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Beauty puff manufacturer Best Skin Masks: Top 3

2021.10.26 / By hqt

What is a detox effervescent mask?

An effervescent mask is a mask with active ingredients that will foam on contact with professional Beauty puff manufacturer. With the effervescent mechanism, when the mask encounters oxygen in the air, it will form tiny bubbles that crept and release oxygen deep into the pores to help detoxify and filter out impurities for the skin.

The detox effervescent mask is designed with the purpose of cleansing the skin of harmful impurities and entities that cause damage to the skin. From there, it brings a clean, healthy, smooth skin, helps open pores, promotes cell metabolism, stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve skin barrier. .
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What is Beauty puff manufacturer mask?

The attraction of the effervescent mask is that the process of the mask changing from a gel or cream to foam is extremely interesting and interesting. The detox mask for the skin is currently a product. Beauty puff manufacturer highly recommend them.

The wonderful combination of detoxifying ingredients with skin care nutrients, the detox mask has the following benefits. The detoxifying effervescent mask helps to absorb all harmful impurities and toxins that exist on the skin. The foaming mechanism helps the amount of oxygen to penetrate deeply.

Detoxifying effervescent mask for deep cleansing of the skin

This mask penetrates deep into the pores. It can detoxify, remove dirt, sebum and brighten and clean the skin naturally. The detoxifying effervescent mask helps to deep clean and tighten pores to prevent the formation of acne, restore the skin, make the skin brighter and smoother.

Effective anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-acne effect

Small foam particles on the skin as a gentle massage to help stimulate collagen production. Supplementing a large amount of collagen to help whiten, healthy skin, anti-aging skin, moisturizing and anti-acne effectively.

Moisturizes, makes skin bright and smooth

The detox effervescent mask enhances nutrients, moisturizes and smooths the Beauty puff manufacturer, helps protect new skin cells, keeps the skin smooth and clean. The detox effervescent mask provides excellent moisturizing for your skin. Fully hydrated skin will reduce wrinkles, prevent acne from forming and anti-aging skin.

Beauty puff manufacturer Safe mask suitable for many skin types

In addition to deep cleansing and brightening, the product is also very gentle, suitable for all skin types from dry skin, oily skin, combination skin to sensitive skin, does not cause skin irritation. The product is very suitable for girls with oily skin, which is one of the main causes of acne. Surely not only women love this mask, but also men love to use it.

How to use the detox effervescent mask effectively

Step 1: First you need to clean the skin, don’t be too careful, you can use cold water to wash it briefly, remove makeup thoroughly.

Step 2: Then take an appropriate amount of gel or cream and apply evenly on the face. When applying you need to pay attention to avoid the eye, nose and mouth areas, these areas need to be applied sparingly to avoid causing discomfort.

Step 3: After 10-15 seconds, the small particles of lithium bubbles begin to emerge and the frequency is getting thicker, keep the mask on the Beauty puff manufacturer to relax for about 15 minutes, after 15 minutes you gently press the mask into the skin with your hands. and relaxing massage for about 3 minutes.

Step 4: Finally, you wash your face, dry it gently and start using skin care toner. You will feel the skin is clean and very shiny, visibly brighter.

How to use Beauty puff?

How to make a detox mask at home

The citric acid, vitamin C and antioxidants in orange peels help remove dirt from the skin and improve the complexion effectively. Dried orange peel, pureed into powder, mixed with a little sugar, a little milk. Mix until the mixture is smooth. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to your face and neck.

Tomato mask

Tomatoes contain beta-carotene that helps to remove toxins, eliminate sunburn and brighten the complexion. Tomato puree, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply on cleansed face. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then gently scrub with water and rinse.

Notes when using a detox effervescent mask

Many of you will make the mistake of using masks too much, not having to apply a lot of effervescent masks; your Beauty puff manufacturer can improve faster. Only using the detox effervescent mask 1-2 times per week is enough, not daily to get the best results.

When applying the effervescent mask on the face, the first feeling you feel is like a gentle sting. Then the foam will rise, at this time the skin will feel a bit itchy but don’t worry too much because this is the nature of the effervescent mask, wait a bit you will feel the excitement that the effervescent mask brings.
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After applying the mask, you can use more rose water moisturize the skin.

Store the effervescent mask in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight for long-term use. After use, remember to wrap it carefully to prevent the inside from bubbling up because of exposure to the air outside.

Properties in skin care

When you use a natural sponge for the first time, you will wonder how long you can use it. Natural sponges are stronger than those made from petroleum products and also possess skin care properties. They provide a natural peeling effect; whereby dead or keratinized Beauty puff manufacturer particles are gently removed.

What to do if the Beauty puff becomes brittle?

 With regular use, the skin texture refines and becomes softer and more delicate. In addition, blood circulation is stimulated, which can have a firming effect. Natural sponges can also be used on the face; however, one should be careful. If the skin on the face is red or inflamed, it is best not to use the natural sponge.

Natural sponges are a pure product. That’s why they change over time, becoming discolored and brittle. But there is a solution: put the sponge in brine (125 g of salt per liter of water) for 24 hours. Since natural sponges come from the sea, the salt water will make them feel good. Subsequently.

Conclusion Beauty puff manufacturer

According to Beauty puff manufacturer, it is necessary to rinse them thoroughly. In order for the sponge to return to its original yellow color, it can be put in a vinegar solution (4 tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water). Warning: this procedure should not be done too often as the acids present in the vinegar can damage the sponge.

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