponge is fast, practical and offers a great result. Moistening your beauty blender will serve to “dilute” the formula for a more sheer, less heavy and more modern effect. The important thing is to remember to blend, blend and blend: the natural effect given by the beauty blender can be like that of a second skin, but only if you don’t leave ugly marks of non-blended color on the jaw.

Water-based foundation

However, try to avoid using the Best beauty blender dupe for the drafting of a water-based foundation or, in general, with very liquid textures (for example the CC and BB cream, great allies of makeup especially in summer if you are not looking for total coverage) .

In these cases, prefer a brush or your fingers: the sponge absorbs more than the brush and more than the fingertips, and would end up “drinking” most of the foundation instead of spreading it on the face.

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