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Beginner’s guide to make-up tools: customize Beauty puff and basic brushes

2021.09.01 / By hqt


Make-up has become quite popular nowadays. More than half of the people you meet in your everyday lives wear make-up in their everyday lives. Make-up was not this common back in the day. People only applied make-up on special occasions like weddings, parties, and special outings. Contrary to that, most people nowadays wear make-up on little occasions like small meet-ups, everyday shopping, and even school and work. This is because people are now more aware of make-up. Many affordable make-up brands have opened that provide make-up tools including a customize beauty puff as well. Easy excess of make-up and free make-up tutorials online have made make-up popular amongst people today.

Despite how well-known make-up is now, many people have just started to learn about it and want to do make-up. If you are too a beginner, then continue reading because, in this article, we will inform you of all the essential required make-up tools for beginners.

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Beginners Guide to make-up tools.

There are several different types of make-up tools available nowadays. Amongst the immense sea of make-up tools, we will guide you with the minor number of and the most essential and beneficial make-up tools you need to do your entire face of make-up.

There are two basic types of tools that are essential, beauty puffs and brushes. Below is the type of beauty puff, the types of, and the number of brushes you require.


As a beginner, you do not require many brushes. Many experienced make-up artists find themselves going back to the same kind of make-up brushes amongst their sea of brushes. After experimenting with many different brushes of varying shapes and sizes, we have come down to the least numb of brushes that anyone would need to do a full face of make-up. The least number of brushes a beginner would need are three essential brushes.

Round and Fluffy

Round and fluffy face make-up brush: The first brush that you will need is a fluffy round brush, preferably medium in size. The reason we choose this brush and in medium size is because this is a very multi-purpose brush.

This brush is excellent for applying powdered products like powder bronzer, blush, and setting powder (both loose and compact powders). The medium size will easily fit under your eyes and set that area with the setting powder and the rest of your face. This brush is not too big and neither too small.

It is perfect for blush and bronzer; it will get right on the apples of your cheeks and the under your cheekbones. This big fluffy round brush is the only face brush you need!

Fluffy blending eye make-up brush

This is the first and most crucial eye make-up brush anyone needs. This brush is the most used make-up brush for eye make-up, whether a beginner or a pro-make-up artist. We use this brush to blend the eyeshadow in the crease. If you are a beginner and want to add a pop of color to your eyelids, this brush will help you apply and blend the eyeshadow to avoid harsh lines. This brush is an incredibly essential make-up brush that is in every make-up artists’ bag as well.

Flat and dense eye make-up brush: this is another essential make-up brush that the pros use. You should use this brush if you want to step up your eye make-up game.

We use this brush to apply a deeper shade to give the eyes more depth. As the brush is denser and compact, the product goes to only the parts of your lids that you want.

Compare it to the fluffy blending brush; that brush applies the product more widely because of the outspread brush. These two eye make-up brushes are the most primary brushes anyone would need.

Customize Beauty puffs

New innovative creations happen in the make-up world quite often: the customize beauty puff commonly known as the beautyblender being one of them. The beautyblender had been a game-changer for the make-up world, especially the make-up artists. Since the manufacture of the beautyblender, created by the

Hollywood make-up artist Rea Ann, many companies have manufactured good quality and quite affordable beauty puffs. Although the original shape of the customize beauty puff is a teardrop shape, today, many different shapes and sizes are available in the market.

customize beauty puff

What to look for in a customize beauty puff?

Because many companies manufacture many beauty blenders, there is always a quality difference between the products. Some companies manufacture expensive and good-quality sponges, and some manufacture expensive and bad quality.

While some are cheap and good quality, sponges and others are cheap and nasty quality sponges. With so many types, shapes, and sizes for the customize beauty puffs, it would help if you recognized the right customize beauty puff for yourself.

For the perfect customize beauty puff for yourself, you need to consider the size and porousness of the beauty puff. The customize beauty puff should be porous but not too much that you feel it when you touch it; it should be smooth to touch. The size of the customize beauty puff depends on your personal preference and the shape of your face.

Take Away on Customize Beauty Puff

These are the four most essential make-up tools that a beginner would need to do flawless make-up. According to our research and experimenting, these are the least number of tools a beginner will require to do a full face of make-up.

customize beauty puff

We recommend having these supplies in your make-up bag for sure, but you might find other personal favorites on your journey of make-up. Among these four supplies, the best tool is the make-up customize beauty puff. You can apply just about anything with your customize beauty puff, whether foundation, concealer, cream products like blush, bronzer, contour, or even highlighter.

Moreover, you can set your face with setting powder flawlessly using a customize beauty puff. Beauty puff is a highly customizable and multi-purpose tool that you should invest in as a beginner.

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