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How to choose a beauty blender washing machine?

2022.01.27 / By hqt

Beauty blender washing machine is the best way to tune your skin these days. If you do not provide adequate moisture to the skin to help the skin regain its inherent function, moisture will be lost to the outside. Harmful agents and bacteria cause acne and aging.

beauty blender washing machine

Moisturizing particles and collagen only work if it penetrates down to the dermis. So the method of applying Sponge effectively and reaching the dermis is extremely important. If the Sponge is only in the epidermis, it is easy to cause skin congestion, greasy and acne

What is beauty blender washing machine?

Nourish the skin by giving the skin a lot of water to drink and feed the skin daily. I would suggest to use beauty blender washing machine.

For skin to drink:

Use professional Sponge: After cleansing the skin with a cleanser, the skin loses its natural pH. Sponge helps balance and gets the pH (from 5.4 to 5.9) which is an ideal environment for good skin microorganisms. It is to thrive and harmful microorganisms to be destroyed. At the same time, soften the 3rd layer – the epidermis so that moisture particles will penetrate deeper if any

 Mist – Mineral spray: Mineral spray helps to instantly hydrate the skin. Beauty blender washing machine is suitable for oily skin, lack of water or skin that has to sit in the air conditioner a lot.

Feed the skin with beauty blender washing machine:

Serum: Essence, special cream to help solve a certain skin problem such as anti-wrinkle serum, oil-control serum, acne serum, melisma serum.

Mask: The mask helps to provide moisture (Image above) has a higher effect than the cream.

How to take care of the skin properly?

1. Light and dark skin care. 1 day 2 times

2. Steps: Sponge – Serum – Lotion/Emulsion/Cream.

3. Note:

Mist: can be used whenever the skin feels dry. No quantity or time limit. You should keep the mist in the refrigerator to cool it down, helping you stay awake and regain your spirit.

beauty blender washing machine 2022

Mask: 1 week mask 1-2 times. If you have already applied a mask, skip all of the above steps.

How to choose a beauty blender washing machine?

Who is still wondering about her skin type, and then choose a suitable Sponge.

If you want to make up, you have to pay attention to two steps: cleansing and skin care.

If not cleaned, the cream powder on the face will combine with dirt and excess oil to clog pores, causing acne. So, if you have makeup, remember to build a serious and careful skin cleansing routine. I am still the same, triple cleanse thoroughly, then wipe with beauty blender washing machine to make sure there is nothing left on the skin.

In addition, before makeup should also take care of the skin care step. That way the skin will be fully moisturized, make up new “eat”, the new skin will not be cakey (mold type of dumplings, very scary).

Regular makeup in my opinion YES affects the skin.

Although many people recommend that you only need to clean + fully nourish your skin to make up carefree, but I have experienced this myself and I understand how makeup affects the skin.

For me, the more I take care of makeup, the more prone to acne , because no matter how hard I try to clean, I believe there will still be tiny particles of pollen that are sometimes left behind, lying in the pores, easy to create acne.

Not to mention, wearing makeup on your face all day makes your pores clogged, no matter what product you use. So, every time I make up, it’s like I’m obsessed with compulsion, in addition to triple cleansing, I use beauty blender washing machine to wipe it twice

That day will add BHA to my skincare routine to ensure that that night BHA Help push all the pollen out of the pores for me.

However, despite all the cleaning steps, within a few days of continuous makeup, I will definitely appear blackheads faster on the nose and sides of the nose.

Second, the more makeup you take, the faster your skin will age

Either way, it’s a chemical. I have experienced this, within 2 years of regularly wearing makeup, my skin aging very quickly, wrinkles are called chit. When switching to skincare, the skin can breathe, eat well, go to a spa resort to relax, so it’s a few years younger, wrinkles are less.

Just put on makeup if it makes us happy.

Although I personally experience and draw from the above 3, but every time I make up, I still feel happy. The feeling after finishing skin care, starting to pull out the cushion, tap tap tap on the face, then swipe the transparent powder over, then eyeliner, then apply lipstick… oh divine feminine things.

The feeling of taking care of myself, the feeling of self-love is terrible, the feeling when the eyes are closed slightly to draw eyeliners, the feeling when the lips are curled to apply lipstick, it’s so cute and sweet.

Should I make-up using beauty blender washing machine?

Since switching to skincare, I no longer care about makeup. I used to have it every day, because I had low self-esteem with my skin and wanted to hide my flaws, so going out without make-up was unbearable, just crouching down like a squirrel stealing chestnuts in Ice Age that.

After that, my skin got better and better, I gave up makeup completely. Recently, there were a few times when I needed to make up to go to a party, a decent cushion/foundation box was not available anymore, had to temporarily use beauty blender washing machine, it’s terrible.

 But it’s true that make-up is pleasing to the eye, the feeling of a girl’s lipstick… it’s hard to say, the kind of joyful joy, sitting down to paint and paint, and feel so much in love with myself.

So, I wanted to share what I think about this make-up.

Make up isn’t bad, it’s not something to condemn

I meet a lot of people who just put on make-up and they’re like, “does it have to be?”. It’s annoying when people don’t do it but they do it. I think its personal freedom and everyone’s joy, I’m not the same, I don’t want to do it, I should respect it.

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