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6 important Benefits of Beauty Puff Packaging

2021.12.18 / By hqt

Introduction of the beauty puff packaging

Beauty Puff Packaging

Beauty puff packaging is one of the most important steps in a woman’s skincare routine. For believers who understand the importance of skincare, skincare goes through the steps from removing makeup; washing one’s face; Beauty puff to cream is so familiar and indispensable every day.

However, not everyone understands what a beauty puff is, how it works, and how to use it to achieve the best effect for the skin. Let’s learn more about Beauty puff in the following article!

Instructions for using the most effective Beauty puff

What are beauty puffs?

What are beauty puffs? Using a facial cleanser to wash your face every day will only clean the layers of dirt and bacteria on the surface of the skin, not being able to remove the dust and bacteria hidden deep in the pores. If you only wash your face, then apply moisturizer, it will be easy to cause acne on your face.

Therefore, in the daily skincare process, beauty puff packaging is produced and used immediately after makeup removal and face washing to help remove sebum and dirt.

What are beauty puffs?

Beauty puff has a liquid form, easily penetrates deep into the pores, helping to tighten pores. Thanks to its high penetration ability to 10 – 30 layers of cells, the product is often used as a stepping stone for the following skincare steps to become more effective, preventing acne.

Beauty puff has the main ingredient is water, moisturizer, and essence extracted from nature such as green tea, rose, mint, chrysanthemum …

What is the use of beauty puff packaging?

Once you know what a beauty puff is, the next step is to discover its uses! To know why Beauty puff is important in your facial skincare routine, let’s find out the great uses of Beauty puff below:

Effective facial cleansing

Beauty puff helps remove dirt, excess sebum, excess oil on the skin, leaving pores open and dry. This is a very important use in skincare that beauty puff brings. After washing your face, use a cotton pad to soak up the beauty puff packaging, then apply the face skin from the bottom up to clean the skin more thoroughly after using the cleanser.

beauty puff packaging used to Protect face skin

By removing dirt, sebum, pores are tighter, limiting bacteria from entering the pores. Besides, a Beauty puff also removes chlorine and harmful minerals from the water, helping to protect the face effectively.

Skin moisturizing

The steps to remove makeup and wash your face with a facial cleanser, although removing dirt on the face, dry and lose moisture on the skin. The skin will age faster when there is not enough moisture, easy to form wrinkles. The beauty puff contains many essences to help moisturize and firm the skin.

To slow down skin aging, use beauty puff regularly twice a day in the morning and evening.

beauty puff packaging for Whiten skin

In addition to the above uses, Beauty puff also can naturally whiten skin extremely effectively. That’s because the beauty puff packaging contains several ingredients that whiten and improve skin pigmentation such as Vitamin E, vitamin C.

Beauty Puff Packaging 2021

In addition, and essences extracted from nature such as aloe vera, rice water, licorice root. Daily use of Beauty puff will give you the most radiant pinkish white skin.

PHE must always maintain

Usually, the pH of the natural skin is 5-6. Dermatologists have prescribed that the pH of the skin must always be maintained at 5.5 because this is the safest PH level, helping to protect the skin from bacteria and skin-related diseases.

However, due to being exposed to a polluted working environment, chemicals, poor quality face washes, alkaline cosmetics will lose this pH.

The skin is already weak, so it needs some action to maintain the pH of the skin. And a beauty puff with a balanced pH will be a lifesaver to maintain the pH of the skin at this ideal level.

Beauty puffs have many benefits for the skin

What types of beauty puffs are there?

For believers who have not learned much about skincare, they will feel confused, it is difficult to distinguish this beauty puff from another. Usually, there will be 2 ways to classify beauty puff packaging. The first way is based on use. The second way is based on components. As follows:

Beauty puff classification by use

Cleansing Beauty puff: This beauty puff packaging is suitable for oily skin types. The effect is to effectively clean all kinds of sebum, dirt is hidden deep in the pores. That’s because it contains ingredients that help disinfect the skin’s surface better such as Alcohol, Tea tree, etc.

Moisturizing Beauty puff: This beauty puff is suitable for dry skin. The effect of providing additional moisture has been lost due to the use of facial cleansers. That’s thanks to the composition of this beauty puff containing Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, …

Beauty puff classification by ingredients

Beauty puff containing alcohol: Helps balance the PH level of the facial skin, tighten pores and kill bacteria. People with acne-prone faces are recommended to use this beauty puff.

Alcohol-free beauty puff: Most of them help to hydrate and provide essential nutrients to the skin, especially vitamins to make the skin smooth and full of life.

Choose a beauty puff for each skin type

To achieve the best effect for the skin when using Beauty puff, users need to determine what type of skin they have. Because each skin type will have a corresponding beauty puff suitable. In addition, it is necessary to know the steps to use the beauty puff packaging correctly.

There are many beauty puffs on the market. If you know your skin type, it will be easier for you to choose the right beauty puff. This is very important because choosing the right one will improve the skin condition significantly.

Choose a beauty puff for oily skin

With oily skin, priority should be given to beauty puffs with cleansing properties; highly bactericidal; has essence from nature, extracted from herbs; may contain alcohol-based substances in the composition. If you have sensitive oily skin, choose a low alcohol content or no alcohol. For healthy oily skin, choose an alcohol concentration > 60%. Avoid high humidity.

Beauty puff for acne skin

For acne-prone skin, a beauty puff packaging should have cleansing, antibacterial, and soothing properties. Do not choose the type that tightens pores, hinders the drainage of sebum, causing more acne. The beauty puffs recommended by experts have AHA, BHA ingredients, herbal extracts such as Tea Tree, witch hazel…

Beauty puffs for dry skin

Dry skin is a type of skin that lacks lipids, so it produces less oil than usual. This skin type is more prone to evaporating water faster than other skin types. Leaving for a long time without proper care is prone to aging, peeling, and wrinkles.

For dry skin, it is advisable to choose beauty puffs with good moisturizing ability. Ingredients must have hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides… to deep clean, antibacterial, exfoliate but still ensure moisture for the skin. Avoiding the type with a high alcohol content will make the skin dry faster.

Beauty puffs for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is often difficult to please, difficult to care for when extremely sensitive to chemicals in cosmetics. Using the wrong type will cause redness, rash, itching, and discomfort. Sensitive skin is often resulting from dry skin for a long time, so it is important to pay attention to moisturizing.


Beauty puff packaging for sensitive skin needs to be gentle, free of alcohol, flavorings, chemicals… but rich in natural ingredients best, need to try a small amount first. to the chin area in 2 to 3 days. If the skin does not show signs of allergy, continue to use the product. If any abnormality occurs, stop immediately.

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