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Beauty Blender Tips & Tricks

2021.07.07 / By hqt

The Tips & Tricks of Beauty Blender

You have seen it, heard it, you might own it, or like many others, you bought it. Expecting the miraculous results everyone is talking about, but it doesn’t help you in any way. I’m talking about Beauty Blender-egg-shaped sponge, it has become an essential tool for every makeup enthusiast and professional.

Beauty puff is a product with a specific way of use, from which all the benefits can be obtained. So today we will introduce all the contents of makeup sponge, how to use it correctly, and some additional tips and tricks so that you can make the most of this mini-miracle.

The cosmetic blender is made from latex-free tightly compacted sponge material. Coupled with its unique design allows perfect application of liquid and powder makeup on larger areas of the face, as well as hard-to-get-into corners.

So Why choose the Beauty Blender?

In addition to its shape, the difference between cosmetic blender and all other makeup sponges is that it must be used in a humid environment. This is where many people are confused when using a dry form of beauty blender. Naturally, it absorbs all the product, does not distribute the product evenly. And leaves a less impressive finish on the skin.

The concept of cosmetic blender is that it needs to be completely moistened, squeeze out the excess water until it stops dripping. And then put it on the towel for a final squeeze to make sure it is no longer damp, but completely damp.

The effect of this is that it expands the sponge to almost twice its original size, making the texture softer and softer. It also prevents the sponge from absorbing too much product (such as liquid foundation). So the product will end up on your face instead of being wasted.

How to Care for the Beauty Blender?

Hygiene is extremely important when it comes to makeup products and tools. The Beauty Blender is no exception. In fact, being a sponge and used damp. It’s imperative to know how to properly clean and dry the Beauty Blender. So that bacteria doesn’t breed within the sponge and hence transfer onto the skin.

The most important tip I can give you about the Beauty Blender is: leave it out in the open after each use. Don’t put it away in your makeup drawer, in your makeup bag or any other enclosed space where it won’t breathe and dry properly. This is where mould and bacteria starts to take residence and it’s not healthy for the skin or the sponge.

I recommend letting it dry naturally after each use. And washing it with cosmetic blender solid soap before each use. This will clean the sponge and make it ready for use.

Beauty Blender Tips and Tricks

  • Use the round bottom of cosmetic blender on larger areas of the face, such as cheeks, forehead and chin. Use a pointed tip to apply concealer on both sides of the nostrils, inner corners of the eyes, or under the eyes.
  • You can also use a moist Beauty Blender with powder products. It can set makeup at the same time and prevent powder jams.
  • You can apply blushes, bronzers, contour products and highlighters (liquid, cream, or powder) with the Beauty Blender.
  • You can dab away excess product if your initial application was too heavy. The more you dab at the product, the sheerer it gets.
  • Beauty Blender comes in different colors, but the texture and performance of the sponge are the same.

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