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Why and when to clean the beauty puff customized?

2022.01.13 / By hqt

beauty puff customized

A well done makeup highlights the strongest points of the face and camouflages those that bother. And there are important steps to get to the perfect make-up. One of them is choosing the right beauty puff customized and area of ​​the face. Moreover, you need to always clean the makeup sponge before and after using it, just like we do with brushes.

Here, on our blog, we’ve already talked about the need to wash the accessories that help us when applying each cosmetic. In today’s guide, the talk is about sponges. They have gained different formats and textures. Furthermore, they are becoming the new darlings of the beauty universe.

How to clean beauty puff customized?

If you want to learn how to clean the makeup sponge correctly, in addition to understanding more in depth what they are for and how to use each model, stay with us in this manual. We will clear all your doubts.

What are sponges for?

Before we talk about the processes for cleaning a beauty puff customized, we need to explain what this accessory is and what products are best applied to the skin with it.

So, we list the different formats and their functionalities:

beauty puff customized 2022

Cheese sponge: The cheese sponge is good for skin standardization with liquid or creamy foundation. It is versatile and, as there are models that appear whole or broken into pieces. We can use it for a long time.

Sponge for pancake: the sponge for pancake is the traditional one, round and thin, which gives the finish to the compact foundations.

Full Size Round Sponge: This larger version is practical and recommended for applying powders or translucent fixative. In addition, it is very efficient to make the skin more homogeneous.

Drop sponge

The drop beauty puff customized which resembles a drop, has gained the market in recent years and has become the best option for applying foundations, concealers and creamy blushes. It can be used both wet and dry. And the correct way to handle it is by tapping it lightly to seal the products on the face.

Oval sponge with a straight side: like the model above, the oval sponge is all the rage. In this version, it is possible to access both the tip, to reach smaller areas of the face. These are the corners of the eyes and nose—, and the straight side, to spread foundations and concealers.

Why and when to clean the beauty puff customized?

If you’re wondering why you should clean your beauty puff customized, the answer is simple: this process helps you get a better result when applying your cosmetics. When the accessory is already dirty due to the excessive use of different products, the makeup can get loaded. That’s why periodic cleaning is so necessary.

And when we talk about periodicity, it doesn’t mean that washing should happen right after each make. Beauty experts recommend cleaning the makeup sponge every two uses, and at most once a week. This will make the utensil last longer and avoid wastage of cosmetics applied with it.

Another important detail about sponges is that they have an expiration date. Cleaning helps to increase durability, but even so, even with good care, replacement is recommended every two months of use.

What to use to clean makeup sponges?

To clean the beauty puff customized without damaging it, there are some quick, easy and economical tricks. Look that:

With detergent: the first tip is to put water and detergent in a glass bowl, dip the sponge and take it to the microwave for approximately 1 minute. Heating the liquid together with the soap will help to get rid of the impurities.

With liquid soap or neutral shampoo: in a bowl of cold water, add a few drops of liquid soap or neutral shampoo. Take the sponge to the container and rub the surface carefully until the entire stuck product is removed.

Sponge and brush sanitizers

The last tip for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes —certainly the most effective — is using a specific sanitizer. This product is created with the exclusive function of washing accessories. Its formulation contains substances that protect against the action of bacteria, in addition to completely removing product residues.

Now that you already know how to clean the beauty puff customized and what the purpose of each format is for the production of a skin with an impeccable finish, how about visiting the Catharine Hill virtual store and updating your makeup bag with the most desired sponges on the market? Click here and enjoy!

With a few tricks, your little sponge can leave an even more amazing finish!

Anyone who likes a more natural and light make-up is certainly familiar with the makeup sponge, an item that appeared on the market a few years ago, but is already super popular.

All this popularity has a reason: it provides a flawless finish to liquid products, leaving the skin beautiful, but at the same time natural. For those who don’t get along very well with brushes, the sponge is a great alternative.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to enjoy all the benefits of this sponge-shaped cuteness. Good reading!

Benefits of Using beauty puff customized

The beauty puff customized is an increasingly popular item in the makeup bag for anyone who likes to put on makeup. Due to its drop shape, which is very anatomical, it reaches all regions of the face and has become a great alternative to brushes that cannot cover all corners.

Are Makeup Sponge and Beauty blender the same thing?

If you’ve ever heard someone say the term “Beauty blender” to refer to the makeup sponge, know that this is not the English name for this object. In fact, Beauty blender is the brand of the first makeup sponge.

Originally, the beauty blender brand make-up sponge was made only in the shape of an egg, in pink. The creator’s idea was to develop a product that would give a finish similar to the Air Brush technique, which was already a success among TV and movie stars in Hollywood.

In short, beauty blender is the first beauty puff customized that came along. It’s like the mascara for the world of mascaras.

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